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23 SEP AT 20:58

Changes around them
changes in the positive aura.
And some do change
when changes force them to
Alas, forced change
don't leave a positive aura
for a longer time!


23 SEP AT 13:54

Just started loving myself
more than how much I loved you,
I want to rewrite the story.
I want to rewrite the stars.
I want to rewrite fate.
I want to recreate the palm lines.
I want nothing but the real
me by breaking that “silly me”
Shaped by you
in the name of love!


21 SEP AT 17:07

It's too hard to stay on the page,
Flipping the pages
back & forth.
It's like an unexpected dot,
making thoughts wander
here & there.
Clouds are now finding it hard to
tear down as if it's so deeply touched!


16 SEP AT 10:18

Love the raw.


11 SEP AT 8:33

Sometimes, you just need to
believe in yourself
that masks of people
fail to
make an impact on you!


5 SEP AT 7:50

Mornings are never silent
until you become
numb to feel the light.
It's often an opportunity
to unbutton new shots
that are knocking on the door,
in your way.


3 SEP AT 18:49

Kindness is accepting someone even
after knowing that for them,
love is being sympathetic.


1 SEP AT 20:33

She's the book
that's written differently by
trying to read her,
She's the mixed shade
that's blended differently by
trying to paint her.


29 AUG AT 19:22

of love!


28 AUG AT 21:45

Blue muse

/Know her in the caption/


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