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Joined 18 January 2018
Shreya Rajak 23 HOURS AGO

taught me some good ways
to escape the present
Oh no!
Accept the present.



Shreya Rajak YESTERDAY AT 13:02

I would love to sit on that kite's laces
as it knows how to fly
with the wind that opposes.


Shreya Rajak YESTERDAY AT 11:08

I gazed at the clock, the little hand was at four.
It had no umbrella
and it was raining
since yesterday night.
Standing at the door to give me some words,
It tried hard to resolve my sleepy voice
and thinking mind's fight.


Shreya Rajak 3 AUG AT 11:16

A new name....!!!


Shreya Rajak 2 AUG AT 17:11

I had a beautiful story of me and her.
We started on same page but ended in
different books altogether.


Shreya Rajak 31 JUL AT 16:48

I imagine your arrival always
At times happily and then
there are moments
I would wait for you
so that I could run away too.

You would stay forever
before and after
something new.
And I would always spent
days waiting for you.


Shreya Rajak 30 JUL AT 19:51

for letting me realise that
it is the most trustworthy one,
who would never speak my secrets
but would silently keep them
at places safe enough.


Shreya Rajak 29 JUL AT 12:19

It is okay to
sing when you are unhappy as
music of grief is widely renowned.


Shreya Rajak 28 JUL AT 12:17

Like a symphony
In the woods,
Her voice craves for answers.



Shreya Rajak 27 JUL AT 17:26

We think too much
and feel too little
like fitting in a tight dress
Or passing through a needle.
Stitching and stitching the
flesh we wore,
we shaped it into beautiful moulds.
But somewhere amidst
the curls and bends
We forgot to just love
the souls


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