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The book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016

The book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016
Ajay Kumar Gattu 2 JUL AT 19:45

I'm a losing star
with a hope to paint my universe,
using colors I never heard of.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 24 JUN AT 23:23

in my caravan flipping through the pages of my favorite book.
tasting the best ever made coffee by you after a long time.
And all of a sudden your soft, delicate hand brushed my cheek with a little force!
It has started a heart quake, again.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 17 JUN AT 19:43

Stars have been so kind, lately.
They have sent you back as a shooting star,
every time I think of you.
Even if it's only for a second,
you are turning up to be my casual miracle.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 15 JUN AT 10:45

I can see your scar,
I can feel your tear.
The path leading your way
is filled with fear.
I want to be that cloth you wear,
the enormous pain you are ready to bear.
As you come to our home one last time,
I want to make something very clear.
There never will be you or me,
Together, we are you and me.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 13 JUN AT 13:48

Our first kiss was awkward.

If his height was a problem for me,
my mustache was a problem for him.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 28 MAY AT 23:43

If you ask me the metaphors
to describe my love,
I'm sure there isn't one that can fit in
the space available


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 10 MAY AT 1:06

I wanted it to be us,
So I chased you down
and found that beautiful soul
which made me fall in love and talk about the love.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 26 APR AT 21:56

I had words,
which were forced to go home.
All those sentences,
which were paused for a second,
have no way to go now.
May be I'm not a historian,
least worried about evolution.
May be I'm too much to ask for,
As I gave you love more than you asked for.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 1 APR AT 22:59

Life is a sandstorm.
No matter, which direction
we run away to avoid the hurdles,
the storm will adjust it's path in our direction.
Just remember that the storm is you,
the toughest version of you.
Give into it, walk against it step by step.


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Ajay Kumar Gattu 15 MAR AT 23:19

You were never meant to be my Prior,
You are my Promise.


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