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Joined 11 November 2016
Arjun Bhatia 6 JAN AT 18:26

now to do almost everything you regrettably think you had the time to do earlier but don’t anymore.
Why didn’t you do it then? Because you told yourself, ‘it’s too late,’ just like you are doing now.


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Arjun Bhatia 6 JAN AT 18:19

doing (or not doing) what
feels good
rather than what
is good
for you.


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Arjun Bhatia 11 NOV 2019 AT 13:30

The Difficulty of Being Good

Light fairies, black and white
Whisper in your ears
All that you could
All that you should
This heavy choice, my friend
Is the difficulty of being good

Paths meander, diverge and converge
At tiring testing crossroads
So often you have stood
Analysing every outcome’s likelihood
This enslaving freedom, my friend
Is the difficulty of being good

Your history, half-remembered and half-forgotten
You can't tell who you are
Hoping to be understood
You hide under your hood
This conflicted self, my friend
Is the difficulty of being good


Title borrowed from Gurcharan Das’s book with the same name.

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Arjun Bhatia 29 OCT 2019 AT 0:30

इश्क़ की अदालत में
न लगा वकालत की बाज़ी
वहाँ इंसाफ़ भला कैसा
जहाँ मुलज़िम ही है क़ाज़ी


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Arjun Bhatia 22 OCT 2019 AT 10:36

A stressed out mind is like the average doctor at a college infirmary: it starts prescribing oversimplified solutions without making a genuine effort to diagnose the problem.


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Arjun Bhatia 16 OCT 2019 AT 18:35

You quench my thirst.

You nourish me.

I can’t live without you.

But holding you together – that’s not easy. It’s only as attainable as the strength of the vessel and all that I’ve got are fragile. They break one by one. You spill and spread before my eyes. Like the destruction of horcruxes in small but painful blows, I lose you a little at a time.

You can’t water me. I can’t water you.


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Arjun Bhatia 1 SEP 2019 AT 16:48

Sleep well.
After all, what’s life without missing a third of it?


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Arjun Bhatia 24 AUG 2019 AT 17:07

The more you discover within,
the more you can live without.


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Arjun Bhatia 27 JUL 2019 AT 1:58

क़ैद करलो इन ख़्यालों को
लफ़्ज़ों के जाल में
न जाने किसकी उड़ान की
वजह बन जायें


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Arjun Bhatia 11 APR 2019 AT 9:09

प्यार पे काम
करते करते
न प्यार रहा
न काम हुआ


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