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This world is full of miracles and you're one of them.

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This world is full of miracles and you're one of them.

Instagram ID: sagnika_rc
Joined 27 December 2016
23 SEP AT 0:46

Don't be too vain about the poems
that I write about you.
Yes they're about you.
But really they're about me,
when I was with you.


8 SEP AT 20:23

I have to write this. Rather I'm compelled to write this. I think your mind is a very beautiful mess and we're grateful for your thoughts. Keep making these sweet babies. They're pure art.


4 SEP AT 0:06

A group of young girls and a game of truths.
A bottle spins and stops.
First Kiss?
Everyone looks at her.
They giggle.
She lies.
Never been kissed, she shrugs.
Everyone moves on.
The bottle spins again.
But time stands still for her.
And then it moves backwards.
She remembers the stinky cigar breath.
She shudders.
She remembers his teeth biting onto her soft lips.
She squirms.
Her eyes fill with tears.
What was her fault?
Why was she was robbed of her fairytale first kiss?


27 MAY AT 5:13


He told me we were a good match.
I was willing to take my chances.
He said we have a lot in common.
I believed him.
Then one day he opened up to me.
"I have made out it in parks,
friends' houses,
backseat of cars,
last seat of movie halls,
empty terraces"
Turns out he was right.
I beamed and said,
"We really do have a lot in common."

That was the last I heard from him.


29 APR AT 4:40

Some people are only special because you'll never see them again in life.


14 APR AT 21:42

I can't wait to meet you when this is over and paint the town in colours of our love, kiss you in abandoned alleys, snuggle up to you in dimly lit cafes and throw around happiness like I will never run out of it again.


6 APR AT 5:16

Every time I lose a friend or a lover, the most difficult thing for me is to stop talking to them, to stop sharing my feelings with them, to stop myself from picking up my phone and telling them about my day like that is not the most natural thing to do. I find it very hard to believe that they no longer want to know whether I reached home safe or what I had to eat that day.

No matter how many breakups we have, we never get used to the aching of our hearts, we never get used to moving on.


5 MAR AT 19:20

I wonder how many people we look at but never really see, how many people we hear but never really listen to, how many people we hug but never really hold. I wonder how many people we think we know but never really do.


10 NOV 2019 AT 23:34


I'm a teenager in your love,
the pit of my stomach a butterfly garden,
my mouth parched for yours,
my heart, brave and untarnished, waging a war against the world
and eyes only for you.
I'm sixteen in your love even as my bones are as brittle as could be.

- A woman, a lover, 60


10 NOV 2019 AT 22:55

I forgot for a while that I existed before I met you.


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