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It's magic on some days.
It's tragic on others.
Everyday, trying to be
the bunny that grows out
of your hat is hard.
My ears hurt sometimes
and sometimes, I get to learn
what's outside.
Stop expecting yourself
to be a magician all the time.


22 JUL AT 18:28

People are aware of how they look. There are mirrors in bedrooms, wash areas, malls, vehicles and even the phone screens/selfies serve the purpose. Now, to all those, who remind others of how they look, especially of how women look, I want to thank some. However at some, I want to pick my nose, ball the rubbery mucus and toss it over their face, just to say, I give no damn, but you're deserving. I want to thank those who remind us, we're beautiful. For, as skin ages and mind is wrinkled with griefs too many, we don't bother to notice the charm. On the other hand, scars are too evident to blink an eye away. To those who remind of how fat or old one looks, I will let my nose do the talking.


21 JUL AT 15:53

Someone: When did you wake up today?



20 JUL AT 20:20

I can't give you my all.
I neither will be all that you have,
because in all, we're lost,
in some, we're us.


20 JUL AT 1:11

There are nights when
I'm tired to narrate you my day,
but you yearn to listen.
There are days when
I'm excited to listen to your dreams,
but you're packed to speak.

Keeping a count of
which exceeds the other,
is what we don't care about.

I call that carelessness, love.


19 JUL AT 23:44

Poetry creates


from harm.


19 JUL AT 21:03

Tongues curl up
fingers chase down.


18 JUL AT 0:58

By Lennesha


17 JUL AT 17:22


17 JUL AT 0:59


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