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Jatin Aswal AN HOUR AGO

Last night, I got a call from the guard office.

"Sir, there is a courier for you. The delivery-boy is waiting at the hostel's entrance," the man on the phone said.

"Wait! I'm coming in a minute."

Yes, there was a courier person waiting for me at the entrance with a cake and a gift. I call her "My Life".

#When she comes all the way from Bangalore to Kanpur just to spend that one day with you. #


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Jatin Aswal 14 FEB AT 20:11

As we entered the bedroom, it was lit beautifully with the candles. There were roses, balloons...
It was pleasing.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mumma and Daddy," screamed Pihu and Jishra.

"To the best couple in the world," read the card on the bed.


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Jatin Aswal 13 FEB AT 17:50

"Ever been through a storm?" They asked me.

"Yeah, man! I have kissed her."


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Jatin Aswal 12 FEB AT 19:33

Our hugs taught me the art of building homes in people.


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Jatin Aswal 11 FEB AT 19:32

"What are you going to promise me today?" She asked.

"I won't stop talking to you even when you ask me not to talk to you ever.
I won't leave you alone even when you ask me to fuck off.
I will stay even when you ask me to leave your life."


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Jatin Aswal 10 FEB AT 17:53

鈥淔rom those excited hugs where I jump and wrap you around,
To those weary ones where I just lean on to you,

From the times of frustration where I just bash you and you say nothing,
To the happy ones bouncing around,

From the best of me,
To the worst of me,

You've always been there, my snuggy huggy teddy bear boyfriend.鈥 She jumped up and kissed me.


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Jatin Aswal 9 FEB AT 19:02

11:30 pm : *on video call*

"You know what, I'm badly craving for chocolates."

"And what else are you craving for?" I simply asked.

She smiled, and said, "Mmm! Jalebi. Red velvet cheesecake."

"That's it? The list ends here?"

"For now? Yes."

12:00 am : *still on video call*

"Wait! Someone is there on the door. But it's 12! Lemme check." She put the call on hold.

That night was the first time I saw her crying on receiving chocolates.

Also, in the nights ahead, she received Jalebi and red velvet cheesecake exactly at 12:00 am each time.


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Jatin Aswal 8 FEB AT 18:56

Me : *on my knees*

"Daddy, why are you on your knees?" Pihu walked in.

Me : *thinking of a perfect reply*

"And daddy, why are you asking mumma to be your queen?"

"Because I'm proposing your mother," I finally replied.

"But mumma got married to you long back. Isn't she your queen already?" The curiosity in her eyes grew even more.

"Mmm! She is. But you know, according to a story, you should propose your queen on 8th February every year, otherwise a dragon will come and take away the queen." I somehow managed to reply.

"Huh? That's ridiculous. What kind of stories you grew up listening to Dad?" She started rolling on the floor laughing.
Her mother joined her too.

And there was me, with my face buried in the ground.


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Jatin Aswal 7 FEB AT 16:47

"Hey? It's rose day. Aren't you planning to gift me a rose?"

"There is no point in giving a rose to a rose." I winked at her.

"Aah! This is a fuckall pick up line. C'mon, writer," she smiled.

"You know, a rose speaks of love, silently, that's what they say."
"But, for me, it's your smile. So, now you have gifted me the kind of rose I wanted, here it is." I said, pulling out a rose from the back pocket of my jeans.


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Jatin Aswal 3 FEB AT 17:30

Texting Story - Episode 2

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