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Joined 14 January 2018
31 DEC 2021 AT 13:26

Happy 31st Dec!🍁


27 DEC 2021 AT 21:33

Hey twilight,
Do help the lover
in her hide her tears
behind the clouds you
in the sky like curtains,
Hey stars,
Do help the universe
in her make
the tears that tear out
from the eyes
to shine like the rare pearl, not tears!


19 DEC 2021 AT 12:04

She’s the poetry
In herself
that she hides
from the eyes
that don't have
capacity to read
beyond reader's
perspective &
all those lame reasons
that builds the bridge
between you &me!


19 DEC 2021 AT 12:00

Eyes lost in ocean of love, blues &
then a rise like
petals of lotus!

Eyes lost in perspectives
all those secrets that they read from the
journal of eyes that
pretend to be
good enough!

Eyes lost in the world of imaginations
where no dreams die!


19 DEC 2021 AT 11:56

When things don't
give you what you expect,
don’t explain.


5 DEC 2021 AT 18:53

|Dream that made me rise above fantasy|


2 DEC 2021 AT 11:51

Once been a favorite shade
that's now a faded shade!

Once been an
unending dots
in my poetry
that's now a pure
full stop with
question marks
in my story!

...continued in caption...


19 NOV 2021 AT 12:26

letter to
not strangers!


4 NOV 2021 AT 7:46

Let the love & peace keep sailing
in you and your dear ones through
the ups and downs without
getting an evil eye!

Let the firecrackers
become the showstopper
to make
everyone's heart melt
out of happiness!
May the kid in you live life
to the fullest once again.
Let the remains of crackers
leave enough bursts to make
the rest of your life bright.

Happy Diwali!


2 NOV 2021 AT 12:41

When the world around
becomes complicated,
Become a clown to be able
to see beyond words & faces!


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