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Joined 14 January 2018

Ode to angels in disguise!



It may pierce the skin
But piercing things happen to be beautiful,
love how it leaves a sense of pride in self,
Isn't it rosy, darling?

It may give bubbles of fear
& roseola to the skin,
but love how it blooms then.


10 MAY AT 15:32

Ode to words!


9 MAY AT 1:40

Happy Mother's Day!♥️


8 MAY AT 17:08

When doom & gloom overpower
the sanguine you,
Find an ikigai that could sashay your mind.
Change yourself first
when things force you to quit.
Who knows? What's an adventure in
store for you!
Make your heart blithesome
to stay away from dullsville.


7 MAY AT 16:59

Possessive girlfriend with a boyfriend
who wears hibiscus behind the ear!


6 MAY AT 19:59

Doesn't it look beautiful when the folk of birds
fly together?
Yeah, I believe so.
The same goes for the family of human beings.
It looks good when you learn to take others too
with you rather than going solo.


5 MAY AT 10:10

Coloured you black like kohl
for my eyes to reflect you!


4 MAY AT 13:17

I may fall but seasons do exist in me
to pour "Rooh Afza” to calm the summer
& then cheer a winter once again.


29 APR AT 19:55

I'm so nasty
that you can't touch me
with your naive hands!
Then why do you still prefer
to bleed?
Can't you buy a new mirror?


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