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Joined 26 October 2016
Abhinav Nair 11 FEB AT 13:11

Whoever coined the term 'rock bottom',
lied about it.

When life pushes you into one of its unscrupulous abyss,
you just keep falling.

There's no place out there that ends the fall.

No rock bottom to fall onto,
and then, no one gets up to start his climb back.

Well, those who live to tell the tale,
just knew to fall gracefully.


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Abhinav Nair 1 FEB AT 15:25

One winter evening, Hypocrisy went for a stroll
in a beautiful park named 'Mind your own business'.

There, he saw Solitude and Love walk hand in hand along with their sweet little child - Peace. They were so involved in their moment together, that they didn't even notice Hypocrisy walk past them.

Slightly offended, Hypocrisy immediately rings his two best buddies Ego and Narcissism, and they plan to meet at the laboratory of their mentor - Inferiority Complex.

They come to the conclusion that Humanity should be saved from the atrocities of these people whom he saw in the park.

So, they create a deadly virus and release it in the atmosphere of the Subconscious.
They name the virus - FOMO (Fear of missing out).

The virus successfully modifies the genes of the Human race
to the extent that they now breathe a gas called Social Media, and they voraciously excrete Opinions.


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Abhinav Nair 25 JAN AT 15:54

If Humanity had trust on how much human we all are;
then we'd have been ticking boxes that read, □ I'm human.

Instead, we keep ticking "□ I'm not a robot".


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Abhinav Nair 23 JAN AT 19:07

Suffering isn't bad, and neither is it a choice.

You just need to learn
to suffer the good times adequately.


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Abhinav Nair 21 JAN AT 10:26

They say,
in Life, moving forward is very important.

But sometimes you got to accept Life,
when it's slow, stagnant or even regressive.

For, moving inward is important too.


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Abhinav Nair 13 JAN AT 14:24

When words fail,
we realise as to how much
we underestimate
our eyes.


#whenwordsfail challenge #yqbaba #eyestalk

Image - siapositive.wordpress.com

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Abhinav Nair 9 JAN AT 3:01

I met him last night.

He didn't quite look into my eyes,
but when he did, I grew numb.
I had known that look.

We used to be friends,
probably still are.
He was there
every time I needed myself
a bit more.
Ungrateful that I always have been,
I seldom cared to check on him
all this while.

His look said it all,
that I'd done this to him a million times.
Yet, he manages to find me
every time I'm lost;
not to show me a way,
nor a word does he say.
He just sits there next to me,
staring at the night sky,
and it just feels right.

I did meet him last night.
The guy in my head. The guy who writes.


#writing #loveforwriting #poetry #writer #yqbaba

Image - Jordan Whitfield

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Abhinav Nair 22 DEC 2018 AT 13:37


We all have these terrible stories that we tell ourselves
day in and day out.
Stories of lies, deceit, trauma and failure, breeding nothing
but fear and doubt;

stories of bad things that happened to neighbours, friends,
family and others;
stories where we have been a victim in the past, as parents, colleagues, lovers and brothers;

stories of lives ruined at the altar of passion, art,
or search for purpose;
stories of comfort achieved in mediocrity, societal dictums,
and money surplus;


Well, make it a worthy script, dear friend,
filled with passion and dreams and magic and elves,

for, Life is but a story we choose to tell ourselves.


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Abhinav Nair 20 DEC 2018 AT 5:30

Have you been through those nights that don't let you sleep,
not because you are in love or broken or anxious or sick,
but because you know that you still aren't awake enough
to douse those stubborn embers of your guilty soul
burning at the altar of an unborn poem.


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Abhinav Nair 17 DEC 2018 AT 22:26

When among mobile phones, tablets, lap-tops and E-readers
lies your favourite novel with yellowing pages,
perhaps that's what Home tastes like.

When you simply prefer the comfort of mediocrity.


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