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aankit Srivastava ankit 31 DEC 2017 AT 21:25

हर खेत, हर गाँव, हर शहर, का मौसम खुशहाल हो जाए..

कुछ ऐसा कर खुदा ,कि ऐसा हमारा साल हो जाए..


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Arunima Gupta 25 MAY 2017 AT 12:31

Do wishes awaken
To fulfilment
When we breathe
A hundred prayers
Into a single sigh?


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Supriya Mishra 18 FEB AT 17:47

हुआ यूं कि मैंने
तुम्हें देने को
बोया प्यार
उसको सींचा, इतना सींचा
कि इस पागलपन से सड़ गया प्यार।
फिर मैंने मोहब्बत की बेल लगाई
उसको सहारा दिया, बांधा, इतना बांधा
कि बंदिशों में घुट, मर गई मोहब्बत।
अंततः मैंने उगाया इश्क़
इश्क़ अभी छोटा था
कि उसको खा गए शक के कीड़े।
प्यार, इश्क़, मोहब्बत
पूरी तरह जी नहीं पाते।
यहां होना तो ये था कि
मुझे बोना था तुम्हें,
सींचना था तुम्हें
जगह और सहारा देना था
फिर फैलती तुम्हारी बेलें
फिर तुम देते मुझे प्रेम
और मेरी मेहनत सफल हो जाती।

- सुप्रिया मिश्रा


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Mohammed Furqan 27 JUN 2018 AT 22:45

And if I ever fall in love, again.

I don't wanna fall, alone.


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Anamika Raj 22 AUG 2018 AT 3:31

Who spread the rumour
that the universe grants
everyone's last wish?

All my unfulfilled desires
have now moulded into
one single wish- YOU!


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Kumar Aakash 7 APR 2018 AT 18:56

When it's God's wish then there is no LOGIC which works out but only MAGIC happens.


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Kumar Aakash 15 JAN 2018 AT 18:34

We always don't get what we Wish from Life but there are people who don't have even what you have.


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Shweta Saanvi 1 JAN AT 0:19

Faizan alam siddiqui 30 JUN 2017 AT 0:39

I have only friend who i talk whenever I feel, I fight with him and ask him to love me more and more and more...... I wish I meet him


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Anushka Kohli 19 JAN 2018 AT 17:02

In this world
full of wishes,
will you be
my resolution
every year?

In this world
full of forever,
will you be
my till the end?


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