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24 MAR 2019 AT 21:05

You know what’s grand about them?

They got to know us when we were kids

And as we get to know them, they became like kids


8 AUG AT 17:00

Do you sell God?
(In caption)


1 SEP AT 1:21

मखमली धरा
नन्हीं सी कोमल कदम
हाथ पांव माटी से सने
मुस्कुराती मासूम सी नयन
सागर सी विशाल धारणाएं
मन का पुष्प खिलता सा अंतर्मन
निर्मल मन उड़ने को फ़िरे यहाँ वहाँ
जैसे इन नन्हीं सी कदमों ने
हँसते हँसते माप लिया हो सारा गगन


11 JUN AT 21:36

उदास चेहरे पर खुशी का गुलज़ार आ जाता है
जब याद बचपन के टिफिन का पराठा अचार आ जाता है


25 MAR 2019 AT 12:26


16 JAN 2018 AT 20:22

4th graders these days are going through relationships and break-ups.

When I was their age, I used to wonder how an eraser suddenly disappears when it falls down from the desk!


13 SEP 2017 AT 19:42

Be someone, with whom

KIDS wish to play FEARLESSLY,
ADULTS gets inspiration VOLUNTARILY.
OLDIES showers their blessings UNCONDITIONALLY.


14 JAN AT 10:36

सक्त हूं निर्दयी नहीं कि
इन मासूमों की जुबां ना समझ सकूं


28 JAN 2019 AT 17:02

"Will u love my only forever?"
She asked

He answered proudly

She said sadly.

"I'll love our kids after you"
He said her gripping her hands


14 JAN 2018 AT 10:52

While people r busy arguing whether to call the police or an ambulance.

A 10yr old school kid gave water to the victim from her lunch bag.