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3 DEC 2022 AT 18:40


The Hidden Chapter after 13th

(Read the Caption fully)
Do visit from my second post on 2.8.19 to skim through "The 13"


2 SEP 2022 AT 17:52

My 23rd drawing on Yourquote:)


13 JUN 2022 AT 17:15


29 MAR 2022 AT 17:25


A Graceful Movement for Posterity
A Pejorative Sinister for Communalism

(In Caption)


27 JAN 2022 AT 17:40

My 21st drawing on yourquote:)


7 OCT 2021 AT 17:40

My 20th drawing on yourquote:)


5 AUG 2021 AT 17:40

तत्कालीन समाज में कुछ अशिक्षित परिवारों के पापों के कारण पूरे देश की सामाजिक ब्यवस्था पर कलंक लगता है | उनमें से प्रमुख कन्या भ्रूण हत्या है....सुनो उन बेटियों की आवाज़ ,उनका दोष था ही क्या???जो जन्म के पूर्व उनकी हत्या कर दी गई?

उन पापियों को अंतिम संदेश जो इन शैतानी प्रथाओं को जीवंत रखे है
"आपके लिए नर्क के द्वार खुले हुए है"

(अनु शिर्षक में पूरा पढें)


13 JUN 2021 AT 17:36


2 MAY 2021 AT 17:39


13 APR 2021 AT 19:10

.......Sometimes verdict made by jury,whether or not rationalised makes someone feel worthless ,Believe it or not,it brings cage to life and is responsible for collapse & destruction of self existence
Many fans accused them for laying the A.R.M.Y fandom down,but a person's character is judged actually when his/her back is on the wall....
And I m not talking to them who lost faith ,I m addressing those who still believe 💜

The seven angels are carrying the grandeur of symphony and will rewrite the history of pop culture with Golden Script💜✨


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