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Joined 18 January 2018
18 AUG AT 22:28

I saw a shooting star yesterday
And then realised that
we have started wishing at it
with a hope that it would someday
land onto us...


17 AUG AT 13:43

Waiting for the birds to fly
the kites started flying high.

Waiting for the peace to land
the clouds started covering the sky...


18 JUL AT 19:07

Everytime I tried to see myself
free and different,
the mirror showed me standing alone.
All alone.
And then I pondered about
what made me happier...


17 JUL AT 18:35

A man was caught in a thunderstorm.
He had a lot of money in his pocket.

All his notes were wet.


29 JUN AT 13:38

Once upon a time...


28 JUN AT 22:06

I feel you are still so thin
Why dont you eat more words?
Some that has way too
many meanings would
make you get thick
And others that
don't mean anything
would give you peace.


27 JUN AT 13:10

It is magical when you don't
need to find reasons to stay happy...
But creepy enough when you forget the
reasons you are still happy..


11 JUN AT 12:06

are just like the shadows in
the morning, pretty long.
Shortens near noon.
Ending up much longer at the end.


7 JUN AT 20:13

Thank you for letting me shed
all my fears, useless shame and
heaviness with the sweat,
which sometimes has been the reason
other times mere excuses.


4 JUN AT 19:06

The most beautiful thing
about shadows are they always stay beside your unknown part which the lights fail to gaze at.


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