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Nefelibata | Storyteller | Traveler | Old Soul | CSE IIT Kanpur '18
Joined 2 April 2017
Jatin Aswal 1 APR AT 18:45

Before I could fit myself between her legs, I stopped.
“Hey! Hey! Hey! Why are you crying?” I got down from top of her, and covered our naked bodies with the blanket.

“Did I hurt you? Tell me please,” I cupped her face in my hands, and made her meet my gaze.
“No.” Her sobs grew louder. “No.”

“Hey! Stop crying,” I wiped her tears with my thumb and softly kissed her wet eyes.

“I am sorry. It’s just that…All this is so beautiful. You're the first person I ever kissed and the first am going to make love to… I don’t know. I am sorry for ruining it,” And before she could resume sobbing, I landed a gentle kiss on her lips and hugged her tight.

“It’s fine. It’s totally fine.” I hugged her tighter, "This is so beautiful."

Separating from the hug, she rushed to land her head on my chest. Drawing her closer to me, I rested my chin on her head.
“I am sorry. I feel so stupid and bad now.” She mumbled, and buried her face deeper in my chest.

“Ssshh!! Sex is definitely overrated. I can feel that now,” I smiled. ”This is everything. Rest can WAIT. I am adding this moment to the list of the most beautiful moments of my life.” I kissed the top of her head.


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Jatin Aswal 28 MAR AT 12:07

Oh dear,
You were looking for the sun,
In a sky full of stars.
You blame love,
For all the scars.


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Jatin Aswal 26 MAR AT 20:23

Words loved me back,
when you couldn't.


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Jatin Aswal 23 MAR AT 20:38

"Why did you fall for me?"

"Because I was left with no other choice when I first met you. I didn't even know not falling for you was an option at that point of time. It seemed as if the birds, the trees, the sky, the sun, the wind were saying yes. And so did I."

"I've never heard anything so beautiful directed towards me."

"And I have never experienced a feeling as beautiful as you."


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Jatin Aswal 22 MAR AT 18:45

"Date a girl who loves sleeping and eating."

You will be never be too insecure or possessive about her. Because when she isn't working or talking to you, she will be either sleeping or eating.


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Jatin Aswal 13 MAR AT 20:22



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Jatin Aswal 9 MAR AT 19:32

As soon as her friend left after putting some gulal on our faces, she growled, "Ugggh!!! Holi and this world sucks. It's such a heavy place."

"Not really. Just 61 kgs," I winked at her.

Her blushing face made me a clear winner over that red gulal on her cheeks.


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Jatin Aswal 7 MAR AT 20:32

"Take back your hoodie," she shouted at me, after the fight.

"But it's your favourite. That's why you took it from me?"

"Not anymore. I don't want your stuff."

"Then throw it away. I am not wearing it again because it will remind me of you. I can't see anyone else wearing it, that means I can't give it to anybody. And I can't throw it away because it's your favourite." I paused and continued, "I mean it was until now."

She came running towards me, hugged me tight. The kind of hug that would take my breath away.

We were together again.


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Jatin Aswal 1 MAR AT 13:46



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Jatin Aswal 27 FEB AT 19:19

"You guys fell out of love, and that's why everything ended?"

"Love was the only thing left. And that's when we knew it was over."


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