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Joined 31 January 2017
shraddha pawar 21 MAR AT 15:53

Be someone
who scorched milk

A therapist once told me

to speak out loud
about you. 

I said, i would 
write it out, honey. 

As if you were 
a prayer. 

Or a sin to commit. 


into every page.

Your flare
guides my wrist, 

as I write this, 
even now. 


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shraddha pawar 17 FEB AT 0:19

नशेबाज़ तो हम दोनों भी थे,
उसने चंद बूंदो में गालियाँ समेट ली,
और मैंने बिखरे हुए स्याहीओं में कहानी|


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shraddha pawar 27 DEC 2019 AT 13:30

Stranded within architectural finesse, 
a delicately designed paradise
wreathe in virulent barbed wires;

through its palms
I have fondled a graveyard
screeching for a ruinous past.

A heart moulded
piles of stones
carting the heavy burden of
an unsettled solitude,

"Affection would have
been easier if it wasn't for

came another voice
from the netherworld.

// no longer harmed, no longer harmful. 


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shraddha pawar 28 NOV 2019 AT 0:02

I am a broken prayer,
being chanted mistakenly
in someone else's temple.


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shraddha pawar 20 NOV 2019 AT 15:02

"You were lost and depressed",
you said,
"What was i supposed to do?"

a sob caught in my throat
as I replied, "love me.

You were just supposed
to love me".

// it wasn't that fucking complicated.


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shraddha pawar 8 OCT 2019 AT 13:18

तेरी ही रूह में जलकर 
तराशा है खुदको,
आखिर रावण बनना भी 
आसान नहीं था!


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shraddha pawar 26 SEP 2019 AT 11:38


Because an urge
to write poetries
eclipsed the yearning
to sign suicide notes.


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shraddha pawar 23 AUG 2019 AT 17:38

What are you
if not a mouth
full of desires drooling down,
or an animal that you once choked 
who didn't die right away? 

I am here alone
and needed a friend.
A Bible, a Gita, a Quran;

your mind to fathom 
for fuck's sake. 

[Continued in Caption]


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shraddha pawar 23 JUL 2019 AT 23:40

It's not the pouring exactly, 
not the bareland either. 
The water rising up 
to quench your thirst. 
It's not what drove 
your body here
like a stolen heap 
Why did you abandon it
on this unreasonable ground? 
Not that you dove in
the oceans,
their perfect punctuations. 
It's not the last moron 
who turned you down, 
or turned you out 
or kept the mask on. 
It's never the love,
it is the dark
escaping its last rays.


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shraddha pawar 19 JUL 2019 AT 13:38

And I will continue
carving your name,
until it stops appearing
like an eulogy.


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