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#unjudged quotes

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Abhinav Nair 16 MAY 2017 AT 2:57

I once read a book.
I didn't quite like it, then.
It ended abruptly.
Today I read it again.
It didn't feel that bad.
It reminded me of you, dear friend.
For, this time I skipped the preface.


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Prashu Awasthi 22 OCT 2018 AT 15:08

अश्कों की रवानगी सबूत है उसके खोखले मन का,
ओ इल्जामात ता उम्र तेरे खोखले तन पर आते रहे !


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Debapriya Sarkar 6 JAN 2018 AT 23:45

The muscles crammed till the lump of flesh recoiled hysterically. The white pillow was trying to peep out of the mess of hairs, the untwitched follies of her face made her look weirdest during this time. The pain was oozing from all its depth, the nightfall and the distant lit up roads only accentuated the ache of the body and heart. Wait was heavy on the eyes too. The closed eyes and resting mind canvassed creak of the door being unbolt, lights of the hallway prickly to the closed eyes for few seconds and then again its usual dimly lit as the door closed behind . Cautious footsteps moved closer, the slow whiffs of warm breath brushing the weird facial hairs, seconds later the mess of hair got tamed with love lacquered fingers. Whole of the scattered body , mind and soul was garlanded bit by bit with the string of urge of loving . Urge that those dark black eyes had for those tired brown eyes, the drive that pulled in two level of energies into one stable level. The thundering bumped her into reality, eyes opened to the canvas of reality. He was holding her tight enough to fire up her cold body with love unjudged he bestowed dreamily into her reality.


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Surenddhran Ajay Mohan 31 DEC 2017 AT 8:41

The Search For True Love Is Always A Mystery,And Sometimes It Knocks At The
Wrong Period Of Time At A Exact Right Timing,Which Makes Life Still Unjudgeable


Aakash V Shivach 15 FEB AT 16:04


When you felt your wills,
lesser than others need.

When your comfort comes,
by putting your hand ahead to feed.


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