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Amol Gade 11 HOURS AGO

I'm so introverted that when I try to be extrovert,
people call me self-obsessed.


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Amol Gade 14 HOURS AGO

Hope sounds like the catalyst in the process of becoming something.


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Amol Gade 25 JAN AT 11:23

Time is like that friend who can warn for right and not set it for you.


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Amol Gade 25 JAN AT 9:24

When you meet people,
you can actually change their questions,
It's all about giving them the new reasons
and fresh memories to remember you.


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Amol Gade 19 JAN AT 9:35

Somewhere along the way,
I learned if my forgiveness came at the price of my pride
but allowed our relationship to revive,
may be it's not bad idea to forgive.
Anyway, it's one life, we won't get anything to carry forward.


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Amol Gade 18 JAN AT 9:21

Not every 'useless' is "used less"
Sometimes it's not made for that use.


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Amol Gade 17 JAN AT 10:46

Life can be exactly how we want it to be
if we are ready to do whatever it takes
from the beginning than only afterwards.


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Amol Gade 16 JAN AT 9:41

When you call somebody
as your mirror,
Make sure
they reflect
who you are and
not who you should be.


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Amol Gade 15 JAN AT 21:49

When I opened the door,
I found two new windows.


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Amol Gade 13 JAN AT 11:18

The drama is life and life is a drama.
Play or get played.
Choose wisely because you will always have an option
and believe me good choices are not that tough.


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