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Joined 7 December 2016
8 SEP AT 9:40

As a human, I am ablaze every second
I'm with you.
As a lover, I am melting every second
you're inside me .


7 SEP AT 10:25

A gazillion galaxies I dive into,
in that departure hug, you throw me into.


5 SEP AT 14:30

The struggle is between your laugh and moan.
While I adore both, it's hard to judge
which I love the most.


5 SEP AT 6:17

That sunset from your balcony melted in wine,
when your lips made my demons more than divine.


5 SEP AT 5:21

Don't stop even if I suffer,
that's a terrible lie
my lips may utter.


4 SEP AT 8:27

My brazen self becomes poetic at your touch,
all my translations blossom until it hurts.


8 AUG AT 1:03

what's mine in you.
Oh, your ego is definitely not one of the them.


8 AUG AT 0:57

There would be high winds at the shore right now,
I can feel them within
as you caress me provocatively.


7 AUG AT 2:20

Dear bade log,
Hello is the new namaste.
Please don't be offended if we're a
little Western for your Harappa mindset.


4 AUG AT 11:11

नज़रों का धोखा है या खूबसूरत सच, कशमकश में हूं मैं,
यह बदन है तुम्हारा या मलमल की चादर, असमंजस में हूं मैं ||

हर एक कोना है गुलाब के फूल जैसा
इसे तोड़ दूं या मरोड़ लूं, बड़ी उलझन में हूं मैं ||

सोचा छू कर देख लूं तो परेशानी कम हो जाए मेरी
मगर उसका स्पर्श है जन्नत की सीढ़ी, यह कहां आ गया हूं मैं ||

अब वश में हूं ‌तुम्हारे और जाने का बिल्कुल मन नहीं,
दुल्हन बन जाओ मेरी तो दुनिया को बता दूं कि तुम्हारा हूं मैं ||


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