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Joined 25 September 2016
7 DEC 2021 AT 0:28

Fear of Growing Up

Few years gone by from the moment I was born
Grandpas and Grandmas felt the dim in their vision

Few years later, as we started learning, like an oath that’s sworn
Remembering our little names was their only mission

Few years went, as we gathered courage to grow in life
Lost them to age, with all their memories which shun

Now as we make our ends meet, and greet which stays brief
Leaving away our old kin who have only us but none

As we fare in our paths in the long journey of life
The fear of them getting old is the only time to hold tight


7 DEC 2021 AT 0:14

A short night to get over it


29 NOV 2021 AT 23:09

Woh safar hi kya jiska raasta asaan ho,
Woh waqt hi kya jo bas pal do pal ka mehman ho

Mushkil sa safar hai, kat jayega
Waqt hi toh hai, guzaar jayega


29 NOV 2021 AT 23:07

Mind on ventilation


27 NOV 2021 AT 23:51

Mind and heart are always at war

Even if you’re not good enough, you’re still not bad


24 OCT 2021 AT 1:34

When it’s your friend’s wedding but also the dinner has started


24 OCT 2021 AT 1:31

the mind lightens up


21 OCT 2021 AT 1:13

he copied my childhood in his essay


21 OCT 2021 AT 1:12

it’s quite filled with hidden conversations


21 OCT 2021 AT 1:10

I trust letters


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