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Joined 9 January 2018
11 FEB AT 11:21


Moving on?

Just a phrase.

Patch up!

Just a praise away.


6 FEB AT 7:52

Your strategy may be the best strategy
until you find the best strategy.


3 FEB AT 10:12

What's the true character?

Doing good when you have nothing and

Not doing bad when you have everything.


27 JAN AT 11:25

and the craziest thing is
truths and lies are not
always mutually exclusive.
Some stories happen in between...


15 JAN AT 17:25

गर सब कुछ सबके पास होता,
तो क्या किसी में कुछ खास होता?


1 JAN AT 8:52

Enough of "the show must go on",


31 DEC 2020 AT 13:24

What I feel and what I opine
can actually differ from what I do.
This is the point where people misunderstand me.


31 DEC 2020 AT 0:22

Happiness is being ALIVE on the last day of 2020.


29 DEC 2020 AT 18:05

Conversations with ones which makes you write,
are the ones worthy enough to invest yourself in.


22 DEC 2020 AT 10:34

People while not helping,
"I can't help..
Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhayein.."

Me smiling,
"Chalo thik hai,
tumne kam se kam ghar ka to samaza..."


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