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Joined 8 November 2017
6 JAN AT 23:01

ये कैसा सिलसिला है जो खत्म ही नही होता "अरज",
हमको इश्क है आपसे, आपको हमसे इश्क नही होता।


5 JAN AT 12:43

Love lingers in the courtyard of my heart,
like an earthen lamp on a throne of jasmines.
Zephyr of unsaid feelings tickles the flame,
like a true blue lover teasing his beloved.

It yearns to fly, the flame, like magical fireflies,
To make zephyr chase it as far as it soars high.
Love, though burning, shivers this January,
This winter, yet, my heart seeks no sun's mercy.

Be my moon, will you, moon of Sharad Purnima;
Like the deities descend to witness this sight,
Alight in my heart in silver threads of moonlight;
Offer my love the elixir of eternity; make it Amrit.


2 JAN AT 23:30


31 DEC 2021 AT 19:32



30 DEC 2021 AT 13:12

Oh! What a terrible misery it is
To seek happiness in the materialistic things
only to get caged by them, evermore.

Oh! With what pity do I look into the eyes,
Of those who are devoid of basic green
and the universal golden light.

Ah! The life of city dwellers is such a plight!


28 DEC 2021 AT 19:35

आती हैं ना जिस तरह मुझे उबासियां तुम्हें उबासी लेते देखकर,
वैसे ही "अरज" कर लो ना इश्क मुझसे तुम, मेरा इश्क देख कर।


25 DEC 2021 AT 19:13

December 25, 2021; 19:09

I am so patriotic that
I will flaunt the shades of Bihar
at national level,
but never at international level.


25 DEC 2021 AT 13:10

सारे gifts चुप चाप मुझे
दे दो Santa,
वरना आपको मेरी लाश से हो
कर गुजरना होगा।


23 DEC 2021 AT 0:00


22 DEC 2021 AT 22:08

I saw an eyelash, lying aimlessly,
on the pink circle of my blue bedsheet.
A thought with earnest concern took birth,
in my otherwise grief-stricken mind,
"Whose wish it is, what wish it is,"
that I may have the potential to fulfil.

My belief says there has to have a reason,
of why it has travelled so far to reach me,
like the jovial seeds of munificent dandelion,
on being given the wings of freedom.

With tenderness, I place it on my palms,
gaze at its delicacy and blow it away,
making a wish to fulfill the wish of the one,
whose eye has shed their beloved.

Will the wish get fulfilled?
Or will it wander in this endless spiral,
of people like me who do not know
how to grant someone's wish?


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