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17 MAR AT 21:24

“If you stick too
much to favorites,
You fail to see
the world beyond it.”


9 MAR AT 2:29

Bestow upon me enough strength
to awaken my deeper consciousness
for serving my soul’s purpose
or karma,
O Lord Rudra.

If one dream dies,
Strengthen my mind to let those
goals with a greater purpose that
keep ringing tick-tock
in my dreams and
Making me
stay open-eyed
to stay alive like
the way the soul’s purpose
is given a chance to be fulfilled
even after death by


9 MAR AT 1:10

Keep alive senses
by not prioritizing
sense over willingness.


9 MAR AT 0:50

Trust is like a poison
you willingly consume
in the war between
Love and peace!


8 MAR AT 23:55

A stable mind is neither
too full nor too little
to be belittled!


8 MAR AT 22:31

Art is the best way of
communicating with self;
bringing self-awareness and
liberation from the
external distractions
in a raw and powerful voice!


8 MAR AT 20:54

This night, the sky is
beautifully darker and
the toughest
battlefield in which
defense and the rival
has to be me.


8 MAR AT 15:32

There’s a woman
in man
Likewise, there’s a man
in a woman too
Still, straight.

Much beyond
your sexual identity!


8 MAR AT 14:45

Being feminine is not only about
softness & features compared
to masculinity,
She’s more of a creation,
A part of masculine.

It's not only about bleeding red,
But, it's more about nature’s cycle
of energy!

She’s not always a celebrated
like the way they
show in films,
Also, she’s not necessarily in
the limelight
Of her family for her small victories.
For the reason that she always
keeps pushing
the boundaries no matter what.
She flows, floats & flows
with deeper passion!


7 MAR AT 15:12

They say she’s brave,
She’s too young to act mature.
And, She knows the way out
for she learned too much
about the forest than
anyone else!
But, she never knew her
got not only luck but
doom too!


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