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Shreya Rajak 6 JUN AT 12:47

When you grow up
Remember to run
again to your favourite place
And stare at the
most beloved sky.
because you are meant to get
fonder of your dreams
up so high.


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Amol Gade 11 JUN 2018 AT 7:40

It's really
shocking when
people who were
finding you
suddenly starts
finding you
not making
sense for them.


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 27 SEP 2018 AT 12:11

And these are the special memories of the special days of our life... And now these days are considered as special days only by me... Love..!❤️are you forgetting our cherished memories..💔
I remember our bike rides... When you used to pick me up from my college and now I really don't know whether you think about me...💔My love... I love you... I miss you
When our love was caught red handed by our family...I thought in future we would remember it as sweet memories.... But now realized it is only me carrying our memories...Dear I miss you...💔
My love , I remember the days when the mornings were good by your messages and now not even a Good Morning I receive... Love,Have you changed ?💔


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UniQue ThinKer 6 JUN AT 20:36

मै अक्सर हँसा देती हूँ लोगो को ,
क्योकि मुज़ से मेरे जैसे लोग देखे नहीं जाते !!!


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Sunny Sharma 25 NOV 2019 AT 7:59

Lakhon croro ki bheed me hazaro tareeke k log milenge tjhe...
Par wo ek hi shaksh hoga jo tere salamaat rhne ki dua karega...
Teri khushi me khush rhne k lye kaafi bheed hogi tere pass...
Pr tere gum me tjhe hasane k lye sirf mai rhungi tere pass..

- By my past

Jhuth bhi kitne masumiyat se bola krte,
Jo gum me sath rhne ki baat krte aaj gum ki wajah ban gye.


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Sahina Mondal 16 DEC 2017 AT 23:06

♾"I will stay in your life forever"....
The promise which is meant to be kept but is always broken by destiny....♾


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Sahina Mondal 19 DEC 2017 AT 20:52

♾Getting no communication...
Is also a secret message from some people.....♾


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 30 SEP 2018 AT 20:18

It is your failure which actually shows how much people value your relationship


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mr.love 1 JUN AT 10:27

So many people from your past know a version of you that doesn't exist anymore.


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Vinesh Sharma 25 JUN 2019 AT 20:24

Mausam ka yunn palatna ...
Mujhe Tumhaari yaad dila gya ...


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