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Joined 18 January 2018
11 JUN AT 12:06

are just like the shadows in
the morning, pretty long.
Shortens near noon.
Ending up much longer at the end.


7 JUN AT 20:13

Thank you for letting me shed
all my fears, useless shame and
heaviness with the sweat,
which sometimes has been the reason
other times mere excuses.


4 JUN AT 19:06

The most beautiful thing
about shadows are they always stay beside your unknown part which the lights fail to gaze at.


3 JUN AT 22:06

Either you fall for it
Or you swim in it.


3 JUN AT 16:55

I have always put
a part of my heart in you
hoping that it would start
beating when its read again.


2 JUN AT 18:56

Running away from your house
in search of a home.


1 JUN AT 17:53

It is a drink too addictive.
Once you know the pleasure,
you want to sip it more.


25 MAY AT 19:20

You never complained
about having me
Even when I had so many
lies hidden inside
So many scars still burning
So many regrets in my blood
when I started complaining
about you.


25 MAY AT 19:14

What is more beautiful witnessing love
from strangers or spreading it among them?
Both ends up as a source of living...


21 MAY AT 19:10

You know what's the best thing about
being a Teacher?

After every tiresome day
you get relieved by the dull flower in your hair
Or in your pocket
given by a fresh soul.


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