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Sheetal Gumber
8 FEB AT 8:17

On this rose day,
She wants fragrance of his love
On this propose day,
She wants insurance of his love
On this chocolate day,
She wants sweetness of his love
On this Teddy day,
She wants cuteness of his love
On this promise day,
She wants faithfulness of his love
On this hug day,
She wants warmness of his love
On this kiss day,
She wants fruitfulness of his love
On this Valentine's day
She wants foreverness of his love


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aakash vishnoi
7 AUG 2017 AT 17:24

Tu ja tera apna mukaam hai...,
Bhut si jimmedariya hain bhut se kaam hain...,
Mohabbat jaise shauk toh jahil pala karte hain..,
Tu ja khuda ban.., sajdo mein reh..
Main ibadat karunga..,
Mere jaise yha aur bhi insan hain...,



Parth Bishnöi
14 FEB AT 17:23

Someone asked me why I haven't written anything about valentine's week . Here's your answer :-

Rose day - No rose can overcome her fragrance which is still alive in my senses .

Propose day - When you were busy proposing your partners I was at old age home proposing those so called " old ones " and was trying to make them happy .

Chocolate day - Someone was gifting ferrero rocher , someone was gifting silk . I gifted those poor kids their meal of lifetime .

Teddy day - She was happy that you gifted her a teddy to sleep with but smile on that little girl's face was more beautiful when I bought her horse made of mud .

Promise day - Baby I'll love you forever , Yah ! Yah ! Have you ever tried mom - dad I'll love you forever ? I did .

Hug day - You people had love in your eyes as you hugged each other . I hugged him as he clean tiles of our house , yeah he's respectful .

Kiss day - Yeah maybe you kissed her , but I kissed my cousin sister and brother as they're the one I love the most .

Valentine's day - You celebrated it in hotels , restaurants , clubs etc . Well I celebrated it on her grave .


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Jatin Aswal
14 FEB AT 9:49

Last night, I bought two pizza for myself and brought them home. As it was a hectic day, I decided to take shower before carrying on with the pizza treat.
But when I came out, I found just one pizza on the table.

I asked my wife "Where is the other pizza?"
"I don't know. In the coming 4 months, we are expecting our baby. I can't afford to eat junk food. I guess you forgot one pizza in the shop," she replied, shrugging.
I could see the stains of pizza and ketchup on her t-shirt.
"Umm... May be," I said and sat down to eat.

That's probably the purest form of love. When you trust your partner even after knowing that she is lying. But you just believe her because you love her.


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प्रशांत 🍃🌸
14 FEB AT 12:59

शरबती इश्क़ में घुले, खिले गुलाब;
मानो, कोई अफ़साना लाज़वाब!
पर इस नन्हे भूखे, पेट के लिए ये..
महज़, संघर्ष का हिसाब-किताब!

🌹These ravishing roses..
may mean a world to many!
For a hungry street urchin..
matters hard-earned money!


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Sahil Bhardwaj
14 FEB AT 12:12

My love
In that season of loving you
I was feeling freely for you
everything was possible
the reason of my beliefs in you...

My love
In that season of loving you
you were so beautiful
and I was in love with your eyes madly
for the reason of my dreams fulfilling with you...

My love
In that season of loving you
I was dancing with passion
in and out of arms of love
for the reason I was seeing myself held by you...

My love
In that season of loving you
I was making you laugh
and you were enjoying
each little moment with me
for the reason I was seeing my future with you...
(Read caption ❤💙)


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Payal Dutta
14 FEB AT 11:10

I love you
I love you because
You understand the depth of my words
Even when I use the hashtag #funny

I love you
I love you because
You understand the emotions behind every text of mine
Even when I don't use any emoji

I love you
I love you because
You understand what I want to say
Even when WhatsApp reads "message has been deleted"

I love you
I love you because
You understand me my love.



Rohit Mishra
15 FEB AT 16:12

‘‘Honey! Today is Valentine's Day.,’’he said.

‘‘So..what?,’’she asked surprisingly.

‘‘Don't you think we should hangout.,’’
he countered.

‘‘Just finish this soup and drop your grandson to the school.,’’
she smirked.


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14 FEB AT 21:37

Dear Future Wife,

I want to say something.
प्यार मोहब्बत धोखा है, इसमे बहुत ज्यादा लोचा है ।
तुम्हारे घरवालों ने Arrange Marriage सोचा है ।
Happy Valentine's Day 💓

Forever Yours,


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