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Joined 28 August 2016
17 SEP AT 23:34

a bird up in the air,
not knowing when it took off,
not knowing where it'd land,
just reveling in the joy of flight.


16 SEP AT 23:08

where I know I'll be good enough
to love but not good enough for love.


15 SEP AT 23:40

It's been so long since I wrote love poems
while feeling in love while writing them.
Writing love poems nowadays means
blowing away the dust settled on
the romance novels I lived in the past.


15 SEP AT 23:33

To fall in love with someone else,
one should either love oneself
a little less than one loves
the other person, or a little more than
one loves the other person.


15 SEP AT 23:00

I haven't been in love lately,
nor do I feel the need.
That comes with being a writer:
when you love, you love a lot,
and revisit, when you do not.


14 SEP AT 23:52

Startup is a game of speed, but also a game of wait.

As a CEO, most of my time goes in waiting. Waiting for a new version to be developed, waiting for the right investor, waiting for their yes, waiting for a business model to work, waiting for the right hire for the team and waiting for an app to go live. It is a tight balance between speed and wait. As a CEO, one achieves speed by being decisive, by having faith in one's ideas to outweigh the wait that is going to arrive during the process of building, testing and shipping, during the process of building the company with many variables outside one's hand. One part runs on impatience, the other on patience.

Donning the CEO shoe helps one evolve from being impatiently patient to becoming patiently impatient.


14 SEP AT 23:41

I sleep on the side upper berth
of the Indian railways.


13 SEP AT 17:00

There's only one way
to repair a broken heart.
Fix it like how one fixes a fracture.
By putting a plaster around it
and not moving for some time.
It would never heal if you keep
working with it,
pretending nothing happened,
nor would it heal
if you move on too soon.

Life has a sense of humour.
You need to stay broken to heal.


11 SEP AT 22:50

YourQuote Baba to us on every challenge.


10 SEP AT 18:43

My Haiku for the Day

The sun has just set.
Friend's arrival awaited.
Go into the night.


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