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8 JAN 2018 AT 20:49

On cold nights like these, I miss you even more.

You are not here to help me finish that big steaming bowl of chicken soup.

You are not here for me to put my cold hand inside the big pocket of your overcoat.

You are not here to wrap your arms around me while I rubbed the tip of my cold nose on your neck.

You are not here to get annoyed at how I always sleep with my feet outside the blanket however cold it got.

You are not here and so on cold nights like these I miss you even more.


11 NOV 2020 AT 19:41

When we fall in love, everything becomes invisible.
Things which were clear before,
become absolutely blurred.
We end up stumbling around,
unable to see good or bad,
Often falling into traps and pits.
That's what happens when you fall in love.

When you live in Delhi in winters,
शायद प्यार भी एक दिल्ली का शहर है...


8 NOV 2020 AT 12:59

It's your hug
Which is like soothing drug!!!!
Makes me pleasant
Heals up all my wounds present....
All my anger vanishes
When you cuddle me in your arms ....
Feelin like , a winter born fire warm!!!!


28 OCT 2017 AT 0:28

इन ठंड हवाओं के बीच
रजाईयां तो निकाल ली हैं,
सोतेे मगर अब भी,
गीले खतों के बीच हैं ||


8 JAN 2019 AT 17:27

ये जो शोखियां पुर-ज़ोर चलीं आईं हैं
ख़ामोशियां बनके एक शोर चलीं आईं हैं
ढूंढ़ते-ढूंढ़ते तेरी पुरअसरार ज़ुल्फों को
"दिल्ली" की सर्दियां "बंगलौर" चलीं आईं हैं


5 DEC 2019 AT 9:59

What if?
Some things come to you intentionally
So that you could not help yourself
for skippin'


25 NOV 2019 AT 0:33

खामखां पहनने चला था मोहब्बत का नया sweater,
समझ की तुरपाई और रिश्तों में गर्माहट परखा ही नहीं ।


28 FEB 2019 AT 20:09

The Leftover Winter

I have two blankets: one warm, one warmer. On nights I sleep alone, I choose the latter. On nights you choose to sleep beside me, I realise the warm one isn’t warm enough.

You fall asleep soon after lying down, oblivious to my wakeful shivering. You hug me before sleeping but enjoy your space post that, much like I do, on most nights. But it’s a cold night. I sneak closer to you, trying my best not to disturb your fragile sleep. I come for the blanket but stay for you. Your warm arm flinches on the touch of my cold fingers. I retract and lie on my hands for a while. When I return, their temperature matches yours. Holding you, I sleep like a baby, hoping so do you.

You are not here the next night. I have the warmer blanket to myself. Yet I miss shivering and not having an excuse to crawl into your blanket. But it carries your smell, which makes it warmer still. I end up wrapping myself around it. Soon, I shiver and cover myself with the one that offers less warmth. I thank it all the same, because it lets me hold you. I cherish the leftover winter, wondering how I’d hold you when you are not here.


10 DEC 2018 AT 19:26

It's sunday morning
and I lie, basking in the sun
with my eyes closed.
The cold winter waves
tingles my feet, diving me through
the narrow lanes of times, so old.

I remember
the turns I missed and promise
to take them on my return.
But who can change
what's already done?
Yet I take my chances,
maybe to know
how it feels to keep promises,
just for once.

So i set off wandering,
trying to figure it out
while the muscles in my body,
churns and yearns, forcing me to get out.

I feel a push from inside,
A rise, I have been longing for.
I open my eyes, the sky is clear now
I look at the sun, shining in all its glory
I take a long breath, it's a new day, a new life,
I whisper as I smile.


2 JAN 2019 AT 8:54

Some flowers bloom only in winter..
(In caption)