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Joined 1 September 2016
20 NOV 2023 AT 0:22


10 JUL 2022 AT 22:33

city-sounds drowned
by the pelting rain,
the night plays on like an
unplugged song on loop.

(continued in caption)


4 JUL 2022 AT 22:30

clouds of your desire
trespass my horizon;
this rain is a prisoner
of our love.


26 JUN 2017 AT 1:00

Fasted Hearts: A Short Story

Somewhere, she would be retiring to bed at the end of a lonely night, taking along with her the last of the dawn-dissolving arc of the sacred moon that burned at her window all night; reminding of him and reflecting sharply from promises of love that their families left fasted in them forever.

At the same time, in his world, somewhere else, he would be awake - showered, dressed in new clothes and headed to the Salaat. Kneeled onto the mausoleum floor, his breath one with the holy enchants, he would be bending the lines on his outstretched palm; seeking her face behind his closed eyes and letting his faith take him to a place where everyone forbid.

To her. Through prayers and wishes. Crossing religious limits in love without calling for riots.

Isn’t love, after all, our honest potential to seek someone truly, every time we commit ourselves to the remembrance of God??

Eid Mubarak!!


15 APR 2017 AT 11:30

Pacific of Desire

With a wink,
you let the
robe slip from
your shoulders.
And I gape
at a sparkling
bead of water,
furrowing down
your seashore back.

(Full poem in caption)


23 FEB 2017 AT 21:03

Let's say,
we met how
the earth meets
a shooting star.

A bit of
you broke,
a whole of
me burnt.


12 OCT 2016 AT 10:00

Each one us inevitably learns a song with someone in the course of our lives. And we perhaps learn it in the sudden, sweet seconds of a stare held just a bit long with that person, in the warm brush of their hands, walking into the sunset, in those teary moments of gravel flying into our eyes, while we turn our hopes to them, believing that they will blow clean our vision. That song really stays with us. Doesn’t matter how many continents we cross, how many freezing winters our souls fight, the song just stays there, recorded in the safe cassette of our memories. The sadness that sometimes tears our lives apart upon losing that person, isn’t really inspired from that song reeled safe in our hearts. It evokes from our own evil efforts of making a new set of lyrics drift along the stream of that old melody, our loves once enrolled into us.


7 OCT 2016 AT 11:58

Life, ever since, had been one gripping tale. Your happening gave it a genre.


25 SEP 2016 AT 19:41

There is no one way to pick someone's silence and I believe our relation will be home the day when your life will be devoid of colors and I will stay awake that fateful night beside you, drawing the ink of understanding from my heart and painting you a rainbow across our troubled sky.


25 SEP 2016 AT 9:29



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