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Joined 31 January 2017
shraddha pawar 8 OCT AT 13:18

तेरी ही रूह में जलकर 
तराशा है खुदको,
आखिर रावण बनना भी 
आसान नहीं था!


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shraddha pawar 26 SEP AT 11:38


Because an urge
to write poetries
eclipsed the yearning
to sign suicide notes.


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shraddha pawar 23 AUG AT 17:38

What are you
if not a mouth
full of desires drooling down,
or an animal that you once choked 
who didn't die right away? 

I am here alone
and needed a friend.
A Bible, a Gita, a Quran;

your mind to fathom 
for fuck's sake. 

[Continued in Caption]


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shraddha pawar 23 JUL AT 23:40

It's not the pouring exactly, 
not the bareland either. 
The water rising up 
to quench your thirst. 
It's not what drove 
your body here
like a stolen heap 
Why did you abandon it
on this unreasonable ground? 
Not that you dove in
the oceans,
their perfect punctuations. 
It's not the last moron 
who turned you down, 
or turned you out 
or kept the mask on. 
It's never the love,
it is the dark
escaping its last rays.


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shraddha pawar 19 JUL AT 13:38

And I will continue
carving your name,
until it stops appearing
like an eulogy.


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shraddha pawar 4 JUN AT 23:19

I'm not just bones
plastered with endurance and regrets.
A skin,
dipped in our last Sunset.
I am an ache
and filled
with the quiets of graveyard.

Perhaps, a spine
woven with broken promises,
fists clinged with forgiveness,
and a moment lost
in the distinct eternity.


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shraddha pawar 27 MAY AT 0:44

The ragged heaving walls,
where my heart should be
hushed in time,
until the steel meshed scar tissue
hid the horror beneath.
Like a closed casket
In a funeral home,
to protect its victims
from the sight beneath the lid.

isn't always visible.


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shraddha pawar 4 MAY AT 21:07

With each passing season, 
my body grows emaciated 
from hunting souls 
that would never stick to my bones. 
In this graveyard,
you ripped my stomach
but forgot 
to take the hunger.


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shraddha pawar 16 APR AT 15:03

impelling of the norm;

the light is trapped inside
only taking its own form.

The darkness so vivid,
running out of space for more,

two stars
in a black hole,

your betrayal and I
imploding in our core.


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shraddha pawar 30 MAR AT 22:11

You eixst
pinned to the mirror.
while my letters pile up;


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