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Joined 14 January 2018
Sisira Sivaraj YESTERDAY AT 8:33

Music, my fuel
Can't wake up
Can't Get out of bed
Can't start a day
Can't end up any task
...Without this music of
violin & rythm of flute!
Long i keep distance
from it,
Quicker my soul
Starts showing blank ME!
Sings soulful,
Incomplete without
Music, My Innervoice
Only thing which
Befriend Me 24ร—7,
Yes,it's the only thing
Which shown me
The Mystery Behind
Woods & Solitude!


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Sisira Sivaraj 20 APR AT 18:26

He who failed
Dont know you
Still, offer free
Invitation letter
As It's Said that,
Treat your guest
Like a baby &
Respect like a king
Following the same
With a smile on
Don't take kindness
for granted,
You can't guess
the pain behind fierce
If you gifted grief
&still if teary eyed
is smiling
Feel the richness
Of that heart,
Than to regret later!
Before you criticize
O Critics!
Feel the ground
Before the circles
Drag you down to earth!


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Sisira Sivaraj 19 APR AT 21:26

Alchemist who date burning words
In the silence of night with moonlight!


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Sisira Sivaraj 17 APR AT 20:57

I doubt
Are those words
eating me!?
For the reason
Now it Seems like
I'm seeking for those
Some days went on
Writing the story
Of Grapevine
Without Grapes!
Rest Of The Days
I Dreamed!Dreamed
& Dreamed!
Recollecting Actual
To Draw The Real
Picture Of Love!
Though,Love Is Absent
Still,Trying To Sing
Incomplete Notes
For Listening,
You're not here
But I Can't Stop Myself
From Singing
My Love For Silence
In Letters!


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Sisira Sivaraj 16 APR AT 23:59

These flaws in design
Can't be the regret
for creator,
As the torned fabric
Too can be turned into
new design & texture


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Sisira Sivaraj 16 APR AT 20:09

Don't put much stress on
Don't force no's to make
you hang on top!
Let one's aroma speak
Let those experiences speak
Let the senses be conscious
than on sleep mode.
Don't be in hurry
Stay silent when situations
create doubt for you
Relate situations,
Walk a mile in someone
Else's shoes
Feel the wonder
Than wondering/gazing
At bright Stars!!


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Sisira Sivaraj 15 APR AT 22:07

When unexpected things
Hopes take a turn around
Like mood swings
But, like one can have
Control over emotions
I"ll make sure my words
Won't drain in heart
as Rain of desolation !


Covering emptiness!โค

#makesure #yqbaba #Cascadescribbler

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Sisira Sivaraj 15 APR AT 9:17



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Sisira Sivaraj 15 APR AT 7:41

Let those yellow flowers
Bring a change
Let this yellow colour
Be refreshing for
your soul & heart!
Let rhythm of his flute
Reach your heart
& let his enchanting
notes leave no doubt
Let painful hearts
Get soothing music
May His Karma
Show you how to love
& be humane!


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Sisira Sivaraj 14 APR AT 9:42

Self belief has the power
to make you father of Law,
Being dependent on others
Often makes one to loose the
golden opportunity!


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