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Parvez Alam 26 SECONDS AGO

कुछ आवाज़े कानों में हमेशा टटोलती रहती है
काश ! अदब से उसे ज़ेहन में उतारा होता


Ayesha Sumaiya Khan 40 MINUTES AGO

Those glistening eyes and that burning rage can never be caged neither by thunderstorm nor by the mirage.


Tanu Srivastava AN HOUR AGO

चाँद को दिन में फीका रहे थे जो कह
रात आई तो मामा उसे कह रहे !!


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Shänoo Shärmä AN HOUR AGO

Shubhi: Simran

Thinking of what to say in some situations is not easy, so i write instead to help me along the way.

Right now, I would like to say thank you for your thoughts, support and help. You let me utter the untold truth which i was having regret for. Thank you for your prayers, ideas, your affection and love. Honestly, thank you could never sufficiently show my gratitude for you both. If I could do, I would write out a message with the ink of my heart to show the gratitude and love for everything that you have done. That night have left an impact on me surely and i have two beautiful souls who look after me now and gives new vision to have immense joy and happiness in life. I appreciate your efforts and concern and I know you are by my side.
I will be needing you both forever now.... ❤️


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Vidhi Dimri AN HOUR AGO

Zindagi ke shatranj mein jab jab sheh ka khatra mandraaya hai,
Maat se sirf mad-a-de-khuda ne bachaaya hai!
Kisi tijori mein taalaa-band daulat nahi hai ye inaayat,
Khuda ke hi bando ko pyaar aur aman baant kar kamaaya hai!


Mehul Vadhavana AN HOUR AGO

अगर हमारे पास दिन भर कोई भी
व्यायाम करने का समय नही हैं,
तो हमें खुश रहना और हँसते रहना चाहिए,
क्योंकि दुनिया में इस्से अच्छा कोई व्यायाम नही।

---मेहूल वढवाणा.



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