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Joined 14 January 2018
Sisira Sivaraj 2 HOURS AGO

"What If questions strucked
Between thoughts,
To which Answers are
Yet to Bloom!!"


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Sisira Sivaraj YESTERDAY AT 23:49

The Wind;
Which touched me once
Is yet to cross the Seas
To touch my Window Pane;
Which has witnessed
Years of Solitude..
Lived before doomsday!


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Sisira Sivaraj 15 JUL AT 22:23

Life In 8 Words

Live Without Expecting Love From Thorns Or Roses !


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Sisira Sivaraj 15 JUL AT 18:20

The things We try to Change,
May not necessarily favour us
But,Staying stubborn with...
The things you want to achieve
Makes Oneself Strong..
Than becoming a Cake;
Ready to be shared by people!


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Sisira Sivaraj 14 JUL AT 19:30

Maybe,it's not the fear..
But a perception...
Which he created in her mind!
That,Now she can't even think
Of togetherness!


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Sisira Sivaraj 14 JUL AT 0:29

Chosen pen;
When nights turned into daylight
Chosen dream;
When nightmares succeeded to
Offer ink to that empty body!



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Sisira Sivaraj 13 JUL AT 10:40

Coward is the One who never accepts his/her mistake ;
Still, acts like an idol!


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Sisira Sivaraj 12 JUL AT 23:05

Words conveyed deadness of flower,
But poetries depicted it as;
Living eyes of burning soul !


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Sisira Sivaraj 11 JUL AT 21:21

Loads maybe born....
Just to see you destroyed
But,there's a light ..
Which can burn those
Just to see the glance
Of full moon in you!


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Sisira Sivaraj 10 JUL AT 23:51

Punctuations may not make sense;
But expressions of thought do mean it
In the real sense!


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