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23 JAN AT 2:35

Sometimes it's easy to leave.
Leave the things that made you.
The walls.
The neighbours.
The friends.
The lovers.
The cities.
like old broken records,
a melody that you still hum sometimes
but you have forgotten the words
or you want to.

Sometimes it's easy to leave.
To stop being something
so you could be anything.


21 JAN AT 0:56

It's another day,
another fight,
residue of yesterday
sits somewhere
between my brows,
stomach is still in knots
as for the past 3 days
and still I'm amazed
for how for a few moments
between the waking up
and getting up,
I'm filled and fuelled
by hope
so pure and whole
that being alive feels almost worth it
that anything is possible,
that the world is all mine for the taking
I wonder if that's what it feels
to be God-like.


17 JAN AT 14:43

Love is when you willingly surrender your ego because that's how safe you feel with them.


16 JAN AT 17:50

*Ghosts remove the blanket
off of people in movies to scare them*

*Desi moms remove the blanket
off of kids in winters to wake them*


14 JAN AT 13:28

Isn't it funny how easier it becomes to accept people once you stop expecting from them?


13 JAN AT 14:07

You can't escape it.

If you want it strong enough, you can change it.


12 JAN AT 15:58

I am sorry to hear
you broke up with him.

Maine to pehle hi
kaha tha ye ladka
thik nahi hai.


11 JAN AT 22:45

I'm so tired at this point that
I think I am going to explode.
Chest heaving with unmet possibilities,
choking with potential
I am not even sure I hold.
I'm tired and it's a never-ending race
me against myself
and then some more against the world.
Make you wonder, doesn't it?
How far you've come,
How far you've to go,
How much of it was a mistake
and how sooner you should've let it go.


7 JAN AT 1:30

Garden of Eden


1 JAN AT 20:21

Hello 2021

̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶.̶

Come as you are.
Seriously, no pressure.

The only one who needs to be better.


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