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Joined 11 November 2016
15 APR AT 23:24

giving up on what I desired

that I could end up longing
not so much for the object of my desire
but for the desire itself.


15 APR AT 23:14

you keep walking ahead,
not realising
you never paused
to look back.


14 APR AT 14:39

Heartbreaks are not like fractures
You can’t wrap them in white plasters
Have your friends write
wishes on them in a myriad colours
And be reborn from your mummified state

Heartbreaks are like viral infections
No matter how tough or careful you are
you can succumb to them
You might need some symptomatic treatment
But mostly, let them wash over you

You’ll feel even weaker for a while
But trust them despite the pain
For they carry their own remedy
Like a strict but able teacher
They will strengthen you from within

But don’t be reckless
All you are is more immune
You can never be cured
A heartbreak can be fixed
But not forever


12 APR AT 21:14

If you’d asked, ‘How not to get heartbroken’
At length, my friend, I would have spoken

If you’d asked, ‘How not to break someone else’s heart’
I’m sure, you could have learnt the art

But you asked, ‘How not to break ‘a’ heart’
Now this problem, one can’t outsmart

While love’s expressed, this remains unspoken
A heart that beats risks getting broken

Theirs, yours: with each heart be fair
As with glass, handle with care


11 APR AT 11:47

The Hare and the Tortoise Return


17 SEP 2020 AT 17:10

That which you say you love
And claim as your own
Let it flow, breeze or brook like
Rather ‘an turning into a stone
Do that, and you will surely know
You and your love have grown


14 SEP 2020 AT 17:08

मेरी प्यारी मातू

रोते मरते तो कई हैं प्यार के बहाने
मेरे लिए बहादुरी से मुस्कुराती है तू
बाग़बान भी तू, बाग़ भी तू
हर मौसम में फूल सि खिलखिलाती है तू

कभी पुरानी बातों से, कभी मीठी सी यादों से
कभी अपने बचपने से, बचपन याद दिलाती है तू
कभी अपार प्यार से, कभी सवालों की बौछार से
क़सम से माँ, कभी-कभी बड़ा सताती है तू

कह देता हूँ तुझे न जाने क्या कुछ
क्योंकि चुप-चाप सब सुन जाती है तू
माफ़ी का तो लोग एहसान हैं करते
मेरी हर भूल को भुलाती है तू

पिंजरे में अगर खुद क़ैद भी हो तू
मेरे पंखों को सहलाती है तू
मुझे हिम्मत देने की ख़ातिर
अपने आँसू पी जाती है तू

तू डर में भी बस टोकती है, कभी रोकती नहीं
मुझे मुझसे ज़्यादा अपनाती है तू
तू मुझे अपना कहके कभी रिश्ता जताती नहीं
बस हर पल निभाती है तू

माँ, मेरी प्यारी मातू है तू


11 JUL 2020 AT 13:04

The Personal is Pandemic:
Understanding the role of our value system in our response to Coronavirus and beyond


10 JUL 2020 AT 0:04

Cup of Tea

Why do you hesitate
To bring it to your lips?
It’s just a heartfelt thought
Not a cup of hot tea

Or wait!
Perhaps it is
Hang on a while
Savour it at the sweet spot

But don’t wait too long
Or the warm sips
Would quickly become
A lukewarm gulp

And you’ll return to work
With a dissatisfying aftertaste
Thinking it isn’t
Your cup of tea


15 JUN 2020 AT 3:02

Grows bigger the farther you move from its source


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