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aakash vishnoi 7 FEB AT 16:36

तुम पेड़ की छांव सी
महकती हवाओं सी
मैं उस रेत सा
हर पल एक सा
जो तेरे ही झोंको से
ज़मीं पे ठहरा नहीं
होके भी तेरा मैं
हुआ अभी तेरा नहीं
ना सूरज से सवेरा मेरा
ना चांद से है रात कहीं
बेहतर तेरी इन आंखों में ही
मिल जाए मुझे मुकाम कहीं

तुम एक गीत सी
तुम एक धुन सी
मैं एक तन्हा मन
तुम्हें ही गाता रहा
तुम्हें गुनगुनाता रहा
तुम उस नीर‌ सी
बहते समीर सी
मैं एक किनारा बन
तुम ही के लिए ठहरा रहा
कि फिर किसी रोज तुम
आ मिलो फलक से
इक बरसात की बूंद सी
बादलों के बीच एक
मुस्कुराती धूप सी
और शुरू करें हम इक अंतहीन सफर
लोग जिसे यहां इश्क कहा करते हैं.....!
- आकाश विश्नोई


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aakash vishnoi 10 JAN AT 20:03

Beparwah Main aur tum.....
Chalenge is zahaan k kinare
Sitaro se saje aasma k kinare..

Main tumhari Ankho mein waha
Khud ko dhund pau shayd...
Zulphein tumhari shuljane ko
karib tumhare fir aau shayd...
Fir Tumhari zulphon ko suljha main...
In zulphon me khud hi ko uljha main
Ankho me meri tumhi ko chupa main...

Palak kholne se parhej krta rhunga
sath tumhare be-parvah sa
Kanto par bhi la-parvah sa
Har ek kdam chalta rahunga......!


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aakash vishnoi 6 JAN AT 22:05

She has
The most beautiful eyes...
Her eyes
Perhaps an ocean in itself
And the Magical
sparks in her eyes
Were brighter
than the moon too...
Perhaps A deep blue ocean
Is less mysterious than her eyes...
Too many lost there
many more
will lost in future too...
I escaped
From the magic
Of her beautiful eyes..
I Somehow
escaped from those ocean like
mysterious eyes....
The only boat
that didn't lost
In that ocean........was mine...!


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aakash vishnoi 24 SEP 2018 AT 20:49

Na dekha kisi ki nazro mein kabhi
Na hi kabhi chaha tha kisi ko...
Yaqinan talash ko meri ab
Sukoon mila hai...
Main taak-ta raha aasmaa ko
Wo khojti rahi mujhe zamee par
kya pta tha...,ye mera aasman
Usi ki zameen k sath juda hai...!


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aakash vishnoi 13 AUG 2018 AT 23:14

she died
In a car accident

In her Last call
She told me about
Her mehndi
That was On her hands

Conversation with her
Was always beautiful
For me there was always
A Smile on her face...

The last line she told me
Was not to say bye to her
So i said see you soon baby....
She smiled nd replied the same...

Worst things happen
With the best person in our life
Now she will never be
Able to call my name...
Which she gave to me...

(Complete in caption)


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aakash vishnoi 27 JUN 2018 AT 21:08

The flow of emotions begins
With the birth of a little angel
Nature spoke....
She is papa's princess...
Her first blink is still remember
To the eyes of her mumma nd papa
She will grow up
Nd will learn how to speak
She will falter
Nd will learn how to walk
She will laugh
Or will weep too..
She will face all the problems
That a woman had to....
And finally She will
become a complete lady
One day
She will fall in love
May be with right one
Or with the wrong one
as time passes....
May be she left them
For her love one day...
They will not say a single word
To her .....bcoz of her happiness....
(Complete In caption)


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aakash vishnoi 26 JUN 2018 AT 16:26

She was like a moon
in poet's imagination ...nd
He was the hater of scars
The scene begins with
Her charming beauty...
The beauty that can
Make anyone to fall
Fall in love with her..
And It was her smile that
Stopped the time for a while..
He was someone
who loves beauty
only When it is with virtues...
he was admirer but
One who prefer character
nd values Over beauty nd charm...
She thinks beauty is her makeup
He thinks a good character is.....
In spite of having a gorgeous look nd all
She didn't get the attention of that boy at all..
Story ends
Without a beginning...
Because She was a moon
And he was the hater of scars..


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aakash vishnoi 16 JUN 2018 AT 22:03

Main janta tha tb bhi
Jo janta hun ab bhi
Ki Ek roz ishq k sikke
Bhi bazaro mein chalenge
Sachhe ishq ki raah mein
Na jaane kitne ashq
Na jaane kitne dil
Kabhi kisi se na milenge
Hogi Wafa ki talash sbhi ko mgar
Wafa ke ashiyaane kahi na milenge

Ab toh
Smet rahi hain ye hawaye
In gujarte palo ko
Jha ishq hai ek ibadat
hai jisme talab ...
kisi K khatir kuch kr guzar jaane ki
Kisi ko paane ki, khud ko gawane ki
Bn jayegi ek din ye ibadat-e-husn
Log jise ishq kaha karte hain...
-Aakash vishnoi


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aakash vishnoi 1 MAY 2018 AT 23:08

I will be waiting
for you
For the day To
come in my life...
When it will be raining
Will be there together
Sharing a single umbrella
Having a same feeling
Felling To lost ourselves
In each other...
When under the 🌟 light
We will be looking in
Each other eyes...
Having a deep smile
On our faces....and
Then the pleasant wind
will Touch our faces
You will be in my arms...
Your silence will allow me
To make your hairs untwist
While looking into your eyes
I will be trying to make u
Feel that you are
not only You
But a complete world
For mine...!
-Aakash vishnoi


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aakash vishnoi 12 APR 2018 AT 18:54

Barsaat mein bheegi hui si tum...,
Tere ishq mein dooba hua sa main...!


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