FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

Here you go.

Can I use my quotes posted on YourQuote on other social networks and submit elsewhere for publishing?

For sure. The copyright of your quotes belongs to you. We don’t reserve any right. Treat YQ as a storing/broadcasting platform, as a social journal where you first publish and claim copyright — and you can republish anywhere you wish.

In case, we decide to monetize your content, we will let you know and give you royalty. However, that’s not in the pipeline anytime soon. So you can relax and enjoy.

Why do you watermark all the quotes with YourQuote.in?

You can remove the YQ watermark on wallpapers you upload from your gallery. Go to Settings and you will find the option under the General category to remove the watermark.

When it comes to the wallpapers in the Library, you cannot remove the watermark. We are a free app for all and we remain free because the watermark helps us grow organically. We could have added a premium feature to remove the watermark on our wallpapers, where users pay a small monthly fee, but we decided against it as we don’t want to differentiate between users who can afford and who cannot.

Also, the watermark helps readers reach you later on YourQuote as your quote travels around the world. It might get you some business or friends or fans, you never know. :)

P.S. You are free to crop out our watermark (yes, we don’t mind, we are pretty cool about it), but we believe it’d be an ethical practice on your end to credit us through the watermark for making it easy to broadcast your quotes on handpicked wallpapers and making them Googleable. It’s the least we could expect. :)

How can I get more followers and likes on YourQuote?

Every social networking platform requires investment to garner followers. At YourQuote, you need investment in terms of mutual encouragement, interaction and following. Follow new writers, engage with the popular ones and interact and encourage writers who pen great quotes. Besides, it’s needless to say that your content needs to be good to keep your followers hooked. Nobody wants to follow lazy writers.

How can I improve my writing style?

Read good books. Read good writers. Learn from them. That’s a sure shot way to improve. The second aspect is not being lazy and being eager to learn. There are writers on YourQuote who will suggest edits. Be grateful because they care about your improvement. Don’t take offence if someone tries to correct you. Lastly, follow #WritingGyaan of YourQuote Baba. It shall help.

May I hide my name and only use my Pen Name?

Unfortunately, not. We believe that those who are really serious about their pen names would have an alternate Facebook/Google profile with that. Why do you think Gulzar or Lewis Carroll are famous by their pen-names? They only used those.

How do I get interviewed on the YourQuote Stories: The Interview Blog?

We interview writers with exemplary track-record with at least 100 quotes on the app, none of which have been found guilty of abuse, spam or plagiarism. Approach a fellow writer who is active on the social network and ask him or her to follow the process as outlined here: How do I get featured on YourQuote interview.

How long would it take for my quotes to show up on Google?

It generally takes anywhere between 48–96 hours to show up on Google, if you have posted 20+ original quotes, provided your name doesn’t match with any celebrity or is extremely common.

Why was my post deleted from YourQuote?

Because your post was found guilty of either of these four:

  1. Copyright infringement: You used a copyrighted image as wallpaper.
  2. Plagiarism: Your quote turned out to be a copy of an already published writing.
  3. Spam: Your quote was spam — either gibberish or political propaganda or business promotions.
  4. Abuse—you used language not suited for our community.

Why are my posting rights revoked from YourQuote?

Because of either of the two reasons:

  1. You posted an abusive content on the social network.
  2. Majority of your posts turned out to be plagiarized or spam.

My post was not plagiarised but it was deleted? Where may I appeal for a reconsideration/explanation?

Write to us at hi@yourquote.in with the subject: Plagiarism.

Why have I been banned from YourQuote?

Because you have harassed one of our users on YourQuote.