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22 APR AT 10:51

Isn't it ?

People fear reality than imagination.
Whereas, most of the times imagination builds reality.


10 APR AT 10:37


Somebody called it Dependency.

Somebody, need

Somebody, heart and soul

and the breath too.

But, How many does recognise it as an responsibility?

Yes, somebody.

But, that somebody didn't get loved.


5 APR AT 21:29

The one who thinks there is a communication gap must assume first responsibility to fill it up.


1 MAR AT 10:17

The standardization
restricts the scope of


11 FEB AT 11:21


Moving on?

Just a phrase.

Patch up!

Just a praise away.


6 FEB AT 7:52

Your strategy may be the best strategy
until you find the best strategy.


3 FEB AT 10:12

What's the true character?

Doing good when you have nothing and

Not doing bad when you have everything.


27 JAN AT 11:25

and the craziest thing is
truths and lies are not
always mutually exclusive.
Some stories happen in between...


15 JAN AT 17:25

गर सब कुछ सबके पास होता,
तो क्या किसी में कुछ खास होता?


1 JAN AT 8:52

Enough of "the show must go on",


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