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25 MAY AT 20:23

you don't ask,
when the doors are open,
when it grows,
when it's not a reaction.


25 MAY AT 12:22

I juggle my insecurities
and you call it poetry.


23 MAY AT 23:33

it's not about how you treat me.
It's about how you seem to me
from a distance, how there's this
unflinching faith in you that
we're not to remind each other
every other day of the love.
We just know it.


20 MAY AT 20:54

Loving is like hugging.
Even when the other person
does not hug you back,
don't you feel the warmth
when you wrap your arms,
your love around them?


19 MAY AT 12:19

I cannot quite make out if I'm
physically drained or mentally.
Sometimes I can't sit
without thinking on and on.
Sometimes I can't sit.


9 MAY AT 12:58

You have craters,
yet you glow.
Are you a moon
or a mother,
I don't know.


6 MAY AT 0:36

You aren't around
to talk me to sleep.
I kissed you inside my head
for so long, now I'm drowsy.
You talk there and
I'll murmur the same here.
Don't say, we need to talk.
Our tongues form a narrow bridge
where love commutes.
Let her take time.
I won't hurry. You too don't.
Tonight is different.
We're separated by time.


6 MAY AT 0:08

My stripes have known
the wild for as long as the trees
have had leaves of their own.
Now that their spines have bent
and they fantasise of the spring,
I too have rested my aches.
These fierce eyes can feel
their fire dripping down
and uniting her with the
smokes of glorious yesterdays.


5 MAY AT 15:32

We are writers.
My love, you can't read our faces.
But when you face our pages
courage and wisdom unite,
fear and freedom part.


5 MAY AT 10:46

I don't do 'hence proved' kind of things, because
1. The question itself has the answer
2. Everyone knows it is doable however difficult it might be.

What I do is follow my heart, analyse my path and create something simple without ever using 'therefore, thus, hence'


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