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Incapable of one liners, almost always.
Looking for qualia.
Joined 26 October 2016

Incapable of one liners, almost always.
Looking for qualia.
Joined 26 October 2016
Aishwarya Swarup 7 JAN 2019 AT 2:06

The Rough Patch


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Aishwarya Swarup 13 DEC 2018 AT 17:45

you move on
when you arrive full circles


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Aishwarya Swarup 31 OCT 2018 AT 18:26

• Sonorous •
( poem in the caption )


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Aishwarya Swarup 23 MAY 2018 AT 1:44

I heard a whisper
" Cut those ties,
ribbons and ropes,
decide the kill,
and make it slow
let those flowers
of yours dry to the core.
change so slow
sooo slooww
that my eyes don't understand
where to go
just like the sunset
where the sun drowns
from sunflower yellow
into the cold ocean blue, alone "


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Aishwarya Swarup 25 DEC 2017 AT 20:21

कांच के शीशों पर जा बसी
भाप को मत पोंछो
एक गर्म केतली
और सांसों के गहरे होने का
सबूत है वो
बाकी तो
चाय खत्म होने तक
बातें बदलने तक
कुछ कमी निकाल ही लेंगे एक दूसरे में
गहमा गहमी गरमा गर्मी में
शीशे की भाप पिघल ही जाएगी
तुम्हारी तरह
मेरी तरह
फिर शायद हमारी तरह


पिघल के गिरे कहाँ

#yqbaba #yqdidi #iandhermusings #winters #windows #panes

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Aishwarya Swarup 14 NOV 2017 AT 22:50

can I paint you
on my tea cup set
that has two mugs.
no, I'll not remember you.
I will, well, not forget you
in my life with others


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Aishwarya Swarup 19 OCT 2017 AT 2:39

कुछ धागे उखड़े ही अच्छे लगते हैं
जैसे फटी हुई जीन्स
कुछ ज़ुल्फें बेतरतीबी से बंधी हुई ही अच्छी लगती हैं
और चाहत सिर्फ बेरुखी के पीछे शर्मा कर छिपी होती है,
कभी कभार झांकती है और गले लगा जाती है

*complete poem in caption*


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Aishwarya Swarup 5 OCT 2017 AT 4:34

I believe in you.
I believe in myself, too.
That's why I'm telling you,
when you leave,
don't look back,
for if you do,
I'll run towards you
as fast as I can,
forgetting why you left,
forgetting why I let you go.


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Aishwarya Swarup 18 SEP 2017 AT 22:47

I pause and stare at
the lips of people eating.
I forget to eat.

I pause to smudge
my eyes with my knuckles.
I forget my smudged Kajal.

I pause and even out
the crevices of your forehead
like a painkiller.
I forget that painkillers
ought to be avoided.

I pause and see it all go.
I forget it.


•forgetful and myopic•

#play #pause #lose #iandhermusings

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Aishwarya Swarup 18 SEP 2017 AT 22:41

I failed to catch the snow
I failed to hold the magic
for I was looking down to see
how deep I was sinking.

Dear love, she said, why remain
so uptight,
set yourself free and let yourself
for only that will reveal to you
the other side.


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