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#lost quotes

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Poovendhiran Mohanan 6 JAN 2018 AT 23:31

She was an ocean,
Her eyes, a deep blue sea,
Hair, a long curvy beach,
Laughter, the waves sound,
Heart, deafening silence as the deep sea,
And her anger, a roaring Tsunami.

He was just a small boat,
Lost in her.


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Sahina Mondal 15 JUN 2018 AT 9:30

♾There are always answers..
We just fail to notice them...♾


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Aishwarya Swarup 19 JUL 2017 AT 0:28

I am forgetful.

In attempts to keep
my dearest things safe,
I hide them
very carefully
and forget.
Keys, dry flowers,
letters, earrings,
tickets I've travelled on,
Often I find them
lying around
in folds of sweaters,
under pillows, in food cans,
in old books,
in hearts.
Often I find them
when they are
not needed anymore.


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Arun Prakash Singh 29 APR 2017 AT 17:30

आज उधार दे दो मुझे मेरा नज़रिया,
ऐ मेरे ख़ुद मुझे वापिस मिल जाओ।


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Megha Saluja 28 NOV 2018 AT 17:09

She was a warrior with a fighter's mind. And he was the battle she lost every time.


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Aditi B 7 JAN 2018 AT 5:12

I feel lost in all those places where you are found.


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Tiyasha Biswas 25 DEC 2017 AT 6:58

And every night
I sail on my small boat
In the ocean of my memories,
And I get lost.
Then the waves bring me
to my favourite place,
Your memories!
In which I sink and die everyday...


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Kumar Aakash 3 APR 2018 AT 20:42

The Smile of person who has Lost overshines the Happiness of Winner.


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Sahani Baleshwar 21 MAY 2018 AT 11:27

I'm lost
in a world
without my fault,
Someone taught me
dark is more beautiful world,

I'm searching
for a life
in the dead ocean of lives,
where my soul is trapped
under the light of lies.


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Saumya Sinha 13 JUL 2017 AT 20:18

Her dark skin colour was all they could notice on her wedding.
That night the lawyer in her,
lost her identity.


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