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Joined 29 November 2016
12 MAY AT 17:11

Do you hardwork or hardly work?

Hardwork beats everything in the long run. No matter how much talented, skilled, or intelligent you are, if you don't work hard, you won't succeed.


5 MAY AT 19:59

There ain't no hopeful romantic.
All romantics are hopeless.


5 MAY AT 14:50

I belong to nowhere
I belong to nothing,
I am no one,
I don't exist,
I am nothing.
I belong someone,
I belong somewhere,
I am something,
I belong to everyone,
I belong everywhere,
I am everything.


4 MAY AT 9:08

Worrying about something that is not in your control is not going to make it any better than it actually is. Worrying is a waste of time. So stop wasting your time worrying, and do something worth your time.


30 APR AT 10:02

The magnitude of your success would be proportional to the number of failures you had.

If you fail a 1000 times, you'd be 1000 times successful. The trick is though, to keep trying even after a 1000 failures.


29 APR AT 12:12

I know you're tired and bored of being home for so long. So am I. But remember, it's better to be alive and be bored than to be sick or dead.


28 APR AT 10:09

The difference between one day and day one is, how many days you keep trying without giving up.


26 APR AT 10:53

Distance doesn't matter. Discipline does.

It doesn't matter how long or how far you run/walk or move in a day.

It matters how many days you keep moving without giving up.

It doesn't matter how little you mor or progress, as long as you keep moving every day.


19 MAR AT 11:43

Be your own muse.
You don't need anyone
else to amuse you.


5 MAR AT 11:53

Good things don't last.
Neither do bad things.
Give it time, eventually
everything will be fine.


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