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Joined 3 June 2017
Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 11 OCT AT 12:11

Life gives you tears
That doesn't mean you shouldn't smile
Sometimes you fail
That doesn't mean you should accept it
The path might be difficult
That doesn't mean it never ends


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 10 OCT AT 21:23

Yup, it's priceless
Yes, it's a treasure
Yet, it's free of cost
Even then people rarely own it
Love and humanity


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 24 MAY AT 20:12

Nowadays, I find something missing in me...
And that's YOU


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 18 MAY AT 13:50

In their Hide & Seek Game, they never knew
Who the Hider is and
Who the Seeker is!!!


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 16 MAY AT 10:29

The feel behind my love words for you...
Will have it's life, when you realize it's for you!!!


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I realized, you in my life, is
Just like that mirage...

Even then, I keep steps forward,
To get lost in that mirage!!!


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 14 MAY AT 11:58

Behind every small lie, there is a very big truth...
Behind every big truth, there is a very small lie...


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 12 MAY AT 19:47

Might be because, it was
Below her heart she felt the
First heartbeat of the life inside her
She always knew what that heart wants!
She is her daughter's strength
She is her son's happiness
For the life inside her, she craved
For different tastes and later felt nausea
Her night dreams were all about
How her child was kicking her inside
She battled with the death pain
For the life whom she hasn't met
And from there that life
Became her life, happiness, her everything
The adopted child forgot
That he/she was adopted
That single Dad who is also a Mom
In the womb called classroom
Where she loves and cares thousands
That Mom who adopted the child
That soul of a single Dad
And teacher, the mother of classroom
Taught the world, motherhood is
Not only about carrying but also caring
Not Even the Vibrants Of Rainbow
Can match the beauty of her love
The beauty which even a sculptor
Can't show in his sculpture is MOM
All because she is MOM


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 10 MAY AT 20:17

That silent smile, when they
see each other, made their
hearts yearn , to hear
the words, hidden
behind their smile!!!


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Vidhyasri Vimalakanthan 15 APR AT 12:03

( Infront of him she closed her eyes tight.... with a deep breathe... )

Girl : I don't want to hear anything, any answer or any advise! I don't want to hear anything after I say this to you... I love you !!! Bye !

( She turned to run.. The boy held her hands looked into her eyes...smiled )

Boy : I knew it already!...For bcoz I have
never seen someone always looking at me with
so much Love in their eyes... As per your wish
I won't answer now. Decide and tell me when
should I reciprocate that love!


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