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Joined 7 December 2016
Yansi Keim 21 HOURS AGO

My intention was
not just to bit his ear
but to make him remember
how I made him feel at 10.30 pm
near this fountain and more importantly
how he made me feel, all the time.
Thus, I didn't stop,
I drafted a peck on his earlobe
then moving gently to lick his temple,
placing a full kiss on his erogenous
neck, sucking a bit and kissing,
making him feel full. We both
knew this would have turned
differently if this was my place
or his. So, we translated that desire
with our mouths. This kiss, under the moonlight
and stars, with the fountain's vibrancy
could only be made better
with our tongues, and we did.
His lips tasted salty from the drag
he just made out of his vape.
Relishing and wanting more of each
other, I said, "let's walk, I will distract
you more on the way".


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Yansi Keim 23 HOURS AGO

Don't forget this Purdue fountain
where I kissed and bit you.
I didn't turn you on
for no reason.


Yansi Keim 23 HOURS AGO

In that moment
when I came closer
held my hands
around your neck
sitting very close
with my lips near your ear
so that you could hear
what I say, while
I gently bite your ear.
I said, "I want to take you
someplace dark and kiss you deeply",
and you pointed
away from fountain
but first, listen to this.
That my bite was
turning you on and you
cannot wait to
eat me this weekend
down, deep down and take me
as I like the most.
You took a drag out of your vape
and blew close to my ear
sending me chills similar to how you
caressed my hand for the first time.


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Yansi Keim 23 HOURS AGO

As we witnessed our
first fountain rush together,
it added to all that firsts
I'm experiencing with you.
This was different because
it was your first too
and you held me tight
when I said it's
"Our first", as if that
touch meant your happiness.
Sitting there with my head in your lap
I realized that's the lap
I could sleep on and annoy for a long time.
You telling me your Chicago stories
instantly stamped on my heart.
"I'm missing on a lot of American culture",
you said when I exposed, I don't know
what an onion drink was. And you being
okay with that because that's what you're
you're willing to give me all those firsts
I haven't had so far.


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Yansi Keim 23 HOURS AGO

my boy who points me that beauty,
so close, my star.


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Yansi Keim YESTERDAY AT 12:19

and for the ones we're building
as we go.


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Yansi Keim YESTERDAY AT 12:13

so much different than
tasting you in shower.
Hey, I want both.


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Yansi Keim YESTERDAY AT 12:12

I see you and say
fuck it, I'm so proud
he's my addiction.


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Yansi Keim 8 JUL AT 5:34

Being honest, being naked,
Honestly, I don't see the difference
between two, with you.


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Yansi Keim 8 JUL AT 0:15

There's no magic in vibing,
you kiss and tell,
how it felt!


Communication is the key #kissandtell #simpleyou #relationship #yqbaba


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