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Joined 11 November 2016
10 JUN AT 15:38

are the verbs that,
through consistent repetition,
reveal and transform you into
the nouns and adjectives
you really are.


9 JUN AT 21:30

getting attached
to your captor,
feeling falsely free
in your confinement,
carrying the burden
of your chains,
unable to bear lightness


6 JUN AT 16:21

we ought to explore 
the possibility of a third option.
How often we make a mistake
not in choosing one over the other,
but in pitting them against one another.
Blinded by binaries,
we fail to see
that they can be ignored for
or even unified in 
a third choice.


4 JUN AT 21:34


I am not a busy bee
Nor a sloth on a tree
I am not a tranquil monk
Nor a warrior Khal
I am not a trending binge-watched show
Nor a dust-covered shelf-bound book
I am not a helium balloon
Nor a punctured tyre
I am not a clear March sky
Nor the November haze
I am not a bird-eye watching archer
Nor a squirrel-spotting squanderer
I am not top of the class
Nor at the mercy of grace marks
I am not a God-blessed flower
Nor a storm-bullied leaf
I am not at this cliff
Nor at the one across the valley
But at the sagging mid-point of the rope in between
Languishing mid-air
Just hanging in there


24 MAY AT 23:23

6 Word Love Story


24 MAY AT 22:30

They held and freed each other.


24 MAY AT 22:09

If you constantly worry
that the glass is half-empty,
perhaps what you need 
is not more water
but a smaller glass


21 MAY AT 13:14

On Self-Love


21 MAY AT 1:16

The joy of finding everything
in whatever you have.


20 MAY AT 3:40

A wish for the past.


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