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Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017

Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017
20 FEB AT 22:33

Don't fall apart for
the reason that
he doubts your love,
maybe no one loved
him intensely, like you.


18 FEB AT 20:32

Although you're far away from me,
you're always close to my heart,
even more than my offline friends.


16 FEB AT 21:41

Where love is genuine


13 FEB AT 15:00

Don't fall for me,
I warn you.
If you do,
you'll be stuck
in between
loving or leaving me.


12 FEB AT 23:05

Letting loved one win game.


12 FEB AT 18:45

There's depth in my words,
but you're not pensive;
There's hope in my heart,
but you're heedless of it;
You say you're with me,
but I'm solo in sufferings.

I was always abandoned
when I badly needed you,
Yet, my deep feelings withdrew
the notion of letting you go,
Since I hardly get tired of
someone I call mine.


11 FEB AT 21:15

Even if I had
million better
I would still
choose you.


9 FEB AT 15:09

One relieving moment in my life is
when I realize nothing is permanent.


9 FEB AT 14:38

If we were words,
you and I will be antonyms.


26 NOV 2020 AT 15:40

They don't talk to me,
but are always curious
to know about my life.
I feel like I'm a celebrity.


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