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Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017

Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017
14 APR AT 13:24

Only when you don't get the best,
you miss the good.


7 APR AT 10:28

A weird thing happens amidst my sorrow. While I cry, my brain keeps on playing happy songs in my head. But it gives no effect to my heart, it remains sad as it was. Poor Brain, it does whatever it can, to make me happy but the Heart will be stupid forever.


11 AUG 2021 AT 12:31

Here I'm, loving you deeply
knowing that I'll never
get back the same from you,
but the one thing that's hurting me is,
how effortlessly you're ignoring
the feelings, the feelings
someone like me; dies to get.


26 JUN 2021 AT 10:19

I exactly know
who's sincere to me
and who's two-faced,
who's true to me or
just taking advantage.

You took for granted
cause I let you, hoping
one day you'll appreciate,
but you continued to
show your true colors.

Sadly there's a limit to
be giving and forgiving,
Let me be invisible like
I was to you always, after
getting benefited by me.


17 APR 2021 AT 19:50

I will hold you tight
along with yours flaws
and in all forms, forever,
like the sky loves the moon.


20 MAR 2021 AT 10:57

So, you just wanna be loved!
What about me, my beloved?


9 MAR 2021 AT 22:47

I don't hate you
neither do I love,
because if I do,
you will not care
like always.
To be honest,
that'll hurt me.
And I don't wanna
hurt myself b'coz,
Now I love me.


8 MAR 2021 AT 23:10

I feel like moving afar
to some loneliest places,
so still and so serene.
To make a comeback
as triumphant as a
butterfly from a cocoon.


20 FEB 2021 AT 22:33

Don't fall apart for
the reason that
he doubts your love,
maybe no one loved
him intensely, like you.


18 FEB 2021 AT 20:32

Although you're far away from me,
you're always close to my heart,
even more than my offline friends.


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