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Joined 7 December 2016
Yansi Keim 18 MAR AT 10:16

तुम्हारी याद में अब भी मेरा कलम घिसना आम है
फिर शामों का सुबह में तब्दील हो जाना भी कमाल है ||


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Yansi Keim 17 MAR AT 10:46

मेरी मन्नत में तुम्हारा ज़िक्र है |
पास नहीं हूं तुम्हारे मगर फिक्र है ||


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Yansi Keim 13 MAR AT 19:50

यू बेचैन ना हुआ करो बीता ज़माना याद करके,
उस गली की मरम्मत ना जाने किसके हाथ में है ||


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Yansi Keim 13 MAR AT 19:41

यूं तो मुनाफा है मेरा तुमसे इश्क की बाज़ी में
बेहतर इंसान बनने का और सबब नज़र नहीं आता ||


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Yansi Keim 13 MAR AT 19:34

इसरार करो तो, यह जान भी दे दे,
मांगा भी तुमने तो सिर्फ ज़रा सा वक्त हमारा |
जो कायनात तुम्हारे कदमों में रख दे
ऐसा खालिद इश्क है जानम हमारा ||


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Yansi Keim 8 MAR AT 14:49

Call me at a birthday party, I will sulk.
Call me at a meditation program, and I will be the Hulk.


A recent realization 😛 #thehulk #hulk #meditation

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Yansi Keim 20 FEB AT 4:52

All my road trips go back to that
one single time when your dashboard
was my dashboard.


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Yansi Keim 11 FEB AT 23:53

क्यों कह गए आशिक के दिल मत लगाना?
Results speak for themselves, बुरा है ज़माना ||


Just like that #results

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Yansi Keim 11 FEB AT 21:49

Your simplicity reminds me how complicated I was.


Yansi Keim 10 FEB AT 23:31

" Writing a script is always such a lonely process. We never write to represent our countries. " director Bong Join Ho (of Parasite) said while accepting his first Oscar.

I think it's such a beautiful yet harsh truth. When you are writing you never fully realize the worth of that piece until something as big as Oscar confronts you with tremendous recognition. For PhDs like me who're always writing things and we lose motivation at times but if I'm going to remember something from now on is this line by this great person. This guy just gained my best wishes and respect.


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