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Joined 14 January 2018
28 JAN AT 20:32

Ultimately those thoughts
melt in me like
the moon in the heart of twilight!


9 JAN AT 20:11

Shades of mind

Like a rainbow,
I make things to shade my senses!
Don't know where it leads.
But, letting my mind move on
in a path that I never journeyed before.
Sometimes, it moves
too far from me,
Still, they manage to
embrace me with thoughts
just like dots that
connect me to them like
Constellation in the
night sky!


4 NOV 2022 AT 21:44

Sometimes back, it was too rainy
that I don't remember when the
“too-dewy eyes
to be silent”
turned out to be the
still water
of the ocean!


9 OCT 2022 AT 9:51

My heart was warming
my thoughts
But, little did I know that all the
moist in it will traverse to the sky in
the form of clouds!
It was so hard to see through the glass
of eyes,
But, little did I know that all the moist
is setting off to the top of my mind
Once again!


7 OCT 2022 AT 10:03

The dream is like a temptation,
Let it stay alive within yourself
like the burning flame of a candle!
Winds may blow
But, Savior it with both your palms
& bud of the dream will
eventually flourish even if it falls!


16 SEP 2022 AT 1:11

It's been too long since
I have allowed my bleeding mind
to let the wounds heal.
But, it's been too long since
spring bloomed.

It's been quite too long
that I went to the blank zone
Where light was far away from the
scene in which
I was playing like a puppet.

It's been too long
since I was deeply into the blues
of my own stories that
I went far away from me
to catch the fake star
that was there just to mystify
the vision of my eyes & dreams.


10 SEP 2022 AT 8:56

Again, another day,
another chapter.
Still, the same Sun that
never fails
to show up.
Maybe, it's the best reason
why you need
to be Sun to wake up
before anyone as
the doer than being stuck
in the dreamland!


5 SEP 2022 AT 19:50

“Is this numbness
Or just another thought of my mind
to find an excuse for not
letting words find a way to my heart?”


2 AUG 2022 AT 18:48

The words & promises that were once
safely kept close to my chest are
now a bee sting within.
Maybe, they are now deeply tattooed.


28 JUL 2022 AT 13:41

Like music,
Let me get into your heart.
Like poetry,
Let me cross the ocean that you’re.
Like rain,
Let me make you feel me.
Like breath,
Let me be closer to you.
Like poet,
Let me drop the love
that I wrote for you
inside your heart
with a wildflower that I kissed
to spread me within you!


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