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Joined 7 October 2017
5 JUN AT 1:58

When you behave like a bull in a china shop,
rest assured sooner or later,
you'd be put on a tight leash.


14 FEB AT 14:05

This is for the ones who are reeling from loss this Valentine's. Maybe you made plans that won't come true because the person you made them with casually decides that they don't have the same feelings for you anymore just a week before. Or maybe you lost someone recently to death or divorce or maybe you are single and feeling lonely- scrolling through the love bombing on social media and asking why that is not me? Well, this one's for you.— % &Today it's cool to call out Valentine's capitalistic BS or to become a forever alone bitter self proclaimed vigilante of culture. It's cool to pretend that it doesn't matter. That Valentine's Day is sh*t. But in reality, you know deep down the pressure is unreal. Almost cruel, I should say. You have to somehow be seeming like you are living your best life be it with someone or alone to successfully navigate through this day. — % &And then we avoid the most important thing that will actually give us real peace in the long run- grieving. It's okay to grieve when the entire world seems happy and content with their romantic loves and lives. It's okay to grieve for the one that got away or the one that was never meant to be. It's okay to grieve for the one who was your forever Valentine but something took them away. It's okay to grieve for life you never had and also the one you wish you did.— % &So, give yourself permission this Valentine's day to grieve. It's okay to take space. It's okay to not adult today, to not put on masks. It's okay to not put picture perfect posts. It's okay to take a break. It's okay to be messy. It's also okay to pick yourself up and go for a coffee if you feel like it. It's also okay to go on solo dates, pamper yourself. It's also okay to have galentine's and paint the town red with your girls. Show up however it feels right for you. Show up with no judgement. Because after all is said and done, you get to spend your Valentine's with you, the one who never left your side. If you ask me, that's everything. — % &


7 FEB AT 23:13


Sometimes you don't stop loving a person.
You start unloving them.

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30 MAY 2023 AT 22:56

You know it was something divine when even after it ends, what you received from them is so much bigger than what you lost that it doesn't even hurt anymore. Because no matter how much you want to deny it or demonise them you know in your heart it was real. And the only delusion is not recognizing it anymore. Because what you received was so much love that it trumps the hatred you feel for everything; that it was grand enough to keep your heart soft against the harsh winds of pain that you still feel its warmth protecting you from losing yourself too. Because that love you received was so pure that somehow you are still in love with love.


9 NOV 2022 AT 2:37

it was a privilege being part of such a wholesome community we built together on YQ and to get to know some of the most brilliant and kind souls I have ever come across. it was truly a safe haven for us. it breaks my heart to think that it would all be lost in a matter of days.

I just wanna say that I am grateful for each and everyone of you who has helped me find my voice which I'm proud of today. it's truly the end of a very beautiful era.

ugh. I am just not ready to say goodbye yet. :(


27 SEP 2022 AT 0:06

People choose you only as much as they accept themselves.


27 JUL 2022 AT 21:11

When someone truly loves you, you don't worry about the biggest gestures of love that sweep you off your feet 'cause everything that you need, everything you want to hear, the boldest of declarations of love are always right there with you- in his eyes.


7 JUN 2022 AT 3:04

From pain, we bloom.
In love, we heal.


3 JUN 2022 AT 23:39

Is it really love if it doesn't take you back to high school?

No needs, no wants, no expectations,
no drama, no complications,
just pure and simple joy of being with them.


1 JUN 2022 AT 1:33

Dear KK

There was never a time when your voice wasn't a part of my life. From farewells to reunions, from school to college, every new love, every other heartbreak, every milestone, every memory I have ever had, I have shared it with you. Your songs are the legacy that will live on forever and will always be a part of my existence.

Thank you for existing.
A lucky millennial


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