Sisira Sivaraj (Ammu)

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Sisira Sivaraj 22 HOURS AGO

Leaving the Home;
Gifted Pain Of Seperation!
Those Lonely Paths;
That Hushing Darkness;
Somewhere Aching that
Dead Soul!
Little Did Those Screams
Be Louder;
For those Who Are Abled
Still Act As Deaf!
Silence May Have'nt Got
If Annoying Words Could
Have Stopped Itself!


Pain Of Seperation!!โคโค

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Sisira Sivaraj YESTERDAY AT 22:29

"Pull Away The Swings"


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Sisira Sivaraj YESTERDAY AT 12:05

Going With The Flow Was
My Concept In Heart From
Daylight To Nightfall;
"Later,The Water Surrounding
Proved How Powerful The
Flow Is To Captivate & Sink!!"


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Sisira Sivaraj 19 FEB AT 7:19

Listen To The Ones;
Who Need You The Most
Give Time To Those;
Whom Your Heart Can
Listen To!
Don't Try To Avoid The
Needy By Fear;
Else, Your Soul Will Start
Show'g Restlessness!


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Sisira Sivaraj 18 FEB AT 20:34

"You Don't Need To Look
Beautiful To Perceive The
Black Heart As Shining Crystal"
Because That Perceived Notion
Won't Last Longer
From Breaking Mirror!


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Sisira Sivaraj 17 FEB AT 12:35

O Love;
Don't Try To Drag Me Down
You're Far Away,
Yes, Far Away From My Mind
Yet Close To My Heart;
As Your Face ;
Yes;That Disguised Face
Shut'g The Windows;
Indeed,Windows To Air!
Yes,I do Miss You;
Yet,I don't Count Days
Yester,I Saw The Shoot'g Star
Asked Me Your Name;
But I Ended Up;
By Breaking Soft Corner
Of My Own Self
Stop Show'g Me Your Love;
As I Saw The Broken
Mirror Show'g Me The Lost
Soul Of Mine..!
I See You From Distance;
Still,I Find It Perfect!
Meet Me To The End;
Where Two Strings
Would Repel!


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Sisira Sivaraj 17 FEB AT 9:48

Unfolded Letters Within
Folded Leaves;
Unleash'g The Hues!
Blooming Buds;
Extending Arms
Broad Eyes;
Sing'g The Love
Enchant'g Manthras;
Dancing In Lips !


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Sisira Sivaraj 16 FEB AT 0:07

Excess Of Positivity In You
May Harm You More Than
Excess Of Negativity
Surrounding !!


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Sisira Sivaraj 15 FEB AT 22:28

This Nature Keeps On
Changing With Time & Ages;
Then, How Can I Expect "You"
Humans To Stay The Same Always!?
O Thou Expectations;
Don't Try To Find Scope
For You To Be With Me !


No Caption Required!๐Ÿ’š

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Sisira Sivaraj 14 FEB AT 8:00

Love to Me Is Listening
To The Beats Of Silent Love
By Tight Hug!


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