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Joined 17 April 2017
30 JAN AT 22:31

Don't read caption
If you have ever experienced


29 JAN AT 20:22

Sometimes losing someone precious

Can redirect you to the real purpose of your life.


24 JAN AT 18:01

I was wondering how come every kid says,
"My father is the best father in the world"
Then I realized because every father puts in the best efforts to bring the smile on their kids faces.


23 JAN AT 9:17

Maturity is when you realize
"Duniya CHADARMOD hai"


16 JAN AT 20:20

You will be thrown out of their GOOD BOOKS.
The day you will say NO to them.


10 JAN AT 20:57

When life goes out of focus
People will focus on everything you do.
You chose not to focus on those idiots.


31 DEC 2020 AT 18:48

Dear 2020 goodbye!
Hope you will pass on the baton to 2021
On a positive note for the welfare of the entire humanity.


29 DEC 2020 AT 21:08

The BEAUTY of our relationship is,

We can still COMMUNICATE, when either of us remains silent.


8 DEC 2020 AT 16:46

If you aren't aware of my journey
Please don't guess my destination.


25 NOV 2020 AT 1:49

Please don't earn regrets in life.

The consolidation of those regrets
will haunt you on your death bed.


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