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I feel the heat when we collide 🔥
Joined 11 May 2017

I feel the heat when we collide 🔥
Joined 11 May 2017
Parth Bishnöi 31 MAY AT 18:22

You went,
And i was left
B r o k e n  behind.

They all are
frightened from your
soul but you are not
injuries for mankind.


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Parth Bishnöi 28 MAY AT 17:50

When this rain falls
on me from heaven
i can hear those love
notes read by you in
my eardrums.


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Parth Bishnöi 11 MAY AT 17:46

I have drained
all the love i had
for you through
my eyes.

Now there's only
a picture left of
you leaving me
midway in life.


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Parth Bishnöi 6 MAY AT 18:41

I don't know what tricks
you do with your dreams,
because these days I see
you in mine.

Maybe two travellers
are trying to meet on
the same road through
different routes.


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Parth Bishnöi 24 APR AT 17:39

Doesn't matter
if your bones
converted into
ashes, i'll not
cage it into any
copper jar.

My heart will
circulate all
your remains
in my remains.


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Parth Bishnöi 13 APR AT 20:21

Now i know
why you used to
take eraser
and give pencil
in return.

So that i keep
writing about our
future and you
erase our past
with such an ease.


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Parth Bishnöi 8 APR AT 21:07

I built that love bridge
by adding sections of
different emotions.

As i crossed
half of its way
you showed the most
harsh emotion by
burning the bridge.


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Parth Bishnöi 15 MAR AT 17:43

बाजुओं में लोहा कम नही है उनके
शूरवीरों ने महान काम किए बहुत है ,
अपनो की रक्षा करना धर्म है उनका
वरना अपनो ने तो पराये काम किए बहुत है।

हम चैन की नींद सो सकें तभी तो
दूसरों के प्राण उन्होंने लिए बहुत है ,
वतन से मोहब्बत करते है तभी तो
वो वीर मर कर भी जिए बहुत है ।


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Parth Bishnöi 3 MAR AT 17:50



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Parth Bishnöi 22 FEB AT 18:05



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