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Joined 12 December 2016
Maria Sufia 21 MAY AT 13:14

He was like
The summers of March
Warm and mellow.
He turned me into Autumn
From gray to yellow.
I was December
Harsh and cold
A frozen heart
Impossible to mould.
A hail storm
A blizzard of emotions
A stone-cold maiden
A weather of remotion.
But this summer of March
Touched December
And conduced a new season
I'll always remember.


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Maria Sufia 21 MAY AT 13:02

He was perfect, Such a charmer
He was my knight In shining armour.

His touch, his smile would make my day
His presence would keep my worries at bay.

Oh how life has its twists and turns
You don't get what you always yearn.

And just like that he walked away
Just when i thought he's here to stay.

Oh my prince, my Charming knight
Why is Love such a tough fight.

So I'll savour your taste
Between my lips
While memories die away
My love for you lives.


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Maria Sufia 22 SEP 2018 AT 23:02

That night when we let go
I gave in, out of trust.
But all your lips asked for
Was the familiar taste of lust.


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Maria Sufia 22 SEP 2018 AT 1:45

Mohabbat toh hai
Lekin iqraar nahi.
Razamandi toh hai
Inkaar nahi.
Haami hai aapki namanzoori mei bhi
Kaise maan lein
Ki aapko pyaar nahi?


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Maria Sufia 18 SEP 2018 AT 15:57

Dil ko bas qaraar chahiye
Dil dene ko ek yaar chahiye
Taqalluf mei thoda hi sahi
Lekin tera hi iqraar chahiye.


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Maria Sufia 8 SEP 2018 AT 12:26

Ye jhuki nazre, ye adaa
Ye baahayai, ye nazakat.
Ye aankhe jo bolti hain
Kabhi palke utha ke dekh lo hume
Hum hi hain tumhari dua-e-ibaadat.


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Maria Sufia 3 SEP 2018 AT 15:53

Unka chehra,
Behad haseen.
Unki aankhein,
Badmast kare naazreen.
Yu toh nahi the hum
Pyaar ke shaukeen.
Koi jaadu tha unka
Hai humko yaqeen.


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Maria Sufia 3 SEP 2018 AT 2:47

Loving a pretty face
Is just a petty phase.


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Maria Sufia 18 AUG 2018 AT 17:09

If your silence meant nothing
I would've long left
But it means a thousand words
That you've left unsaid.


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Maria Sufia 17 AUG 2018 AT 23:36

Though you don't speak
But your eyes do
And they say
You want me too.


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