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Joined 18 January 2018
11 MAR 2022 AT 13:29

I was said I need to
learn a lot about
Wars, love and peace
I would just stare at the
They are teaching me
all the three.


17 FEB 2022 AT 0:51

I would wait for you to call my name again..β€” % &


30 OCT 2021 AT 20:47

I would make it trust me enough
to hold my fingers when afraid
of breaking apart.


26 OCT 2021 AT 0:48

who learns from her flaws
and then creates the strength out of it.β€” % &


3 OCT 2021 AT 19:50

Endings are always so different
When they are happy, you feel sad
When they are sad you feel happy that
everything eventually came up to an end
Maybe thats why we call it an "end"
where every feeling ceases to exist...


18 AUG 2021 AT 22:28

I saw a shooting star yesterday
And then realised that
we have started wishing at it
with a hope that it would someday
land onto us...


17 AUG 2021 AT 13:43

Waiting for the birds to fly
the kites started flying high.

Waiting for the peace to land
the clouds started covering the sky...


18 JUL 2021 AT 19:07

Everytime I tried to see myself
free and different,
the mirror showed me standing alone.
All alone.
And then I pondered about
what made me happier...


17 JUL 2021 AT 18:35

A man was caught in a thunderstorm.
He had a lot of money in his pocket.

All his notes were wet.


29 JUN 2021 AT 13:38

Once upon a time...


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