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Your engineer next door who likes to write.
Joined 24 September 2016

Your engineer next door who likes to write.
Joined 24 September 2016
Sahil Pruthi 13 DEC AT 22:22

My friend Paras is at his best when he is high on weed.

Because when Paras is on weed, he is stoned. When Paras is stoned, he turns to Paras Pathar.


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Sahil Pruthi 1 DEC AT 21:06

You've attained peace in your life if you can poop in your bathroom without feeling the need for a cell phone.


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Sahil Pruthi 24 NOV AT 10:30

People saying "Aur batao" are dangerous.

They put you in the weak spot of being interesting, when they didn't have anything interesting to say.


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Sahil Pruthi 19 NOV AT 0:08

My maid today: Bhaiya thanda doodh piyoge kaa garam?

Me: Thanda de do.

My maid: Thanda doodh toh Nahi hai. Garam de dun?

Me: 😕
Okay garam hi dedo.


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Sahil Pruthi 17 NOV AT 17:34

She: Hey happy children's day.
He: Hey happy children's day too. So important to stay a kid at heart, haina?
She: No, I'm pregnant. Tum baap banne waale ho.


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Sahil Pruthi 17 NOV AT 9:58

Mere gym first floor par hai. People who come to the gym take the lift to get there because itni mehnat kaun karega❓


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Sahil Pruthi 17 NOV AT 7:54

India mein "Iss jagah kaa crowd achcha hai" actually means "Iss jagah mein Sundar ladkiyan hain".


Sahil Pruthi 7 NOV AT 19:33

Couples while they're dating: "Baby you're my breath"
Couples after they breakup: "Baby you're my breath. I breathe the Delhi air"


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Sahil Pruthi 6 NOV AT 17:03

The most caring people I know say the magic three words "I love you" and mean it.

The smartest people I know say the three magic words "I don't know" and mean it.

Only the courageous ones can say either, or both.


Sahil Pruthi 29 OCT AT 23:41

Girl: I'm pregnant. Bachcha paida karna hai.

Gynaecologist: Sure. I'll help.

Girl: Paise kaise loge? Paytm/Card?

Gynaecologist: No, Cash on Delivery.


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