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Hyderabad - Pune 馃 |
Engineer | MBA |
The book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016

Hyderabad - Pune 馃 |
Engineer | MBA |
The book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016
Ajay Kumar Gattu 14 FEB AT 0:23

When I look at you,
I feel like stiching you into my skin
so you would be with me as I sleep
It's midnight
and my heart away from you
starts pounding

Today, the night is trying to be young again


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 9 FEB AT 21:48

When you can feel the magic in her,
You will also have a fear of losing it

Love lost its way


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 30 JAN AT 16:41

A heart that is so delicate
will never believe that if broken,
it could be put together,
without a fear of falling apart

Broken but still beautiful


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 11 JAN AT 22:15

The city is sleeping
and it's story start to creep in
The tears aren't a sacrifice,
for what my love is pacified.
Least, listen to the words
that were never spoken
and to the silence that
was never broken


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 23 NOV 2019 AT 11:27

I just want to be with you
and I'm spilling every drop
of the ocean, to reach you
This world is a broken place
and I hope one day, you will fix me too


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 6 NOV 2019 AT 20:23

Love is exquisite and soul like you
deserve to be pampered with touch


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 2 NOV 2019 AT 18:07

When I want to fly,
I wish to know the depth of the ocean
I'll be flying up on.
if you too will push me away,
at least I'll know the distance
I need to swim,
with a hope to fly
once again.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 25 OCT 2019 AT 18:28

Disappointed with the world,
she started to chase the universe.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 20 OCT 2019 AT 23:34

I'll leave you
in order to love you.
I know that it doesn't make sense,
reality never makes sense.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 18 OCT 2019 AT 21:27

I want to hear simple words,
have a soft breath
head resting on the aisle window
with you holding my hand
by my side.
You are my dream
and the rain of the beautiful night
As the stars backed out
to let you shine
I won't let you go broken,
fallen apart
I won't leave you
as my heart is slowly breaking apart.
I want you to stay in my heart
though it's a little mess.


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