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There's no beginning and end, just a whirlpool called 'now'.
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There's no beginning and end, just a whirlpool called 'now'.
Joined 28 August 2016
Arunima Gupta 10 MAY AT 0:52

Do you still think that you are a migrant?


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Arunima Gupta 5 MAY AT 12:48

I'm cherry picking regrets tonight.
Resuming unfinished songs of
Late night musings, years ago,
From where I left
-- the ones who sang them-- off.
Sealing chipped pieces of
Reluctant conversations
With the kintsugi of warmth;
I want to know
How we would have
Said our goodbyes,
If we hadn't made peace
With the chaos
Our eyes guarded
In hapless silence:
The one that rang as a
Coda in falsetto
Through the skies of
Dying nights.
Maybe we've conducted
Way too many symphonies
In the arrhythmia of
Or maybe, we know that
Tonight is no different.
You'd still sleep with your lights on.
I'd still wait in darkness.


Arunima Gupta 3 MAY AT 5:03

Let's bake a cake,
For no reason at all.
Hurl the dryness of our
Stories from last year's sordid
Family gathering and
Gently, bit by bit
Pour the apathy that was
Born after.
Break into it, the sunsets
Of each of our
Heartbreak anniversaries
And mind the quantity
(We've had one too many).
Flavour it with mirthless
Smiles that we've rehearsed
So well to reach our eyes,
And mix well.
Beat each of our hopes and
Dreams and the very
Reasons we've had them:
A melange of lost causes
Coloured in pastels:
It has started spinning
In the heat of our burning hearts.
I know already that
It'll turn out half baked.


Half baked cakes
#yqbaba #poem #thoughts

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Arunima Gupta 2 MAY AT 4:22

Homecomings are as awkward as goodbyes.


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Arunima Gupta 28 MAR 2019 AT 16:44

Godhuli Kotha


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Arunima Gupta 26 MAR 2019 AT 22:34



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Arunima Gupta 21 MAR 2019 AT 0:59

Bura Na Maano, Holi Hai


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Arunima Gupta 20 MAR 2019 AT 23:03

Pearls of wisdom. 😬


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Arunima Gupta 14 MAR 2019 AT 1:29

How Clouds Are Formed.


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Arunima Gupta 12 MAR 2019 AT 12:37

Tu Ro Lene De Aaj Mujhe


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