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27 NOV AT 20:41

The most beautiful CRIME
you have COMMITTED along with me.
When first time, I looked at you and you smiled.๐Ÿ˜‚


26 NOV AT 20:36

"I will always prefer being ALONE rather than,
being SURROUNDED with the drama kings and queens"


25 NOV AT 20:15

"Maintain a proper DISTANCE from those,
who can be a probable THREAT to your SELF-RESPECT"


24 NOV AT 20:29

A Broken ๐Ÿ’”
Can be magical in transforming you,
What you are meant to be!


23 NOV AT 18:13

Never ever get CONVINCED by
the lies of your MIND,
when your HEART knows the TRUTH.


21 NOV AT 20:18

Dear LIFE!

I have always enjoyed the rollercoaster ride you have taken me on.

One humble request.
Some times even I need some breathing space.

Hope you will understand.
To make this game more interesting.


19 NOV AT 20:29

People will CHANGE, as their PRIORITIES will.

Don't get too much ATTACHED to avoid DISAPPOINTMENTS.


18 NOV AT 20:11

FOLLOW your DREAMS, not other's BULLSHIT.


16 NOV AT 20:08

I don't believe in words anymore.
I just observe the actions.
That actually helps me
To figure out the assh****, I am surrounded by.


15 NOV AT 19:59

When we impose
restrictions on toddlers,
they do exactly opposite of that
fearlessly in front of us.
But we adults get carried away
by the restrictions imposed
on us by this brutal world.


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