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10 SEP AT 11:52

Someone was busy,

Someone cut the call,

Someone was out of coverage area,

Somebody disconnected himself from life.


5 SEP AT 20:12

If you're yet to find a good teacher
then you're not a good student.


3 SEP AT 15:45

When you write,
You need not to express your thoughts.


26 AUG AT 17:51

Asking for your share of happiness is not selfishness,
But, to stop loving people if you don't get it is


25 AUG AT 16:51

Emptiness isn't loneliness,
It's just being over-crowded by
the thoughts of being dependent
on someone for everything.


25 AUG AT 9:02

जीया है खुल कर मैंने हर लम्हा, इसलिए शायद बदनाम हूं,
घुटघुटकर जीने वालों के लिए आज भी उड़ने का आसमान हूं।


25 AUG AT 8:30

Tomorrow :

Where dreams of many people come true.


24 AUG AT 19:47

Who is successful?

One who is happy for what he has and
happily ready to work for what he doesn't have.


19 AUG AT 19:01

change other's opinion
about you is
to start working
on yourself.


18 AUG AT 14:52

We can't lose
the one who is
mere fictional character
in our mind game.


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