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21 JAN AT 19:51

A broken poet
is perhaps like a Butterfly.

Silent, harmless and delicate.

Yet, a gentle flutter of its wings
can create massive hurricanes
in far away lands.


15 JAN AT 18:00

Not that we're unimportant.

But eventually,
everyone survives,
with or without us.


1 JAN AT 15:40

is also about
mistakes, pitfalls,
pleasant and unpleasant circumstances,
things that are in and beyond our control,
good people and harmful people,
gain and loss of wealth, family and health.

let's not have the cliched,
unrealistic expectation from this year as well.

Instead, let us pray that this time,
we learn from our mistakes and move forward,
that we work towards bettering our habits and health,
that we're able to accept success and failure with gratitude,
that we're able to forgive more, respond more, and react less,
that we're able to touch more unfortunate souls this year,
and bring about a positive change in their lives as well.

May we have a Fulfilling and Blessed Year ahead!๐Ÿค—โค๐ŸŽ‰


31 DEC 2020 AT 1:01


I rejected the common clause, but failed to let them know;
it felt safer to cringe within, than walk with a head to bow.

For, Earth was a virgin, spread across a gazillion yards,
we were but a sophisticated species, of symbiotic retards!


29 DEC 2020 AT 20:54

Always choose the fear of an unknown probable disaster,

over the comfort of a known constant distress.

Life doesn't always give you choices. True.

But sometimes,
it's us who refuse to identify them.


28 DEC 2020 AT 16:31

If only an Ocean's depth was measured,
Ships wouldn't have been built.

Facts aren't always redeeming.
Sometimes, they're just overwhelming.

Probably that's why,
when Facts fail,
Faith triumphs.


8 DEC 2020 AT 3:57

what more could a Moon,
or a Sunset, or a Beach
or a Dew drop,
or an Autumn,
or a Bonfire do to a Poet,

that he himself hadn't done unto himself?

not everyone who loved solitude,
was lonely;
and not everyone who feared it,
was broken.


18 NOV 2020 AT 18:11

Life's never been all Rosy and Green!
I know it! We all do.

Also, neither is there a light
at the end of the tunnel,
not always, atleast!

Life ain't about discovering joy.

Perhaps, it's just about knowing,
and accepting,
that whatever you are going through,
no matter how impossible it might seem,
it could always still get worse.

Life's all about being grateful,

of what it isn't.


3 NOV 2020 AT 3:21

If only I knew,
that Life was but a moment,
lost amidst the battle between hope and despair,

I wouldn't have taken sides.


16 SEP 2020 AT 0:45

Oh, this ain't another heart breaking story,

nor do I leak of any guilt or pleasures to bury,

for, these are days which yearn not for poetry,

but for peace and love, like a battle lost to history,

as in the defeat of vocabulary, lay the poet's victory.


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