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Joined 7 December 2016
19 MAY AT 4:01

Hey gravity! Can we customize?
For the distance between us
is a little over 7k miles.
Funny, now we feel your pull.
Before, you were mere worth a tool.


18 MAY AT 3:09

Maybe it's all unreal
that I'm loved by someone with
a full heart,
exquisite tongue,
honest eyes,
and a golden heart.
Maybe not!


12 FEB AT 16:55

They say if you're with the right person,
"creativity" strives.

Is this why the little strand that held us weakly,
also let your ink dry.


8 FEB AT 0:23

The voice of a common man in love
is often translated into two cups of tea
made by him, before you even wake up.


5 FEB AT 17:53

There I was being a gardener sweeping off the fallen leaves at the closure of each dusk. And yet there I was on one fine day when dawn rose. The dew touched me barefoot and said, "A gardener must witness it all".

And then it hit me that every story has two parts: where one falls and one where they restart.


19 JAN AT 20:12

That one bestie says
"I told you so"


19 JAN AT 20:01

एक नई मोहब्बत को अरसा हुआ,
ऐसा तब लगा
जब घर की भाजी लाने को चर्चा हुआ ||


25 FEB 2023 AT 11:56

कोई हंस कर बातें कर भी ले,
मगर याद वहीं पल आता है |
जिस को नज़र अंदाज़ कर आए हम,
शायद पहला-इश्क़ कहीं कहलाता है ||— % &— % &


25 FEB 2023 AT 11:45

एक ज़माने में था वो मेरी कविताओं का श्रृंगार,
अब नीरस है मेरी पंक्तियां, और हम भी बेआधार ||


25 FEB 2023 AT 5:23

तू क्या जाने तेरे पहलू में कितने गम भुला दिए |
जो दिल में दबे बैठे थे वो ख्याल तू ने जगा दिए ||
जिन बातों का ज़िक्र था लाज़मी आज
तेरी आंखों के नशे में वो सब हिसाब उलझा दिए ||


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