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what I forgot.

what I remember.



the body is a percussion instrument
and the breath is the metronome, the timekeeper.
Living in the present is the only song that goes well with the beat.



Sure about things. Unhappy.

Unsure about things. Happy.


30 NOV AT 20:12

I let go of my dreams.

I started chasing my dreams again.


30 NOV AT 13:26

The wait of one day often seems longer
than the wait of years.
The fate of future often seems scarier
than the fate of the past years.
What we call present is nothing
but future for the past,
and past for the future.


29 NOV AT 20:23

by the time my dreams come true and people that leave come back, I'd have lost interest in them.


28 NOV AT 21:32

see your past with a smile of acceptance,
and to see your future with a smile of hope.


27 NOV AT 23:06

reward those who surrender to it
after having decided
what they want from it.


27 NOV AT 23:03

the real wisdom resides with only those who have no fear of failure.


25 NOV AT 23:05

hates what they do. People who hate what they do are lazy to make a switch or to create a job of their dreams. And they dispirit me. I lose my motivation in their company.


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