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Life is more than a husband. Love it. ♥♥
Joined 26 October 2017

Life is more than a husband. Love it. ♥♥
Joined 26 October 2017
Payal Dutta 17 APR AT 8:20

Having a best friend is like knowing a doctor.
Damn, she's ready to operate everything your boyfriend gifts!


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Payal Dutta 14 MAR AT 21:50

Love me like my University,
Take away my nap,
Taste me without intervals,
Pass me like a trap.


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Payal Dutta 11 NOV 2018 AT 11:20

sheets appear like shrouds,
my eyes like Monsoon clouds,
here on your Autumn bed,
like dead leaves I spread.
my feet touch floor Winter cold,
smiles in Summer sales unsold,
I wish Keats had the time to know,
my Spring was Frost miles ago.

//seasons in me for you


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Payal Dutta 1 NOV 2018 AT 7:24

you slide my cover
to burn my child on me,
you murder my children
to prepare your husband's tea.
not a word I say,
not a single abuse,
the day I lose them all,
I'll have nothing to lose.
but what about you?

//from an unimportant
but used matchbox


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Payal Dutta 22 OCT 2018 AT 12:56


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Payal Dutta 17 OCT 2018 AT 19:37

When a hidden petticoat
and a revealed blouse
doesn't match your attire
you can always choose
a dress instead.
But our society considers
'saree' to be traditional.


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Payal Dutta 10 OCT 2018 AT 22:46

you passed me to the sea,
sea tossed me times more,
maintaining Arnold's rhythm,
I eroded on your shore.
even when sea leaves,
eternal wrinkled bank,
secret our love be,
like crabs hidden in sand.

//pebble on your shore


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Payal Dutta 4 OCT 2018 AT 20:01

If you were darkness,
Hiding your secrets in smoke,
Your cigar I'll be.


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Payal Dutta 28 SEP 2018 AT 8:58

doubting your love
I peeped down to see,
you placed me alone
or with books many?
placed on the table,
after I fell on the floor,
now I crave for your touch
that I feel no more.

//from the only book on your shelf


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Payal Dutta 12 SEP 2018 AT 21:29

Secrets are like soaps
lost in the gutters.
Slips from many hands and dissolves clearing nothing.


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