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Joined 3 May 2017
Aishwarya YESTERDAY AT 12:32

If you disclose
your weakness
to someone with
the expectation
of not being hurt again,
for the same reason,
from the same person,
You're wrong my dear.
They'll surely take
advantage of it,


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Aishwarya 20 FEB AT 17:11

I'm quiet for some people
Because I ain't a rumourmonger,
Neither did I talk shit like them.


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Aishwarya 9 FEB AT 11:22

You are the path that I never took before
You are the place I didn't tried to explore

You are the book I kept in the shelf, unread
You are the words that are left unsaid

You are the happy face I adored from a distance

You are that someone I didn't expected for
You are the love I need not search anymore.

I thought I was nothing for you
until you told everything you felt,
The way you called me your love,
I never knew, you would make me melt.

Now I just wanna live and love you forevermore.


Aishwarya 8 FEB AT 21:51

I Love Death
All are equal
in Death,
Unlike Life.


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Aishwarya 2 JAN AT 11:26


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Aishwarya 30 DEC 2019 AT 10:54

Some friends are your friends
Untill they get other friends.


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Aishwarya 19 DEC 2019 AT 16:04

What I need is not motivators but
A mind that will console my heart,
help it rise, when being downtrodden.


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Aishwarya 11 DEC 2019 AT 21:00

Don't stop yourself.
Do everything,
against the sad truth of being
pushed to the ordinary,
Don't settle there, for now or ever.
Rise up again and again
Everytime, Untiringly.


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Aishwarya 10 DEC 2019 AT 15:43

Some think they know me
and define me by their own
Some think I'm a sober but,
what am I really is unknown.

Some tags me a shy
as they barely had an ear.
They say I'm rude, but no
not as cold-hearted as I appear.

Some people just never tried,
to talk or to take a look
They claims to know what's inside
without even opening the book

You, whoever you're
I don't give a damn
So I let you sing to
the world, about who I am.


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Aishwarya 7 NOV 2019 AT 17:53

Sky makes me believe that
I'm not the only one in the blue.


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