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Joined 26 October 2016
Abhinav Nair 8 AUG AT 17:01

Grateful am I,

to the wrong choices in life.


regrets are a writer's Oasis,

in the desert of thoughtless solitude.


Abhinav Nair 16 JUN AT 19:20

the greatest knowledge that could ever be acquired,
would tell us only of its tremendous insignificance.

And in the knowledge of its triviality,
shall lie Humanity's fulfilment.


Abhinav Nair 8 JUN AT 3:58

Peace, was Love.
Respect, was Love.
Patience, was Love.
Gratitude, was Love.
Acceptance, was Love.
Compassion, was Love.
Contentment, was Love.
Selflessness, was Love.
Forgiveness, was Love.
Sacrifice, was Love.
Prayer, was Love.
Trust, was Love.
alas, Love was reduced to an emotion,
abused in the name of lust and infatuation;
with Feb the 14th as the day of filthy initiation,
ravaged by broken poets drunk in pseudo elation,
Love lay stripped, drenched in unsung damnation,

as Humanity searched for mortal salvation.


Abhinav Nair 26 MAR AT 22:48

Life is but an eternally unfinished experiment.

Death, being the only certainty.

Hence, if Life's a blur,

it's ok.

You're alive.


Abhinav Nair 15 MAR AT 3:53

Probably if there's a purpose to life, a need to find fulfillment,
then I better search in places less familiar to Humanity.

There's a reason why there are more dissatisfied people in the world.


Abhinav Nair 13 FEB AT 13:10

The greatness of Creation,
isn't probably in the morning dew, the crimson sky,
the mighty oceans, or an infant's smile.

It is perhaps
in its tremendous expanse;
so arcane, unfathomable yet intricate,
capable of irreversibly convincing a speck of life,
that they are the centre of the Universe!


Abhinav Nair 1 FEB AT 2:55

A sin,
probably isn't an act of blasphemy, immorality or unrighteousness.

It is infact, a genuine attempt to hold on tightly to
that which once defined one's very existence,
but is now being questioned by society,
laws, traditions and everything
around, except his/her

Yeah, the last part.


Abhinav Nair 31 JAN AT 4:42

Onto the tombstone of Time, the Universe carved:


Abhinav Nair 29 JAN AT 3:59

They said that caring truly,

isn't as exhausting as pretending to care.

Well, they were partially right.

Caring genuinely, was certainly not the exhausting part;

but not knowing when to stop, definitely was.


Abhinav Nair 23 JAN AT 0:01

Our ability
to understand someone,
is limited only to our willingness
to trust their perspective.


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