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I want to write a poem.
One that would satiate the hunger
and thirst of the needy.

Be it for a plate of rice,
a glass of milk, or a person to love
or be loved and accepted by.

But it seems difficult, impossible!
Can mere words fulfil my hunger?
Such a poem needs a wonder.

"A wonder! Ah! I found the answer."

I close my eyes and fold my palms
in a pranaam in reverence,
chanting mere words with love,
audible to the universe,

"I utter, for everyone, a prayer."



"It is not necessary to be perfect.
Even masterpieces are created by
those who are flawed."


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11 MAY AT 12:39

बातों का समंदर लिए बैठी है वो "अरज",
और मैं चुपचाप रेत सा उसकी लहरों में भीग जाता हूं।


10 MAY AT 13:54

I pull my thoughts
before they cross the periphery
of my realm to enter yours

like one yanks the rope
in the game of tug-of-war
only that it's just me,
not playing but yanking

only that it's me
who would get hurt
even if I yank the rope
even if I don't


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4 MAY AT 13:43

जाने किसने तुम्हारे एहसासों को ईंट की भट्ठी में झोंका "अरज",
जिधर देखो उधर तुम ऊंची ऊंची दीवारें खड़े किए जा रही हो।


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