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Joined 15 September 2016
21 APR AT 22:48

What is poetry,
if not
the spilled ink?
Time flying away
with just a blink.


19 APR AT 23:47

I want my poems to end
on either
a soothing note
or in a crushingly cruel way
that will make anyone
slit their throat.


18 APR AT 23:31

What is poetry,
if not
on your shirt,
a baby's drool?
In serious moments
what makes you
wanna turn into
a fool.


17 APR AT 22:23

Saying that
I understand you
without trying to even know
the reason behind my pain,
you lose me
more than
you could have
ever gained.


16 APR AT 23:56

What is poetry,
if not
my feelings for you?
No matter what life throws at us,
they will always
remain true.


15 APR AT 23:13

What is poetry,
if not
on those beautiful lips,
a rare smile?
What reminds us that
all things
that need to be preserved
are fragile.


14 APR AT 23:40

What is poetry,
if not
the songs that we hear?
What makes the clouds go away
and helps us see everything
a little more clear.


13 APR AT 23:11

the person
falling out of love,

let go
of the heart
the soul
breaks apart.


12 APR AT 22:55

What is poetry,
if not
a peaceful sleep?
Realising that
this time you fell
too hard, too deep!


11 APR AT 22:57

Announcement time!
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