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Joined 3 June 2017
16 APR 2020 AT 22:00

My love for you
Is like the
Speech of an infant
Yet not understandable...


14 APR 2020 AT 22:54

You are that awesome
Rainy season of my life
Beautiful! Dangerous lightening
Thunder seems scary
Cloudy eyes are drizzling
Yet, smiles over the
Hug of chillness
Memories with you are
That pleasant petrichor
Rainy, I'm suffering from
A viral fever, from virus Love!


14 APR 2020 AT 22:25

Put a brake
The inner you
Needs a break!


7 APR 2020 AT 19:46

Sometimes you fall into a feeling between


6 APR 2020 AT 19:28

Life is just like your school timetable,
You enter your school, some are subjects you love, some are subjects you hate, sometimes you love and hate certain periods because of the teacher, we have gone through the best and worst periods too, in between are P.T. classes which you love, in between you get some break too, at times you are appreciated, sometimes punished too, adding some extra curricular activities, by the end of classes you are happy to go home, though love to be in home, you feel bored without school, sometimes leave is necessary and at times we bunk!!!
Your school timetable is a simple example of...


4 APR 2020 AT 18:44

Wherever I go
Whatever I do
I will keep searching
For you, until
My Last breathe!!!


24 MAR 2020 AT 20:04

Stay Home!!!
Corona is on a killing spree, still we have got a chance to safegurd ourselves and save others too. Don't get panicked. Hope for the best, bcoz for now Hope and Home is where life is. Please stay at home. All these days you were on a run run life, you had no time to know about your loved ones, some even didn't who they are! Now don't think like you are prisoned, take it as a chance to spend time with your loved ones, understand their feelings. All these days many of you threw your desires, hobbies and was on the run for life. Now inside your home fulfil yor hobbies, take time to know yourselves first. All Work From Home guys also take care of your work in home. Yes, Corona is a pandemic we don't feel like smiling on the situation, you need not smile, but use this situation to heal the inner you. Relax now! After all after everything is over, Yup! we will be happy after Corona is gone but also we will also be going back to our run run life...
Heal Yourselves Until Corona Gets Healed!!!


19 MAR 2020 AT 14:26

Each and every second of your life is a chance because the next second of your life is a choice!!!


18 MAR 2020 AT 15:42

Silence and loneliness
It is louder than you ever know


15 MAR 2020 AT 23:04

And once I want to play truth or dare with you!

The question you ask me
Will give the answer to my questions...


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