Before 15 days of 15 August flag in hand with proud he entered in the room "chanted; Yo! I Love my india." and then later, he kept it in a place where it shows more high.. more close.. more clear.. and still after six days ( 21 August) his excitement is same he keep checking it Like as it is his infant baby yet, he is still 11 Years old kid and, then later; like everyday He salute it like a True Patriotic person and then, when I asked him, Why you didn't upload it as your DP? he replied, "Good people, never brag .. About their deeds" And then I laughed hard and heart whispered You are more than 'Good' 💕 Maa Shaa ALLAH ✨ O Yes you are my Bro 😘😚🎉🎊 ✌ // A tale to tell 📝 🌍 #YQbaba #Taletotell #VeiledGaL#Independenceday #Indiankid

21 AUG AT 17:56