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Life is more than a husband. Love it. ♥♥
Instagram: @nothing_else_will_do
Joined 26 October 2017

Life is more than a husband. Love it. ♥♥
Instagram: @nothing_else_will_do
Joined 26 October 2017
Payal Dutta 9 MAY AT 0:09

If you promise to be my Mahabharat,
I'll proudly present you like Amul.


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Payal Dutta 25 JUL 2019 AT 21:26

It was the last day in school. Everyone was jotting down their best memory with each other in their respective farewell diaries. Some wanted to attend marriages, some confessed their love.

No sooner did the school shoes change into expensive pencil heels, college life erased everything.


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Payal Dutta 17 APR 2019 AT 8:20

Having a best friend is like knowing a doctor.
Damn, she's ready to operate everything your boyfriend gifts!


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Payal Dutta 14 MAR 2019 AT 21:50

Love me like my University,
Take away my nap,
Taste me without intervals,
Pass me like a trap.


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Payal Dutta 11 NOV 2018 AT 11:20

sheets appear like shrouds,
my eyes like Monsoon clouds,
here on your Autumn bed,
like dead leaves I spread.
my feet touch floor Winter cold,
smiles in Summer sales unsold,
I wish Keats had the time to know,
my Spring was Frost miles ago.

//seasons in me for you


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Payal Dutta 1 NOV 2018 AT 7:24

you slide my cover
to burn my child on me,
you murder my children
to prepare your husband's tea.
not a word I say,
not a single abuse,
the day I lose them all,
I'll have nothing to lose.
but what about you?

//from an unimportant
but used matchbox


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Payal Dutta 22 OCT 2018 AT 12:56


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Payal Dutta 17 OCT 2018 AT 19:37

When a hidden petticoat
and a revealed blouse
doesn't match your attire
you can always choose
a dress instead.
But our society considers
'saree' to be traditional.


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Payal Dutta 10 OCT 2018 AT 22:46

you passed me to the sea,
sea tossed me times more,
maintaining Arnold's rhythm,
I eroded on your shore.
even when sea leaves,
eternal wrinkled bank,
secret our love be,
like crabs hidden in sand.

//pebble on your shore


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Payal Dutta 4 OCT 2018 AT 20:01

If you were darkness,
Hiding your secrets in smoke,
Your cigar I'll be.


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