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4 JUL AT 21:58

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3 JUL AT 1:35

Behind every successful man,
There is a Decision.


10 AUG 2020 AT 22:43

The moment
When our hearts,
Met for the first time ,  
That moment served
Elated happiness to me.  
It is as if I am with you,
Celebrating this holiday.
I yearn to a day
Visit you secretly, 
And upon visiting you,
I hope never to leave...


16 JUL 2020 AT 23:12

It was nothing, dear,
we just got some
stormy winds passing by,
Hey! Don't fear, my love
It's just some dust in the sky...

The day we decided to hold
Hands together in love,
The fragrance of our love
spread out to the wings of
these birds flying high...

I just followed these birds
and got a way to find you
Hey, open your eyes, my love
I'm standing infront of you...

Come now it's getting dark
I'm waiting for you, again,
Just look into my eyes
my love is endless for you...


9 JUN 2020 AT 17:32

ये ख्वाब भी कितने
अजीब होते हैं न,
जिसमे तुम मेरे
साथ भी होती हो,
और ये भी महज
एक ख्वाब ही होता है...


9 JUN 2020 AT 0:20

While going upwards
world looks so bright
there's a group of stars
twinkle these twilights
like some flower's nectar
you've sprayed onto me
I've started blooming
like a full moon's delight.
I get surprise the moments
whenever I got to see you
recognize and love a feeling
that now it feels in my heart.
standing in front of my mirror,
thinking to myself about you,
if someone thinks of me when
those winds hits those windows
I lock doors from inside
and you come into the same
when I tried to touch you
it was just those winds.
the day will come when
you will come infront of me
I'll show you all the flowers
the garland you've made for me
the night will come when
the blanket on my face
would be those hairs of you
and holding together hands
my nights brightens with you
with a key called so dreams
enter into my sleeps
my heart goes through screams
when I feel warmness of your lips
in the echo of these violins
I searched for the silence
you talked to me the words
those were being hanged
the old path through which
I have traveled, has changed...


30 MAY 2020 AT 19:55

feel my hands
in your hands
our eyes looking
towards the sky
watching up those
beautiful birds fly
look at these green
and happily growing
trees on the ground
those water droplets
shining on the railing
holding our hands
look at our bright faces
we're smiling
and roaming around
Feel our Love
flowing in these winds
it's everywhere
in our surround
looking in your eyes
these happiness
feels like all the world
here I've found...


11 MAY 2020 AT 4:51

You are actually
a talk of my dreams,
In my thoughts
You walk beside me,

You are an intimate
one gets out of nowhere,
It seems that You are
always near me somewhere...

You are the angel
Standing alongside
I can wait forever
To get your glance...

You are a song and the
Pattern of my breath,
You are a treasure that
remains my heart beneath...


9 MAY 2020 AT 21:49

I'm calling you out
in this darkness
Maybe I'm stuck
here in your maze

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2 MAY 2020 AT 15:55

My nights are
empty without You,
where have You gone?

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