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Harsh Snehanshu 30 AUG 2016 AT 0:34

She left me for a better writer.
She left me a better writer.


Aishwarya Swarup 19 APR 2017 AT 1:06

You came in my life
and did not change my world.

you turned it upside down.

Now I swim in the stars.


Payal Dutta 26 NOV 2017 AT 9:14

You write for me?
You're right for me.


Harsh Snehanshu 1 AUG 2017 AT 1:48

I miss you in photos
I click of myself.


Sobhan Pramanik 23 FEB 2017 AT 21:03

Let's say,
we met how
the earth meets
a shooting star.

A bit of
you broke,
a whole of
me burnt.


Anamika Raj 22 JAN 2018 AT 15:46

If kisses didn't exist,
love would feel like
poetry without passion.



।। बादलों से ज्यादा हमारे आँखें बरसती हैं
कहीं शहर से पहले हमारा घर ही ना डूब जाए ।।


Basant Sao 12 SEP 2018 AT 16:28

She died. My heart killed her.


Jatin Aswal 28 MAY 2018 AT 16:17

Your memories stayed longer than you did.
Why didn't you teach them
how to betray and leave?


Pragya Maurya 20 APR 2019 AT 14:49

वो कहते हैं,, मैं गजब लिखती हूँ..,,
बेख़बर! मैं तेरा ही दिया हुआ, हर दर्द लिखती हूँ !!