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Joined 7 October 2017
19 MAR AT 5:14

I have realised that resentment is nothing but exasperation.

If I resent you, it means I did something for you that I didn't want to do, maybe because I didn't think I had a choice or it was hard for me to say 'No'. No matter the reason, I feel violated since I couldn't be authentic to myself and my true feelings that it makes me angry and exasperated, so much so that I now resent you.


8 MAR AT 12:41

My woman's day will come that day when I actually feel good about being a woman and that will only happen when I'd be treated just like a man.


6 MAR AT 8:03

I don't know who needs to hear it but
the guy you think you can't live without right now is the guy you'd be embarrassed to even admit that you knew and had a thing for.

Give it a year, tops. Hang in there, sister.


4 MAR AT 11:31

The only two best feelings in the world

when you orgasm


when you take a good dump.


7 FEB AT 6:46

Butterflies, fireworks and wet dreams.

Don't y'all just love the beginnings?


1 FEB AT 12:31

Adulting is when you already know today's the budget day and you're actually interested.


30 JAN AT 15:20

Do you also swipe right to see who swiped you right with no intention of talking to them or are you normal?


23 JAN AT 2:35

Sometimes it's easy to leave.
Leave the things that made you.
The walls.
The neighbours.
The friends.
The lovers.
The cities.
like old broken records,
a melody that you still hum sometimes
but you have forgotten the words
or you want to.

Sometimes it's easy to leave.
To stop being something
so you could be anything.


21 JAN AT 0:56

It's another day,
another fight,
residue of yesterday
sits somewhere
between my brows,
stomach is still in knots
as for the past 3 days
and still I'm amazed
for how for a few moments
between the waking up
and getting up,
I'm filled and fuelled
by hope
so pure and whole
that being alive feels almost worth it
that anything is possible,
that the world is all mine for the taking
I wonder if that's what it feels
to be God-like.


17 JAN AT 14:43

Love is when you willingly surrender your ego because that's how safe you feel with them.


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