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Payal Dutta
2 FEB AT 10:16

They purify themselves passing through you.
Their unwanted attributes now your residue.
You filter them but you're in vain,
Once you're used, replaced again...


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Naina Kataria
7 NOV 2017 AT 11:51

//Just another sad poem//
Tonight I wish to cry
Tonight I wish to write
just another sad poem about
everything I survived
everything I'm tired of
everything that took me away
from me
Tonight I wish to sink
in every shred of gloom that tried
to dissolve me
I was never good at swimming anyway.
I wish to stop disguising my pain
midst similes and metaphors
and put it out the way it's been

So, tonight, I'll drench this poem
like every other one
in sorrow
Except that
it's day right now
I got no tears left



Maria Sufia
5 JUN 2017 AT 23:20

I bulit a house
At the shore of the
Ocean of your memories
And enjoyed its cool waves
Occasionally kissing my feet.

But the ocean turned fatal
The waves turned lethal
And the same moana
That I so cherished
Engulfed me in its rage.


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Ashish Awasthi
16 AUG AT 21:20

निश्छल होकर भी कैसे,
दुनिया को जीता जाता है।
कैसे सुमधुर शब्दों से भी,
शत्रु हृदय घबराता है।।

चला काल का मृत्यु बाण अब,
प्राणों को संग चलना होगा।।
अंतस व्याकुल है सबका,
अब हृदय वह्नि को जलना होगा।।


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Debarpita Mohanty
10 AUG 2017 AT 20:37

It hurts. It rips your heart out. Blows your mind. Wrecks your nerve. Makes you believe that there's nothing left. You tell yourself, time heals everything. But the heart which has been crushed and chopped into several uneven pieces knows that time is just a sugarcoated myth. An excuse. And this time, like every time, time will fail. Then one day, even after countless eternities, when you will linger your fingers upon that ironically mended heart of yours, you will still find scars, rough and ugly, enough to reminisce and relive that pain.



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