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25 SEP AT 11:23

I wish they had the jargon
for those unspeakable fights
where one feels neglected
while the other one never tries.


25 SEP AT 11:17

The kind of love you need,
but the kind of love you get
that makes you to sleep
alone in your bed.


19 SEP AT 12:33

To the human lying next to me,
you deserve to know that
in poems, in dances,
in rain, and in glances,
in dark, in bright,
in bus, and in flight,
in skiing, in driving,
in walking, and in hiking,
in baking, in frying,
in laughing, and in crying
in helping, in chanting,
in fasting, and in praying.

To the human lying next to me,
you deserve to know that


12 SEP AT 11:30

मेज़बान उनकी आँखे कुछ कह गई इस दफ़ा
शायर ना होकर काश आशिक होता
तो कसीदे ना पढ़ता इस तरह ||


12 SEP AT 11:16

Under shadows, they sworn
certain unspeakable promises.
For some they kept forever, others
only felt on the skin like
romantic voices.


12 SEP AT 11:01

And then there were two sillies,
who fought at everything. In the end,
they fought harder, for
every night, love just had a way to win.


12 SEP AT 10:47

अब ना बांट पाएंगे तुम्हे,
जो इतने करीब आ चुके हो ||

अब क्या बांट पाएंगे तुम्हे?
जो नज़दीकी इतनी बढ़ा चुके हो ||


17 AUG AT 9:53

मजाल है कि दिन निकल जाए
तेरी मुस्कुराहट देखे बिना ...
कुछ दवा तो होती ही है
करार देने के लिए ना ||


17 AUG AT 9:45

हाँ, तकिये पर सर रख
नींद बड़ी अच्छी आती हैं।
मगर तकिया तुम्हारा कांधा हो तो
कपास रूठ जाती हैं||


17 AUG AT 9:34

नज़रों का क्या हैं ?
ये फिसलती हैं हर दफ़ा ...
जब- जब निभाये मोहब्बत
वो ज़ालिम बेपनाह ||


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