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Nisha Nain Dhanda 8 MINUTES AGO

नहीं रुक जाते कदम हौंसलो के,
अकेला पड़ जाने से;
बल्कि बढ़ जाया करती है रफ्तार,
खुद को अकेला पाने से।।


Swarn Sonker 24 MINUTES AGO

Remember me..

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Ayushman Roy 27 MINUTES AGO

These all our little sweet imperfections...

That made us just soo perfect for each other...


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Shubhàm Pàndey 30 MINUTES AGO

A day will come when I will breathe deep, into fresh air.
An era will come, when the world will see me on my own chair.

Happiness and sorrow are two twins, who always come in pair.
Doesn't matter that the one is dark, while the other is fair.

Rather than being afraid of your bad time,
Just do your work and wait for your stars to shine.

Trust me, A great story is being written for you, in the home of divine


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Shaan Nawaz 34 MINUTES AGO

जब से छोड़ दी आदत छोटी छोटी बातों पे
लड़ने की...
मानों खुद को लगने लगा जैसे की अब मैं
बड़ा हो गया हूं...


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