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21 NOV AT 12:10

I'm moving in the endless road
With the words having no demise,
Not able to see the end
Different hands are showing different ways
On asking a way to the destination!
Maybe, I"ll end up becoming a perfect Wanderer
Yet, it's better to move somewhere
within the ring than
getting completely out of the way!
Don't ask me "where I stand?"
Bcoz I never stop spreading my roots!


21 NOV AT 11:41

Life starts becoming challenging
When you do something that
you never thought you would ever do!
Changes do happen without asking;
The moment you run & run
without whispering "but"!


14 NOV AT 13:41

Burn the darkness
with the light of life
running through your soul...
Give rise to the lost energy from
noise sleeping within your head!
May the lights & diyas lit
the silent world
& let the lost minds get back life.
This Diwali,
I simply wish Billion smiles
to show the way to lighten up
the heavy hearts sobbing
in the irreplaceable loss &
Let's hope for the negatives
to result in positive rays!


8 NOV AT 18:58

Without aiming & reaching high,
We can't understand
how much it costs to stay consistent.
No maturity is valued
Until you feel the fire burning inside!


25 OCT AT 18:53

What's more unreadable than
silent death &
What's more painful than
the stopped heart?
Nothing to beat when
there's no heart to beat!


13 OCT AT 0:03

"Freeing them to fly high
like a free bird made me realize
how much I caged myself."


12 OCT AT 16:47

I wish if my heart
would have been shaped
Like autumn.
Nothing harms
When there is snow ahead
Savage of the Sun &
you stand with both!


11 OCT AT 17:43

Don't force the treasure
to feel like
it's a liability to you
when you don't understand
its beauty because
it takes a bit of you
to grow up & see the light
If you want to see
How butterfly spread wings
after metamorphosis!


7 OCT AT 18:13

Wanted to be the voice note
of someone.
Alas, she became
strings of the instrument
that is played so hard
to satisfy desires.
Senses forgot
How the roses smell love
For the reason
Love learned
How to drink rose
Alike wine
To smell like a rose!


2 OCT AT 12:19

This is the time
When humanity is finding
Peace in doing nothing like
& broken pieces of human rights
Behind the masked public figures.

Let the innocent minds gain
back lost beliefs
& courage to fight against violence
Without any destruction
to expectations of the future
Than giving rise to the idea
Of making everything
a business in young minds;
Meant to show the sunshine
Which is standing far away!


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