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Abhinav Nair 11 MAY AT 9:29

There will come a time in everyone's life,
when faith won't just be tested, but uprooted. All of it.

It's for such times that you need to train yourself
to put your faith in the right things, in the right people.

And the only right people that exist,
is You.

Train hard.


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Abhinav Nair 10 MAY AT 1:57

Oh, the night does let me sleep now,
for sleeplessness was a teenage poet's guilty wine.

I am but an aging sailor,
willingly lost in the Sun-less waters of the Arctic sea
sailing on frozen hearts and broken souls,
drinking away from a leaking barrel of unborn poems.


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Abhinav Nair 9 MAY AT 18:55

Never measure a child's worth based on the marks they score.

For, it's often the successful ones who gift their parents a bed in the old age homes.


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Abhinav Nair 8 MAY AT 23:00

They said,

'Hope' is the greatest strength of a believer.

What they didn't tell you,

is that 'Hope' is the subtlest and yet

the strongest form of fear.


faith doesn't have the luxury

of a Plan B.

But it's in 'Hope'

that we accept the probability

of failure.


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Abhinav Nair 21 APR AT 13:32

He writes to unearth a pit

in the deepest recesses of his being,

shovelling out tiny bits

of his embalmed heart,

with a pen so mighty,

exuding an ink that heals.

Alas, it ain't a wound to heal.

It's probably even worse;

like a void.

A void that's already done

with the healing.

And now, it's just there.


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Abhinav Nair 20 APR AT 16:27

For every God you pray to,
there's a Devil you deny yourself.

Sometimes you got to work on your faith,
and not your God.


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Abhinav Nair 18 APR AT 23:01

I've always feared him. Always.
Right from the day I realised
the immense strength of humility, love and sacrifice,
it's him that I've feared the most. Always.

It's not his rage that scares me;
but his patience.
A virtue that he saves behind a mountain of hope.

I'm afraid that it's cracking up slowly
and through the fissures of its melting endurance,
I see his silhouette... burning like a pyre,
eager to liberate all his inadequacies accused
by low lives worthy of nothing but ashes.
Ashes of his rage;
the remnants of violated forbearance.

Damn, I hope not for his resurrection,
but I can feel him crawl beside me,
awaiting nothing but a nod,
to unleash his fury.

I bloody do fear him.
The guy who bears it all.
The guy in my head.


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Abhinav Nair 15 APR AT 12:34

Life becomes simpler when you realise that
hardwork ain't the antonym of lethargy.

Efficiency is.


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Abhinav Nair 3 APR AT 14:00

Dear YQBaba,
I'm afraid that I #disagree with you as well.


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Abhinav Nair 26 MAR AT 2:09

To the world,
she still was a woman who held many responsible positions,
while "Baby", is what I called her.


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