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Joined 17 April 2017
1 JAN AT 19:48

"Wishing you all a year filled with joy, growth, and memorable moments. Happy New Year!"


24 JUN 2023 AT 20:44

Freedom is that PARK in which IMAGINATIONS can play fearlessly within the boundaries of RESPONSIBILITIES.


10 MAY 2023 AT 20:20

Only your friends know
the monster
hidden behind your innocent face.


10 MAY 2023 AT 20:01

My hostel room has witnessed
all the ups and downs I have gone through
During my version updates


10 MAY 2023 AT 19:57

The walls of any hostel room have heard many stories
which those students could not share with their parents.


6 MAY 2023 AT 18:55

Every rejection will introduce you
To the newer version of yourself!


3 MAY 2023 AT 22:33

Rejection is not the end of life
A lot can be achieved after that brutal event


24 MAR 2023 AT 20:13

Everything you need in life will come to you at the right time.

Only you can work on making the time right.


21 FEB 2023 AT 20:54

"No expectations no disappointments"


31 JAN 2023 AT 20:10

People always look for TRUE love,
When they
find one
they make sure

That's the irony of LIFE


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