Space and Dust   (© shrikanth sugandhi)
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20 MAY AT 20:30

I don't have any wounds on my body but my soul is full of pain.


17 MAY AT 11:23

Xenon be like :
Reactivity, reactivity, reactivity I don't like it, I avoid
But Fluorine likes to react with me I can't avoid.


15 MAY AT 19:15

What's you profession ?

Libra-rian ♎


13 MAY AT 12:22

Every one deserves a sweet good bye,
And you too,
The one who stayed in my heart
And the one who broken my heart,
The one who love my soul,
The one who laughed at my emptiness,
Each and every soul deserves to be loved even after love will be no more.


11 MAY AT 23:03

She can't spell my name properly
Maybe her tongue lost the Sense of tasting my love .


2 MAY AT 2:12

Don't try to find me somewhere else,
I will not be in that blue sky,
But I will always be in your red heart.


31 MAR AT 10:19

Death is not just a end of my life
but it's totally the end of universe to me.


8 JAN AT 8:36

I will titrate my love against her heart
To turn her brown cheeks into the pink.


3 JAN AT 17:58

She was like a butterfly
on my wound,
Beautiful but painful too.


21 NOV 2021 AT 17:22

Maybe you can't love someone the way they do
But atleast you can appreciate the love they show.


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