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Kuch Naya sa hai din.
Kuch nayi si shaam lagti hai.

Kuch naye se hum
kuch nayi si galtiyaan karni hain.



And the things that once used to break me feel like a dull sting now. I welcome the new storms that once would have scared me to now cleanse me.

It's an unsettling feeling to become so comfortable with disappointment. I am not sure if I like it.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm growing up or growing cold.


23 JUL AT 4:36

We live in a world where making art takes way less time than posting art.


21 JUL AT 23:07

The only thing I want to buy from money is time. The biggest price that I pay for money is time.


17 JUL AT 1:14

And the souls seek one another
to settle the score
to hurt
to give
to burn
to forgive
but mostly, to love
and if you're lucky enough
to be loved the way you love.


14 JUL AT 23:03

Maturity is understanding everyone fucks up.

Self love is knowing you don't need to deal with anything that fucks you up.


9 JUL AT 0:02

So, you care for everyone but who cares for you?

(In caption)


6 JUL AT 20:20

And it hovers over my head,
my dream
like a butterfly over a pup,
teasing, dancing
I reach out to grab it
but higher, it goes
out of my reach
just enough
that it doesn't get bored
and I can't let go.


2 JUL AT 14:55

And I didn't know that "I love you" could be the ugliest words I'd ever hear until I saw them coming from your lips, the lips that were still painted red with my blood.


2 JUL AT 2:45

It's 3 am
and we plunge the shovel into each other
dig layer upon layer
break down defenses
till we reach the places
still unknown to us,
some fragile, some burnt,
some cracks that haven't been kissed,
and then,
I say something dark and stupid
holding back my tears
and you call me hilarious,
as if wiping them from miles away
and we both smile,
keeping this impasse safe for some other time.


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