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Joined 7 October 2017
25 OCT AT 11:42

The problem isn't others doing more than you.

The problem is you doing less.


7 OCT AT 16:12

So, I was going through my stories and last time this year, we had a lot of fun through my Worldrobe series.

Would you like to be a part of it again?

Let me know in the comments.


5 OCT AT 23:56

And sometimes you are a stranger to your own home and walk into walls where you thought was the door.


29 SEP AT 1:52

Sometimes I write
to leave a little bit of myself behind
in the pages
so when I need it
I can just skim through
and have a little rendezvous
with the self
that might not exist anymore.


27 SEP AT 19:45

Now when I miss you
I go back to the screenshots
of my favorites
of our conversations.
It makes me happy
to know that you were happy
that we built something special
I guess, that's the only way I want to remember you now
in our past,
in love
all mine.


27 SEP AT 9:29

Khuredte hain in deewaro ko
jo abi puri tarah bani nahi
taaki chhu le tumhe
uchhal kar
ek baar
aakhri baar
Aise jhooth bol kar
Khud ko marham laga ke
Khud hi ko chot pahuchana
ye hunar khoob seekh lia hai humne.


26 SEP AT 22:45

I don't want to be a grown up anymore


23 SEP AT 2:22

Ab to kuch maangne se bhi
darr lagta hai
Sapna pura ho jaye
aur dil bhi na toote
aisa kaafi kam hota hai..

Ab sapne jab pure hote hain
to unpe shaq sa hota hai
Ankhein chahe jitni kas ke band kar lo
par har khoobsurat raat ke bad
ek savera hota hai..


22 SEP AT 20:58

Sometimes some people are more important than the relationship you share with them.


21 SEP AT 0:46

Heartbreak in your 20s:
it's the end of the fucking world. Won't come out of the room for the next 6 months.

Heartbreak at 30:
Lol, so what else is new? I think I'm gonna order a pizza. Wait, Kim Kardashian wore what??!!!!


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