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This world is full of miracles and you're one of them.

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This world is full of miracles and you're one of them.

Instagram ID: sagnika_rc
Joined 27 December 2016
15 JAN AT 22:34

My love, you're my light.


6 DEC 2021 AT 15:56

Aren't we the most scared of losing them who aren't ours to lose?


27 JUN 2021 AT 2:21

I'm a drop of water in the ocean without you.
Without you, I'm lost.


12 JAN 2021 AT 19:11

One day I will not be in love with you.
Oh but never forget, I will always love you.


4 JAN 2021 AT 15:15

There are terribly sad things in the world.


Wanting to stay alive in the face of death
Wanting to die while you're still alive
Death of a loved one

Best friends falling apart
Forlorn lovers
Last hugs
Last kisses
Unspoken goodbyes

Happy memories in sad times
Sad memories in happy times

Being hungry but not having food
Having food but not being hungry

Not being loved back
Not loving someone back

Broken dreams
Stories that never ended
Old and crestfallen houses
Letters lying abandoned in postboxes, waiting to be read
Waiting for someone, who never shows up, at the train station
Going back to your favourite city but finding that it has changed

There are just too many sad things in the world.
Let this miserable poem be one more.


23 SEP 2020 AT 0:46

Don't be too vain about the poems
that I write about you.
Yes they're about you.
But really they're about me,
when I was with you.


8 SEP 2020 AT 20:23

I have to write this. Rather I'm compelled to write this. I think your mind is a very beautiful mess and we're grateful for your thoughts. Keep making these sweet babies. They're pure art.


4 SEP 2020 AT 0:06

A group of young girls and a game of truths.
A bottle spins and stops.
First Kiss?
Everyone looks at her.
They giggle.
She lies.
Never been kissed, she shrugs.
Everyone moves on.
The bottle spins again.
But time stands still for her.
And then it moves backwards.
She remembers the stinky cigar breath.
She shudders.
She remembers his teeth biting onto her soft lips.
She squirms.
Her eyes fill with tears.
What was her fault?
Why was she was robbed of her fairytale first kiss?


27 MAY 2020 AT 5:13


He told me we were a good match.
I was willing to take my chances.
He said we have a lot in common.
I believed him.
Then one day he opened up to me.
"I have made out it in parks,
friends' houses,
backseat of cars,
last seat of movie halls,
empty terraces"
Turns out he was right.
I beamed and said,
"We really do have a lot in common."

That was the last I heard from him.


29 APR 2020 AT 4:40

Some people are only special because you'll never see them again in life.


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