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Joined 7 December 2016
Yansi Keim 9 SEP AT 22:11

भले इश्क मेरा नाउम्मीद था,
मगर तुम से था, तो खालिद था ||


खालिद - eternal

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Yansi Keim 6 SEP AT 0:58

Lately, I feel that being independent is more about trusting yourself. The trust which is imperative to make decisions. And it's a well known fact that the quality of one's life is largely based on their decisions. I think I'm growing as a different person day by day. As if this was a whole different person before the age of 24 and now this is someone else. This is new. This is good.


When I'm my own muse. #life #phdlife

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Yansi Keim 2 SEP AT 7:40

Even after I changed my continent,
your pool of love had the same coordinates in my heart.


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Yansi Keim 28 AUG AT 19:42

जिसे छुपा नही सकते, वो दर्द ना बन जाना
हाँ जिसका इकरार रहे होठों पर
वो मोहब्बत बन जाओ....
तो क्या बात हैं||


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Yansi Keim 18 AUG AT 9:48

कोशिश है तुझे भुलाने की
फिर इल्तजा भी है तुझे पाने की ||


Random, confused emotions.

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Yansi Keim 12 AUG AT 8:48

Little promises become ashes
when that person becomes empty.


Yansi Keim 12 AUG AT 8:44

I pictured you in my future,
but I forgot that future starts today.
If you're not there in my today,
there's hardly ever a future.


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Yansi Keim 28 JUL AT 10:28

The thing about people is they don't just make you peevish, they also make you slow.


Oh, don't mind. It's for co-workers.
#slow #peevish

Yansi Keim 20 JUL AT 9:58

I see the clock ticking
and recall the promises you made
every second.

I hate when this clock ticks
reminding, there was no magic at all
just moments of lies, building up
to destroy me second by second.


A second story. #lies #life #relationship

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Yansi Keim 3 JUL AT 4:47

There's a part in me which belongs to him,
and he likes to touch, feel and gasp it.
All I could do is to welcome him wide open
where both of us cherishingly relinqush our controls.


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