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28 FEB AT 1:50

ये जो आज की नींद खोई है मैंने, इसकी वजह मैं खुद हूं अरज",
सबसे बड़ी बात ये है की उदास नहीं इस पल में खुश हूं मैं।


27 FEB AT 13:35



27 FEB AT 1:07

"मैं रास्ता भटक गया था"
// अनुशीर्षक पढ़ें //


26 FEB AT 1:29

What I was and what I am
is nothing but a figment of imagination,
rushing to the mind of my creator
like millions of sperms at ejaculation,
yearning to conceive the me me
but failing to reach the destination.

A race decides my creation!
It's no less than a malison.
I ponder, I wonder
How the mind of my creator functions?
But who am I to ask?
Who am I to question?

Don't I myself give life to the ideas
that win the so called competition?


25 FEB AT 0:56

February 25, 2021; 00:48

I let him hurt me, everytime
a little more than before
for I love him
a lot more than I love myself
so when I leave
I remember why I must
never return.


24 FEB AT 2:12

ये सुबह का शोर घड़ी की टिक-टिक को शांत कर रहा है "अरज",
मेरे मन का शोर शांत करने के लिए तुम रात का अमन ढूंढ लाओ।


23 FEB AT 13:25


I do not like pain.
I do not want to like pain.
I have never liked pain.
I may never like pain.

but my life is devoid of joy,
and if I shove the pain away,
there would only be emptiness
within and outside me,

filling every inch of mine
with absolute numbness
and I am not so stupid
to not know that it is more
excruciating than death.


22 FEB AT 0:18

किसकी आवाज़ को दबाते हैं, जो इतना शोर मचाते हैं "अरज",
शादी करवाते हैं या दान के नाम पर किसी की बली चढ़ाते हैं?


21 FEB AT 8:30


he sure loves me,
a love that keeps flickering-
like the flame of a candle
which, when the wind blows,
confesses its love
time and again to the

and when
the wind is not its real self,
for the sake of the candle,
it fears it might douse,
the latter never says,
let alone repeat its love
for the former.


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