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Joined 29 November 2016
24 FEB AT 13:10

You don't always have to be right.
You just have to write.
Writing is righting.


20 FEB AT 11:31

Pain becomes poetry.
Less pain, less poetry.
No pain, no poetry.


19 FEB AT 12:40

You only want it so bad,
when you know you
can't have it anymore.
You only want them so bad,
when you can't have
them anymore in your life.
You can't have it when
you need it the most.


18 FEB AT 12:46

She left.
I write.


8 JAN AT 19:01

I lost too many things, and
too many people, to
finally find myself, now,
I'm not losing myself
for anyone or anything.


23 DEC 2020 AT 11:13

Truth hurts only the moment.
Lies hurt a life time.


19 DEC 2020 AT 18:33

She said I wasn't right for her.
I thought about her.
I wrote about her.
I wrote her,
I write her.
I became a writer.


18 DEC 2020 AT 18:08

you travel with the right people, who care for you and make you happy.

you travel with people who are
selfish and irritating.


15 DEC 2020 AT 17:48

filled with festivals everyday,
all you have to do is, celebrate.


15 DEC 2020 AT 10:49

Once I was afraid of being lost.
Now, I'm scared of being found.


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