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5 SEP AT 17:40

ऐ चाँद,
हो सके तो आज रात सिर्फ उसी की खिड़की पर रहना,
मेरे जाने का अँधेरा बस उसे महसूस न हो.


22 AUG AT 17:06

"You two aren't perfect for each other."

"We know. One day, we will be."


4 JUN AT 20:22

"Dude, you have been on call with her for past 6 hours. What happened?"

"Nothing much. I just asked her to give an honest answer to the question 'how are you?' "


2 JUN AT 21:29

"Her mood swings to me"


30 MAY AT 19:56

For you,
I was like that song,
which you would play while you are doing something important,
that song at which you won’t be even focusing,
or probably not even listening to,
that song which you don’t want to interfere with your mind,
but you just love playing it in the background.

For me,
You were like that song,
which I would play non-stop not just on the speaker,
but in my head as well,
that song which I would remember as a whole,
and by that I mean,
the intro, the beats, that bass, those vocals,
that song which seems like it was written just for me,
like i thought you were.


23 MAY AT 21:06

"I'm sorry. All my nerves are jangling in unison. It’s a feeling so new. I don’t know how to…" She was shivering.
Sshhh! I stifled.

“It’s my first kiss. I know nothing,” she mumbled further.
I put my finger to her lips and brought mine closer to hers.

“Oh god! You’ll be the first person I’m going to kiss. I want to keep this moment with me forever. A moment so special. This kiss,” she managed to speak, fighting the urge to keep her lips shut against my finger.
I suddenly stopped and moved back a little.

“I shouldn’t be the first person you should be kissing,” I said, caressing her hair.
“What? Why? I’m sorry if I said something offensive. I am just so naive. I…”
“No. It’s not that.” I could see the confusion and awkwardness sweeping across her face.

“Then what? You don’t like me?”
“I do. I know you like me as well. But it’s just that your first kiss should be with someone you are in love with. Someone who loves you.”
“No. I don’t believe in that. I like you and that’s a reason strong enough for me to kiss you.”


25 APR AT 21:40

Closure in a Relationship.


19 APR AT 18:44

I dream
of you,
a dream
for me.
are you a dream?
are you a dream
created by my dreams
to escape from
the reality?
What if you are the reality
i am running away from?
This thought scares me.


17 APR AT 18:54

You call yourself
A writer,
Yet you fail to express your
Feelings for that
Special person, in person.
Are you really a writer?
Or are you
Just another human being
Scared of the outcomes,
Who thinks he is a writer?
As the former can create their
Own world,
Unafraid of the risks and chaos,
Can make the best lovers.
And then there is you.
Close your eyes
And ask yourself
“Am I really a writer?”


15 APR AT 18:34

That day we got caught in a downpour. And to our luck we were carrying just one umbrella.
She took charge of holding the umbrella while we walked side by side, under it, hand in hand, through the streets of Bangalore. ‘Ah! The gentlewoman in her.’

By the time we made it home, she was half-soaked. "What the hell! You could have covered the both of us? Or at least tried? The umbrella was big enough. I am sorry I was focusing on reaching home early. We have so many stuff pending." I felt a little angry with myself for focusing on something else, and not her.

"I just wanted to make sure you don't get drenched. You could have got cold or a fever maybe." Her face quickly turned into a puppy face.

"What if you get a cold now? Are you a superwoman?" I huffed, but smiled immediately.
"That I am." She giggled. "Anyway, you are there, no? Take care of me. Okay? Be a good husband." Her grin grew wider.
"Alright. Lemme take care of you." I picked her up in my arms and walked towards the bedroom.

* Ending? *

It took a week for our cold to go away.


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