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Joined 7 October 2017
9 NOV 2022 AT 2:37

it was a privilege being part of such a wholesome community we built together on YQ and to get to know some of the most brilliant and kind souls I have ever come across. it was truly a safe haven for us. it breaks my heart to think that it would all be lost in a matter of days.

I just wanna say that I am grateful for each and everyone of you who has helped me find my voice which I'm proud of today. it's truly the end of a very beautiful era.

ugh. I am just not ready to say goodbye yet. :(


27 SEP 2022 AT 0:06

People choose you only as much as they accept themselves.


27 JUL 2022 AT 21:11

When someone truly loves you, you don't worry about the biggest gestures of love that sweep you off your feet 'cause everything that you need, everything you want to hear, the boldest of declarations of love are always right there with you- in his eyes.


7 JUN 2022 AT 3:04

From pain, we bloom.
In love, we heal.


3 JUN 2022 AT 23:39

Is it really love if it doesn't take you back to high school?

No needs, no wants, no expectations,
no drama, no complications,
just pure and simple joy of being with them.


1 JUN 2022 AT 1:33

Dear KK

There was never a time when your voice wasn't a part of my life. From farewells to reunions, from school to college, every new love, every other heartbreak, every milestone, every memory I have ever had, I have shared it with you. Your songs are the legacy that will live on forever and will always be a part of my existence.

Thank you for existing.
A lucky millennial


25 MAY 2022 AT 0:32

You are not doing it to salvage the past. You are not healing to turn back time and change ghosts into unicorns. You are doing it to sow the graveyard you're stuck in to life, to grow flowers instead of weeds, redemption instead of regrets.

You are not doing it for the past.
You never were.
You are doing it for the future whose past
lays in this very moment.
Make it count, maybe?


22 MAY 2022 AT 20:06

I have realized that the most important struggles of your life are the ones where you have to do it all alone. There may be people around you who would take away the burden, be a drop of respite for a while. But for a while. Then the onus is on you to pick up from where you left off and do it all alone. After all you are the only one who can truly give you what you need at any given moment of time.


7 MAY 2022 AT 2:44

Now I don't get ashamed when I talk about my past, my trauma.

Now when I tell people about what I have gone through, I look at how closely they make me feel about it. And if they don't make me feel safe, I remove them from my space. If they don't accept me, I don't accept them. I refuse to hide pieces of myself again, not even a little bit.

I won't lose myself again.
I'd rather lose you.


2 MAY 2022 AT 1:55

To transform, you have to leave behind all those parts that you associated with the old you - Old connections, old reactions, old behaviors, old pain and old happiness- so that the old you becomes a character of an old story written on your old scars so you don't forget where you came from while you piece yourself a new skin, a shinier, wiser and authentic skin that fits you much better than any of the old ones.


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