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18 MAY AT 19:02

The Gregarious Misanthrope-I

Some say death is the ultimate terminus,but he says it is just a preamble to a higher dimension....

And some stories still exist beyond death, just like the Devil of the lost dreams ,still in hope to get his angelic hue back after being murdered and poisoned by his inner circle of beloveds

....still he sent his soul as a last emblem,but the so called society hit him with its priorities of life.
Some villainies are the repercussions of the brutish affiliations.


2 FEB AT 17:59

In the world of capricious blazing fire
Harmonize a pacific violet rain.


3 DEC 2022 AT 18:40


The Hidden Chapter after 13th

(Read the Caption fully)
Do visit from my second post on 2.8.19 to skim through "The 13"


2 SEP 2022 AT 17:52

My 23rd drawing on Yourquote:)


13 JUN 2022 AT 17:15


29 MAR 2022 AT 17:25


A Graceful Movement for Posterity
A Pejorative Sinister for Communalism

(In Caption)


27 JAN 2022 AT 17:40

My 21st drawing on yourquote:)


7 OCT 2021 AT 17:40

My 20th drawing on yourquote:)


5 AUG 2021 AT 17:40

तत्कालीन समाज में कुछ अशिक्षित परिवारों के पापों के कारण पूरे देश की सामाजिक ब्यवस्था पर कलंक लगता है | उनमें से प्रमुख कन्या भ्रूण हत्या है....सुनो उन बेटियों की आवाज़ ,उनका दोष था ही क्या???जो जन्म के पूर्व उनकी हत्या कर दी गई?

उन पापियों को अंतिम संदेश जो इन शैतानी प्रथाओं को जीवंत रखे है
"आपके लिए नर्क के द्वार खुले हुए है"

(अनु शिर्षक में पूरा पढें)


13 JUN 2021 AT 17:36


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