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#motivation quotes

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Amol Gade 15 JUL 2018 AT 8:24

Focus on 'Verbs',
'Adjectives' will Follow.


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Shweta Saanvi 21 DEC 2018 AT 21:16

Come let's have a "Treasure Hunt"
My words will help you Dive deep into "Yourself"


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Upasana Gupta 24 NOV 2017 AT 5:17

When You Don't Feel Like

Getting Up For The Day Ahead,

Just Remember,

Staying in Bed

Will Bring Another Night.


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Poovendhiran Mohanan 29 DEC 2017 AT 23:33

What if,
Life is a lie,
And death is the truth,
That we find out in the end.


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Mann 23 APR AT 8:20

Unless you have the courage to speak the truth,
lies will always win!


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Imran Hassan Barbhuiya 14 SEP 2018 AT 17:43

Dear Girls,,,,
If your #BF asks for physical relationship saying that there is no wrong on it as they love each other. Or if they blackmail emotionally to be physical with them in the name of love. Just kick them out of life on their 1st demand only. Remember many guys goes to brothels but it doesn't mean they love those ladies in brothel they just want physical satisfaction. For those type of guys only body of girls matters & not love. Once they are bored of u, he'll definitely go for other.
Don't get emotional & agree for physical. No true love demands physical relationship as proof of love.
Love means caring, protecting, understanding & trusting.
Note➡️All boys/males are not equal Or All aren't bad,,,,,,This post is those who do this such type.


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itsmegirl 14 DEC 2018 AT 17:39

"उलझन" माना तु मुझे हर रोज उलझाती जा रही हैं

पर हारकर तुझे भी कभी ना कभी सुलझना ही होगा।


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Debashis Sarmah 10 FEB 2017 AT 22:22

The strong hides his tears behind his smile.
The stronger wipes his tears by making others smile.


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Divya Jain 5 SEP 2018 AT 13:38

they can steal your notes, but they can't steal your intelligence.
They can copy your work, but they can't steal your talent /ability .


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Abhi Singh 28 JUN AT 18:13

चलो एक नया जहान बनाते है,
बेटियो को खोया सम्मान दिलाते है।
उनके डर को हथियार बनाते है,
बेटियों का खुशनुमा संसार सजाते है।।

(They have also same Rights like Men)


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