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12 MAY AT 4:13

Fall in love,
But not so fast
Who knows,
If we're meant to last.

Our futures are veiled
Two bare souls
Connected, but unaware
Of what this world holds.

If we are meant,
To meet and meld
I won't let go
Of the hand I've held.

But for now, my love
Let us wait
What's written for us
Is up to fate.


9 JAN AT 10:28

Her face is like the morning dew
That melts my heart like the summer hues
She's not someone I'd want to lose
And that's how I knew
I found my muse


6 DEC 2020 AT 13:29

If only I knew
That kiss was our last
I would've stopped time
That moves by so fast.

And held you close
Your head on my heart
And embraced God's made
Beautiful work of art

I would've mapped the freckles
That adorn your face
Like constellations in the sky
Wonderous, and full of grace

I would've traced your body
It's even and its odds
With every part of it
Built like the Greek Gods

Your dark brown hair
That I complained were too long
That harmoniously danced
When the wind played its song

I would've wanted to hear
You say my name
Just once last time
But it's such a shame

I would've held you a little longer
Gathered more things to reminisce
Oh, if only I knew
It was our last kiss.


26 OCT 2020 AT 11:55

Two women, two different roles
The one who gave birth to me
And the one I gave birth to.

One gave all the love she had
The other got all the love I had

One strived in the life chosen for her
The other - for the life she chose

One made sure I didn't have tears
The other ensured I face my fears

One hears my voice to know if am well
The other can read my face and tell

One had her eyes moist as she saw me go
The other made my eyes moist as I let her go

My past and my future when shall meet
Will be a picture ever so complete
Two women, two different roles

If only I could be a little like them,
The one who gave birth to me,
And the one I gave birth to.

Two women, two different roles.


21 MAY 2020 AT 13:14

He was like
The summers of March
Warm and mellow.
He turned me into Autumn
From gray to yellow.
I was December
Harsh and cold
A frozen heart
Impossible to mould.
A hail storm
A blizzard of emotions
A stone-cold maiden
A weather of remotion.
But this summer of March
Touched December
And conduced a new season
I'll always remember.


21 MAY 2020 AT 13:02

He was perfect, Such a charmer
He was my knight In shining armour.

His touch, his smile would make my day
His presence would keep my worries at bay.

Oh how life has its twists and turns
You don't get what you always yearn.

And just like that he walked away
Just when i thought he's here to stay.

Oh my prince, my Charming knight
Why is Love such a tough fight.

So I'll savour your taste
Between my lips
While memories die away
My love for you lives.


22 SEP 2018 AT 23:02

That night when we let go
I gave in, out of trust.
But all your lips asked for
Was the familiar taste of lust.


22 SEP 2018 AT 1:45

Mohabbat toh hai
Lekin iqraar nahi.
Razamandi toh hai
Inkaar nahi.
Haami hai aapki namanzoori mei bhi
Kaise maan lein
Ki aapko pyaar nahi?


18 SEP 2018 AT 15:57

Dil ko bas qaraar chahiye
Dil dene ko ek yaar chahiye
Taqalluf mei thoda hi sahi
Lekin tera hi iqraar chahiye.


8 SEP 2018 AT 12:26

Ye jhuki nazre, ye adaa
Ye baahayai, ye nazakat.
Ye aankhe jo bolti hain
Kabhi palke utha ke dekh lo hume
Hum hi hain tumhari dua-e-ibaadat.


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