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Clocking more than 120 thousand posts a day, YourQuote is India's largest user generated content platform. Join the app and get started with your writing journey.

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Be a part of India's most active community of creators, performers, writers and artists across geographies and languages. Write your pieces, garner thousands of followers and make your work timeless.

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For the first time in the history of publishing, writers are able to earn realtime royalty. On YourQuote, you can post paid stories and publish books. We credit you royalty as soon as the sales happen. Live off your writing! :)

Books Published

Being India's largest self-publisher for 2020, YourQuote helps you publish coffee-table coloured books of your quotes. Immortalise your work by publishing with YourQuote for as little as ₹1499/- and earn real-time royalty from sales.

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