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Joined 25 September 2016
8 MAY AT 23:47

From the 1st word of life to the last



4 MAY AT 21:32

Human emotions in one line??

One walk in the rain, while the other run away from the rain.


4 MAY AT 21:28

Aj k dream 11 team k liye sabko alag alag captain rakha hai

No one can stop me today

IPL to me:


20 APR AT 23:38

Irony 2021

Status: Vacation

Caption: Stay at home


19 APR AT 2:21

May be the Gods are praying too to end this pandemic


21 MAR AT 17:21

We know we have grown up
When parents are
Both Guardian and Dependent


18 MAR AT 20:52

The world is a small place

We live in a small world


10 MAR AT 23:05

Strongest are the ones having the most tears


7 MAR AT 2:00

a message that there’s still time
for next day, still time for one last hug


5 MAR AT 2:02

The foundation of life seems fine until the pillar gets a crack


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