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aakash vishnoi 8 FEB 2018 AT 18:59

Am not waiting for the rose day......
Am not waiting for the propose day
Am not waiting for the day, called valentine....!
Let people be fake more and more this time....
But am not waiting for such a day called, valentine....!
True love doesn't need to show off..
Fake love can't survive without show off....!
Let people celebrate the fake love and life...
But poet will never wait for the day, called valentine.....!


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Pranjal Tripathi 10 DEC 2017 AT 14:59

जो जगत को ज्योति बांटे, तू धवल प्रकाश बन।
जब कभी कोई पुकारे, तू द्वारिका का नाथ बन।
जो कभी नही रुके, वो गंगा पुत्र भीष्म बन।
यामिनी सुहावनी में, तू रुचिर चंद्र बन।
तू जगत के पुष्कर में, अनुपम पुण्डरीक बन।
बातो की कटार से, तू सत्रु लहू लुहान कर।
क्रोध रुपि असुरो का, तू संघार कर।
तू देश उद्धार हेतु, प्रयत्न बार बार कर।


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aakash vishnoi 7 AUG 2017 AT 17:24

Tu ja tera apna mukaam hai...,
Bhut si jimmedariya hain bhut se kaam hain...,
Mohabbat jaise shauk toh jahil pala karte hain..,
Tu ja khuda ban.., sajdo mein reh..
Main ibadat karunga..,
Mere jaise yha aur bhi insan hain...,


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aakash vishnoi 27 JUN 2018 AT 21:08

Papa's princess ❣️

The flow of emotions begins
With the birth of a little angel
Nature spoke....
She is papa's princess...
Her first blink is still remember
To the eyes of her mumma nd papa
She will grow up
Nd will learn how to speak
She will falter
Nd will learn how to walk
She will laugh
Or will weep too..
She will face all the problems
That a woman had to....
And finally She will
become a complete lady
One day
She will fall in love
May be with right one
Or with the wrong one
as time passes....
May be she left them
For her love one day...
They will not say a single word
To her .....bcoz of her happiness....
(Complete In caption)


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Maria Sufia 25 JUL 2017 AT 11:23

Every person who criticized me
Acted as a catapult.
The more they pulled me down
The greater was my leap.


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Imran Hassan Barbhuiya 14 SEP 2017 AT 22:53

'Everything passes only time can't...'


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Sahani Baleshwar 6 MAR 2018 AT 21:49

The journey from NOWHERE to go,
to NOW HERE...
I lived, surviving the worst and creating the best for my life.


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aakash vishnoi 23 OCT 2017 AT 17:24

Meri manzile yahan hai kya
Meri talash yahan kya hai...
Yahan ye log sab hain kyu
Yahan mera mukam kya hai..
Kbhi jo har pal muskurate the hum
Fir aaj sb gumsum hain kyu.. .
Udaas rehne me hume fayda hai kya
Muskuraane me hume nuksaan kya hai..
Agar manzile hi na mile..
Agar Khwaishein rhe adhuri..
Un raho pe chalne me b mja kya hai..
Jarur kuch toh socha hoga usne..
Jo ye zindagi mili hai humko..
Wrna sbko yun bna kar k..
Uska bhi fayda kya hai....


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Md writer 20 APR 2018 AT 12:47



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aakash vishnoi 7 FEB 2018 AT 22:28

Khwaishein uchaal di hain honslo ki in hawaao mein humne...,
Muskilo ki andhiyo mein zara hum bhi dekhe kitna dum hai...
Na lga di guroor k daman me aag toh keh dena..,
Chala jaunga main sr jhuka k tere sehar se...!


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