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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 3:51

A Hack’s Guide to Preparing for IIT JEE

(Reposting a Quora answer
that a lot of school students ask)


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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 2:54

I’m sorry but I have a pet peeve. I can’t tolerate writings with the word petrichor in it. It sounds so pretentious. None of us have grown up reading or hearing it. Every time it is used anywhere, it seems forced. It seems a wordy replacement for a beautiful emotion. The word, which oddly sounds like a Hindi expletive, doesn’t evoke any wistfulness that’s associated with the smell of earth before rain. It just doesn’t speak to me.

What really puts me off is the fact that there has been a Hindi word all the while to convey the same. सौंधी सी ख़ुशबू। We are eager to borrow a random word from a foreign tongue but not one that’s more natural to us, something that has been innate to us. This feels like intellectual dishonesty for the writer in me. And hence I never trust writers who use this word.


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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 20:46

Meet the YQ Teammate #6
Rishabh Patel a.k.a Arvin Stark


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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 16:17

“I found the love of my life on YQ.”

“Is it writing?” I asked.


Love on YQ. #writing #repost

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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 10:42

The most beautiful part about YourQuote is right there in its name. It feels “your” own. Whatever we do, or have been doing, whoever we are and we will be, we are always going to feel we are your own.

It’s your product, it’s your family, our office feels a bit like your own, our team feels a bit like your own team. It’s not our company, but your own. We have been utmost transparent with everything — from our metrics to our team to our investors to our doubts and fears. To us building YQ is a family affair and we believe our family has both the right to know and question us on everything. YQ as a platform is about opening up and it’d be odd if we as the people building it are closed.

And the only reason for this openness is why we are doing it. Not for fame and fortune, but to quite simply make the world fall in love with writing, to make the world open up about their innermost feelings and to make good art no matter what happens. Why does it matter? Because writing heals. It makes the world kinder and more self-aware. And that’s precisely the kind of world we want to live in the future.


On YQ.

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Harsh Snehanshu 19 JAN AT 1:45

Your words
like the seconds hand
inside your mouth
tick tock
tick tock
waiting for the right hour
to arrive
for us to dwell.

There rings no bell.
Only an alarm to tell it’s over,
to take away the words
that remain,
ticking like a time bomb,
left to tell.


The broken clock.

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Harsh Snehanshu 18 JAN AT 23:40

The YQ Teammate #5
Hitesh Verma


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Harsh Snehanshu 18 JAN AT 2:36

Starting-up is a crash course in faith and belief.


Both on oneself and on each other.

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Harsh Snehanshu 18 JAN AT 1:24

Balcony Letter #86


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Harsh Snehanshu 17 JAN AT 22:27

Meet the YQ Team #4
Pushpak Athawale


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