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25 MAY AT 19:26

Offer a bouquet of forgiveness
when weeds of lies
grow around,
It's hard to be You
than changing with the
changing shades,
It's hard to stay the same
alone between the woods of
silence &
Solitude but nothing more
powerful than the light
You lit by burning all those chapters
that was never meant to be
Part of the book that you are!


16 MAY AT 22:27

It was a beautiful world out there
for my jelly-like heart.
It was filled with so much goodness
Honey was flowing on the lips I heard,
Words used to be a comfort for my heart,
Hug used to be the most beautiful space
to exist!

But, little did I know that those words
will become the beautiful
pain flowing through veins like
Red Wine;
Whining high through
the Vine that once grown inside
me; Becoming a reason to love
But, ironically becoming reason to
Prick the love with
Needles decorated on my soul,
Making me a beautiful rose
With beautiful Pain!


14 MAY AT 8:40

You're the mirror
that I touched,
I felt,
I kissed.
You reflected me in you
& like a butter,
I melted into you.
You showed me my flaws
by catching a glimpse of
every curl of mine &
I flowed into
You like the cascade!

You're the mirror
that hugged my scars &
Peeks at me every morning
like a scene from every
Romantic movie &
I watch you like
a perfect lover.
You flattened me in you
like a creamy layer on the cake &
I just embraced you
With cherries and petals of a rose.
Maybe, Taylor swift’s love songs
too never made me feel
things deeply than your
toxic love that
gets deep-rooted into
my nerves like blues!


11 MAY AT 22:30

“Writing poetry made me
realize that I became poetry on
flipping pages of the sky!”


10 MAY AT 20:36

“For them, She lives in a shell
But, for her, Shell exists for
the pearl that she is.”


10 MAY AT 20:20

Maybe, She's silent to
the world around
But, what they don't know is
About her talkative mind &
Creative decor within
the room she formed with
walls of her heart!
Her mind often goes on
night ride &
even becomes daydreamer
when reality gets
crowded with
Realm of Questions &
Imaginative panoramas!


8 MAY AT 17:51

Hey, the life of my soul,
You're an ocean of love that
pours love into
the empty jar that I'm.

Try to move far
& I” ll be closer
than before!

Hey, the smile on my lips,
You’re an ocean of poetries
that decorates stories
like beads for the
sleeping beauty
that I'm.

Try to detach &
I” ll be the most inseparable
part of yours!


8 MAY AT 16:54

“Beautiful pain taken by you out of
beautiful mistake gave
birth to the beautiful pearl
in the warmth of
strongest nest of the world
decorated by you.”


7 MAY AT 9:27

She gave birth to the aura,
Everyone wished to have such
a sweetheart with a soft scent;
A gift that she inherited from her mom.

Another chapter began with her homecoming.
Everyone came closer to each other.

Aura tied everyone together like a bouquet
wrapped with love.
She used to silently tell little imaginative poetries
out of her lovely little heart for putting her
loved ones to sleep through her
lotus-shaped eyes that are full of life,
love & dreams.
She was herself a baby lullaby who
never sleeps but waits to put everyone else
to sleep.
For everyone, she became both dawn & dusk.


5 MAY AT 20:00

“Clouds in me
wonder if they are settled
in frozen me or moving with
Shady me!”


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