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14 FEB AT 18:23

“Hey, hey,” my wife came running into the bedroom.

“Competing with Usain Bolt?” I smirked at her.

“Shut up. I’m already late. Stay in the room for next one hour,” she said, or rather ordered.

“Late for what? In the room, why? No, wait! We have to go on a dinner date by 8. You yourself decided on that.”

“Hup. Please do as I asked.” Her puppy eyes entered the scene. And when a woman does that, a man probably cannot fight against it. I had to agree.

“Also wear something red. If not proper red, something along those lines,” she said, and shut the door.

8:00 PM

“You can come out.” I heard an announcement from the hall. She had unlocked the door.

I took a final look at myself in the mirror and stepped out into the hall. What I saw next blew me off of my feet. There were rose petals leading from the door of the bedroom to the center table of the hall, while some of the them were sprinkled around the room. There were candles, balloons, and a mid-sized banner which read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. There was a chocolate cake on the center table, and a red rose bouquet next to it. Before my eyes could register the beauty with which the hall was decorated, she stepped in front of me.


13 FEB AT 17:10

"You guys are married for years now. We have never seen you put sindoor on your forehead." They would ask her.

"Not a single day has passed when he didn't kiss me on my forehead. Exactly at the place where I'm supposed to put sindoor. That kiss from him, adorns my forehead much better than sindoor would do." She always replied with a smile.


12 FEB AT 19:10

1:00 AM

We were engrossed in watching Episode 7 of the series Normal People, when a scene from it triggered a realisation that hit me. I paused the episode, and hugged my wife, and said nothing. Even she didn’t utter a word.
Almost an hour seemed to have passed since we were in that long warm hug, and none of us had spoken a word. Breaking that beautiful silence, I asked her very gently, as gentle as if I was speaking to a child, “Do you know why I did that?”

“Yes,” she said and kissed me on my cheek.

“I mean look at us. We wake up, hit the gym, go to office, come back, cook dinner, watch something, at times make love and then sleep. Tonight, at that very moment, I realised we have been running. Not that this realisation doesn’t hit me every day, it does, but tonight I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to stop all of it, and give you a long hug, and do nothing. Speak nothing. I think this is so basic and beautiful, a long hug with your partner, and yet we can’t even make time for it.”

“I get it. That’s why I didn’t say anything,” she hugged me tight.


11 FEB AT 20:11

The count in my head just reached 50. Oh, wait! Did I tell you what I have been counting in my head? The number of kisses I have landed on my wife’s face in past one hour.

She is opening her eyes gently. “Oh! You’re up. Good morning,” I kiss on her forehead. “51,” she says and smiles.
“51? How do you know?” I am a little surprised.
“It wasn’t just you who was counting,” she winks at me.

“But then why didn’t you open your eyes earlier? I had planned to kiss you until you were awake.”
“Hmm! I sort of figured that out. That’s why I played along.”
“That means you were up already?”
“Yes, dumbo.” She pulls me to her and hugs me tight. I rest my head on her shoulder and close my eyes. I love this feeling.

“Promise me one thing today,” she says. Her chin on top of my head. My eyes still closed.
“Yes? Anything.”
“Every morning, wake me up like you did today. No matter what.” She interlocks her fingers with mine.
I lift my face, and look into her eyes, “I will. I will. No matter what.” I hug her again, ever so tight.


10 FEB AT 20:25

7:00 AM

“You’re an epitome of teddy bear.” I whispered in my wife’s ear while she was sleeping. But the whisper was loud enough to make a smile appear on her face. She was up.

She opened her eyes tenderly, and ran her fingers across my face. “You know they say this thing about women with teddy bears and pillows."

"Mm! What exactly?"

“Before I met you, I had this teddy bear with me, a giant one, which my father had gifted me long back. Back then, it was the only one that would listen to me endlessly, and knew all my secrets. Every tear, and all sort of breakdowns I had. For some people, it's their pillow playing the same role."

"I get it. But your point?" By the way, she is a sucker for deep-rooted, multidimensional conversations irrespective of the hour of the day.

"Yeah, so, now I have you, a living, loving teddy bear." She smiled wide and continued, ”A teddy bear with uncountable amazing qualities."

I jumped on top of her and said, "A teddy bear who kisses on your forehead,” followed by a kiss on her forehead. "A teddy bear who kisses on your nose, lips…” followed by kisses on her nose and lips.


9 FEB AT 20:19

“Daddy, daddy,” Pihu came running into the room, and nestled in my arms.

“Yes, Pihu?”

She stroked my face, saying, lovingly, “Today is my day.”

“Huh? Your day?” I held my hand there on her cheek and said gently, “Every day is your day.”
“Nooooo!! Today is Chocolate Day.” She smiled wide.

I took a deep breath. “How do you get to know all this?”

“I saw you gifting a box of chocolates to mumma in the morning,” She promptly responded. “You two were too lost to notice my presence there.” She giggled out loud.

“Ah!” I facepalmed. “We should be extremely careful,” I smiled at my wife, who just entered the room.
Overcoming the embarrassment, I said, “Okay! My little princess, go get yours from the fridge.”

“No. No. I want you to give it to me the way you gave it to mumma.”

“On my knees?” I said, surprisingly aloud.
“Hehe. Yes.”

“No doubt she is your daughter. Ever so demanding,” my wife laughed at me.

Next moment, I was on my knees, for my daughter, with a box of chocolates in my hand, and wishing her a happy chocolate day.


8 FEB AT 20:30

*On a call*

"Hey, Hon! I will be home in 5 minutes. Just make sure that you have your eyes covered with a cloth while you open the door."

"Why so?"

"I’m not telling. Please do what I asked." I quickly hung up to dodge her further questions.

*5 mins later*

I rang the doorbell, and in no time I saw my wife standing at the door, with her eyes covered with a black cloth. I smiled.
"Bhow, wow, wow." The surprise revealed it self. I facepalmed, "Arrrggghhh…"

"You can’t be serious," my wife yelled out of sheer joy and took off the cloth which covered her eyes.
She got down on her knees and hugged the little dog around the neck. "I've always wanted a dog since I moved out. Thank you, thank you so much. You da best partner. Husband."

Separating from the hug, the dog ran inside the house, and so did she, behind him. Still smiling at what just happened, I stepped inside and closed the door. Though the proposal didn’t go as planned - me going down on the knees and asking her to take that cloth off, her happiness was all that mattered. Oh, by the way, though we're married for years now, yet I propose her on 8th feb every year.


7 FEB AT 19:50

"Hey, Hon! I have got something for you. Guess what?" I sensed her excitement.

"Umm..! I don't know," I promptly responded, knowing my quick response would irritate her a little.

"Ugh! Cmon. Be a sport." She gave me a dirty look.

"Ah. Okay. Lemme think..." I paused, and continued "Wait! It's the beginning of the valentine's week?" A little smile on her face gave away the answer.

"Mm.. a rose?"

"No. No." Her smile grew wider. "Chuck it. I will reveal." At times I love this impatient version of hers.

"Here it is." She handed it to me. "A potted rose plant where flowers can bloom, and they remind you of my love."

"Aww. That's so sweet",
I hugged her close, smiling while looking at the multiple other already blooming flowers.


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