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#valentinesweek quotes

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Sheetal Gumber 8 FEB 2018 AT 8:17

On this rose day,
She wants fragrance of his love
On this propose day,
She wants insurance of his love
On this chocolate day,
She wants sweetness of his love
On this Teddy day,
She wants cuteness of his love
On this promise day,
She wants faithfulness of his love
On this hug day,
She wants warmness of his love
On this kiss day,
She wants fruitfulness of his love
On this Valentine's day
She wants foreverness of his love


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Parth Bishnöi 14 FEB 2018 AT 17:23

Someone asked me why I haven't written anything about valentine's week . Here's your answer :-

Rose day - No rose can overcome her fragrance which is still alive in my senses .

Propose day - When you were busy proposing your partners I was at old age home proposing those so called " old ones " and was trying to make them happy .

Chocolate day - Someone was gifting ferrero rocher , someone was gifting silk . I gifted those poor kids their meal of lifetime .

Teddy day - She was happy that you gifted her a teddy to sleep with but smile on that little girl's face was more beautiful when I bought her horse made of mud .

Promise day - Baby I'll love you forever , Yah ! Yah ! Have you ever tried mom - dad I'll love you forever ? I did .

Hug day - You people had love in your eyes as you hugged each other . I hugged him as he clean tiles of our house , yeah he's respectful .

Kiss day - Yeah maybe you kissed her , but I kissed my cousin sister and brother as they're the one I love the most .

Valentine's day - You celebrated it in hotels , restaurants , clubs etc . Well I celebrated it on her grave .


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Sahil Pruthi 14 FEB AT 12:34

This Valentine's day, celebrate love for your exes. Send them expensive flowers, on cash on delivery ❤️


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Ruv Adhana 14 FEB AT 19:58

इश्क़ की कहानी 14 लफ़्ज़ों की ज़ुबानी💕

मैं प्रीत, नवराग, बसंत
तू तीज ,त्यौहार,कान्हाजन्मोत्सव

क्योंकि मेरा फाल्गुन, तेरा आश्विन जन्म💓


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tanya arora 11 FEB AT 23:00

"ROSE Day" to chla gya.
Zindagi se "FOOL Day" khatam hi nahi ho rha..


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Yq Gudiya👩 14 FEB AT 10:13

स्वीकार करो ये प्यार का तोहफ़ा ,
ये है तुम्हारे एक यार का तोहफ़ा ।
दिल से निकली बात है "गुड़िया "
ये है एक दिलदार का तोहफ़ा ।
लफ्ज़ों के प्यारे कुछ फ़ूल हैं ये ,
जिन्हें दिल से पिरोया है हमने ।
बाज़ार में मिलते नहीं ये तोहफ़े ,
ये है दिल-ए-बेक़रार का तोहफ़ा ।


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MahaMrityunjay Gautam 14 FEB 2018 AT 13:23

पता नहीं किन-किन पे, दिल हार बैठा हूँ।
कोई तो आओ दिल में, मैं तैयार बैठा हूँ।।


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Anup Shah 11 FEB 2018 AT 9:47

Someone's promise can't be broken,
Not only because the promise is worthy
But the people whom u promise is priceless.


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Aman Srivastava 11 FEB AT 17:23

love exists..
lovers Don't...
promiser exist...
promises Don't...


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Aman Srivastava 12 FEB AT 9:34

बना था जो मेरा हमसफ़र...
मंज़िल तक ला पाया कहाँ...
हमें गले तो कई दफा लगाया..
दिल लगा पाया कहाँ...


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