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6 APR AT 20:37

Are there moments when you love
your write-ups more than others?
Keep them safe
They will remind you of yourself...


1 APR AT 20:26

It still stands firm enough
Learning to have faith in time
that whispers
"Spring will come soon".


26 MAR AT 21:15


26 MAR AT 20:59

I am a sailor in an unbounded sea
and so I search for a clear sky
As the stars always took me home.


25 MAR AT 18:28

How do I define beauty
when I find it in sunsets
because of its colours
again in my Mother's face
Not because of its colour?


17 MAR AT 21:34

I have few coins in my pocket.
Do you know where they sell hope?
I lost all of them on the way
Don't know if I was unaware
of the hole in my pocket
Or I deliberately left it unstitched.

Oh no! Even the coins are lost now...


13 MAR AT 14:16

The storm feels like stories
poems, music and
a handful of nostalgia
when you breath it in..
It carries dust as well
maybe from a barren
land waiting for trees
Or an empty grave where
souls are waiting to get free.


13 MAR AT 12:15

I could hear the voice...
Voice that hits my face with the wind
and paints it with the jingles of
arriving spring.


11 MAR AT 14:12

knowing myself better than
those who have assumed
to know me better.


8 MAR AT 9:32

my mom,
my granny,
that lady who comes
the earliest in school,
my favourite teacher,
The talkative girls in the class,
The one in the counter,
One who sells fruit in my colony,
The doctor in the city hospital

A woman is like the way she is
similar yet different with
the norms she prefers...


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