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Mohammed Furqan 6 APR AT 17:10

My heart wants to
remember your face,
your voice, your eyes.
Everything about you!
Till the last breath
of this night
of my life....

It wants to
forget you too,
in the same breath...!


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Mohammed Furqan 3 APR AT 20:01

I and the street sweepers of my city,
we have one thing in common.
We both clean the traces of things
that nobody wanna see after waking up.

Though there's a difference in our tasks.

T for tears. T for trash.


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Mohammed Furqan 2 APR AT 21:30

I don't quite understand beauty,
But there are rainbows,
Black and white.
Poetry in pain and
Gardens in graveyards.
There's dusk and dawn
And everything in between.
Then there's home and you.

Beauty is in the little things,
We often fail to see.
Moon at dawn, mantles the mind
Streetlights speak, smile & whine.
Nature, murmurs secrets undefined.
But we'll understand what's true beauty
Only when the destiny complies candidly,
Unfolding the mystery... of You and Me!
- Subiya & Furqan


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Mohammed Furqan 2 NOV 2018 AT 22:54

A part of me
had stopped loving you
the day you said "No"

It took me so much of time.
but finally,
that part of me is now whole.


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Mohammed Furqan 1 NOV 2018 AT 22:49

I fear the day,
when you'll no longer
be the part of my memories.

For these words
relentlessly need you,
to be the ink of their caprice!


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Mohammed Furqan 25 OCT 2018 AT 21:31

As a kid,
I believed
that the road and the area
beyond the railway station is some other place.
A cruel world.
A path, that shouldn't be taken or chosen, not even mistakenly.

As an adult,
I still believe
the area beyond these "four familiar walls"
is still as suffocating as it was years ago.

Home is the old/new/evergreen, the best travelling destination.
A fact, that should be taken, seriously!


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Mohammed Furqan 9 OCT 2018 AT 21:31

Focus more on the little things,
the chances you get to do
even a little for others.

For these little things,
they change you, your heart a lot.
It makes one better,
kinder & softer at heart.

Empathy, from the heart of this world
has been found missing.
Although, It can be put in place.
If you, me, and us together
try to put it back
in its proper place,
i.e. undoubtedly our hearts!

And the rest will follow.
For charity,
does begin at *something you already know!*


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Mohammed Furqan 7 OCT 2018 AT 21:38

"It's okay to admire them,
but it's not okay to worship!"


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Mohammed Furqan 6 OCT 2018 AT 21:55

You know what...
You came in my dream today.
Yes, after a long long time it happened again.

And to be honest,
I'm not excited to tell you about it, unlike always.

I'm not even trying to recall it for you.
Actually, I feel agitated & annoyed
about why I saw you in my dream!

Those days were different,
when I used to write about your cameo in my dreams.

You were different, and I was too.
I had different set of emotional connection with you.

Now, I don't even know why.
Why I feel like it's not worthy to be written.
Yet, I'm writing this summary of my thoughts on it.

Maybe because you only regret the emotions, unwritten! :')


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Mohammed Furqan 2 OCT 2018 AT 12:08

this phase of my life
is like
"blue whale game" 馃惓

And immortalizing you
in these words
in these spaces
in every draft.

it's my last task :')


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