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Coffee, book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016

Coffee, book and the Sunrise kind of person
Joined 3 December 2016
3 SEP AT 23:09

We are not the ashes
turned into stars,
but the imperfect molecules,
waiting for their atoms build up on
to explore and explode


16 AUG AT 0:05

The story you have started,
I fell in love with,
growing over the time, realised it isn't love,
but a life-sized moment
I was effortlessly drowned in happily.
To wake up to the reality,
that this beautiful story had come to a halt
and you have decided to move on.
I'm hopeless and helpless,
but I have no idea how to move on.


30 JUL AT 19:12

When life doesn't have
the freedom to fly,
if my story can least float
over those lies,
will I be happy to remain
to be a question?


18 JUL AT 21:43

She is a sculpture,
beautifully flawed
and strangely perfect


2 JUL AT 19:45

I'm a losing star
with a hope to paint my universe,
using colors I never heard of.


24 JUN AT 23:23

in my caravan flipping through the pages of my favorite book.
tasting the best ever made coffee by you after a long time.
And all of a sudden your soft, delicate hand brushed my cheek with a little force!
It has started a heart quake, again.


17 JUN AT 19:43

Stars have been so kind, lately.
They have sent you back as a shooting star,
every time I think of you.
Even if it's only for a second,
you are turning up to be my casual miracle.


15 JUN AT 10:45

I can see your scar,
I can feel your tear.
The path leading your way
is filled with fear.
I want to be that cloth you wear,
the enormous pain you are ready to bear.
As you come to our home one last time,
I want to make something very clear.
There never will be you or me,
Together, we are you and me.


13 JUN AT 13:48

Our first kiss was awkward.

If his height was a problem for me,
my mustache was a problem for him.


28 MAY AT 23:43

If you ask me the metaphors
to describe my love,
I'm sure there isn't one that can fit in
the space available


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