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20 OCT AT 19:06

Yes I can hear,

The sound of dhols
The little girl's laughter while
wearing a new dress.
Blowing horns of hawkers
The chaos in roads with lit up streets
Friends teasing
Mothers busy
Fire crackers
Voices chatter
But now all seemed to fade away
And my ears craved
to catch them anyway.

Yes I can hear...


16 OCT AT 18:33

rereading the poem
that you were writing since you left.


12 OCT AT 18:50

An honest letter...


9 OCT AT 11:39

Hiding was a good option
But may be not the safest one.


8 OCT AT 17:45

When you defend a player and it turns out to be an imposter.


6 OCT AT 11:18

Take care of things that let you do what you love.

If you're a dancer, take care of your feet.
If you're a foodie, take care of your teeth
If you're a singer, take care of your throat

If you're a writer, take care of your heart.


2 OCT AT 19:17

Goodbyes are like approaching dawn.
Beautiful yet gloomy,
ready to witness the dark.


2 OCT AT 19:02

Beliefs are mere reflection
of me and my illusions.


25 SEP AT 18:44

The lunch break...


24 SEP AT 22:13

and the process
of unveiling
it makes you an artist.


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