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Joined 28 August 2016
Harsh Snehanshu 20 HOURS AGO

Nothing great has ever been achieved by anyone who looked for inspiration outside themselves.


All that you need is within you. Even love.

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Harsh Snehanshu YESTERDAY AT 22:02

With our bodies together,
we practice origami.
I fold your pages,
you, mine.


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Harsh Snehanshu 16 SEP AT 19:37

The distance between "I can" and "I will" is better known as will.


Definition of will.

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Harsh Snehanshu 16 SEP AT 1:37

I have loved some a little.
They loved me a lot.
I left them.

I have loved some a lot.
They loved me a little.
They left me.



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Harsh Snehanshu 15 SEP AT 19:38

Engineer's Day Special:

First thought that comes after getting into an engineering institute: "Main engineer hun: yes, ab main novel likh sakta hun."


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Harsh Snehanshu 14 SEP AT 1:16

We are so transparent about YQ simply because of the ethos and value on which the platform was built and stands — being authentic. Being comfortable in sharing our deepest sorrows and greatest joys. Being real.

I know it's uncanny to expect a for-profit private limited company to be honest with its users, to say things as they are, to not give tiny fucks about the repurcussions in the investor and entrepreneurial community. It stems from our belief in our values over profits.

We are probably the only VC-funded company in the world that is run by writers at heart than hardcore entrepreneurs. And we believe to build a company like YQ, whose mission is to make the entire world write, that's the only way. Support YQ if you believe in it by subscribing to premium. It will help us be the way we are, without giving into the investor pressure to sell out. Link in bio.


On honesty as a startup.

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Harsh Snehanshu 14 SEP AT 0:55

Money ties you up.
No money sets you free.


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Harsh Snehanshu 11 SEP AT 11:57

Once you become an inspired soul, people want you in their lives because they get inspired with your presence, your passion, your perseverance.

But most often people don't realise that your reservoir of inspiration depletes if your company of friends doesn't have similar inspired folks in it. Crazy big dreams, absolute courage and discipline inspire me, for instance, and it's hard to find such people. This is perhaps the only reason I have very few friends outside work — those who I had the privilege to find and nurture — in Bengaluru.

I'm extremely protective of my inspiration. Since I already have my own set of inspired friends who subtly push me to pursue my personal dreams, I'm very wary of making new friends & knowing new people. I cannot stand people who complain and whine about how horrible their life is. If you can't fix it yourself, there's nothing anyone else can do. You become a burden for your circle. It becomes a task to remain in touch. I consciously befriend books over people, hence, for they never complain, always inspire. And perhaps that's why I write, so that even if we can't be friends, my words can be an inspiring friend to you.


On inspiration and company.

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Harsh Snehanshu 11 SEP AT 1:08

Among all the prompts by YQ Baba, this one is what
I like the most. Like good love poems, it is timeless.
You can cover past, present and future in 9 lines,
3 lines for each, where you can write about the love
that happened, or the one that almost did but didn't,
the love that is yet to, and the love that is happening,
like this poem that is being written, not knowing
if it will stand the test of time, and if it doesn't,
you can come back to write one more, in just 9 lines.


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Harsh Snehanshu 11 SEP AT 0:09


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