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Jatin Aswal 8 HOURS AGO

She wasn't someone to be loved.

She was love,
Existing in all forms.


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Jatin Aswal 9 JUN AT 10:07


(Truths about relationships that no one ever tells you)


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Jatin Aswal 2 JUN AT 19:56

5:15 AM

I grabbed my phone, which was right beside the bed, on the table, and stared at it, “5:15 AM,” it said.

“Fuck! Man. Not again. I still have 15 minutes before she wakes me up.”
“Have to rely on your fake-sleep tactics again,” my inner voice whispered.

I moved a little towards her, wrapped myself into her arms, and fell asleep. Or rather pretended to fall asleep. A few more stolen moments of dozing with the person I was married to.

5:30 AM

She hit the snooze button. I was still unmoved. You see, I dived so deep into the character.

“Hon. Wake up,” she whispered into my ear, brushing her lips against my cheek, tracing the line of my cheekbone.
“Baby,” she said again, a little louder, caressing my hair.

“Hmmm,” I muttered.

“Wake up. We have to hit the gym."


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Jatin Aswal 30 MAY AT 19:50

She was a badass,
And yet,
The longing of his arms
Made her weak.


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Jatin Aswal 25 MAY AT 17:11

“Things weren’t working between you two, right?”

“Yeah. But still it was just fine.”

“I was fine with it.”


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Jatin Aswal 16 MAY AT 18:19

Had things been in my hands,
I would have ordered the night,
when we kissed,
to stand still for a thousand years.


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Jatin Aswal 12 MAY AT 18:16

How could you just leave after bringing out the best in me?

Only you deserve it, and not anybody else.


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Jatin Aswal 20 APR AT 21:19

Kahaania Ankahi - Episode 2

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Jatin Aswal 18 APR AT 18:37

“Daddy, do you believe in magic?”

“If magic is supposed to be as beautiful as you two are, then I do”. I just smiled and shook my head.

Shifting my focus from my daughters, I looked straight in the eyes of my wife, and said,

“Though it needs a great magician to come up with such a magic.”


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Jatin Aswal 9 APR AT 18:14

Sanitary Pad - A Short Tale


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