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#roseday quotes

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Deepak Agrahari 7 FEB AT 13:51

वो तो खुद एक गुलाब है,
भला किसी और के हाथों में कैसे थमा दे।


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Jatin Aswal 7 FEB 2018 AT 20:27

"Happy Rose Day," I wished her, while gifting her a rose.
"C'mon. Everyone does this. Do something different na."

So, I gifted her a Cauliflower.

We aren't together since that day.


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Chandni Barma Banerjee 7 FEB AT 12:23

ख़ुश है तो गुलाब,
दुख में भी गुलाब।
तेरे आने में गुलाब,
फिर तेरे चले जाने में भी गुलाब।


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Titly 🦋 7 FEB AT 21:18

She was sitting alone and feeling sad thinking about him
After some times later suddenly he came to her and said
" Itni udash q ho? 😟
Main mar gya hu kya ?"
And gave her a red rose on this day .
Then both start little blushing


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MahaMrityunjay Gautam 7 FEB AT 13:19

आज Rose Day है और
मेरे Rose का पता ही नहीं,
हर Rose से गुज़ारिश है..
कि हर रोज़ दुआ करना,
कि मेरा Rose किसी रोज़
मुझे मिल जाये ♥️


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Arjun Bhatia 7 FEB AT 14:17

I still have your rose. The day you gave it to me, I kept it, ever so gently, between the folds of your letter, much like a baby tucked under a blanket. You had written the letter on a page torn out of your rough note book, the one in which you practised maths sums that gave you nightmares. The tear on the page had the disorderliness of India and Pakistan’s border. Perhaps you had reserved all your caution for the sweet smelling rose, ridding it of all its thorns, as if to say that despite your flaws, your love would be tender. It was.

But roses wither. The one you gave me lies in its resting place, wrapped between the white sheets. It has been flattened and has probably also left its mark on the letter. I don’t know for sure as I haven’t lifted its cover for a long time. Over the years, I have only pulled out the letter from under a weighty tower of souvenirs, held it and breathed the rose’s diminishing fragrance. Now, it carries none.


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Ashwani Shakya 7 FEB AT 16:31

You set your eyes on an abandoned flower,
Wanting to get a whiff of the quaint aroma,
Your touch on it feels like that of a lover's,
You wish to own it as if it was something you ever desired,
And when you have it,
You give it away, leaving it to dry and die.
To own someone else.


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Jatin Aswal 7 FEB AT 16:47

"Hey? It's rose day. Aren't you planning to gift me a rose?"

"There is no point in giving a rose to a rose." I winked at her.

"Aah! This is a fuckall pick up line. C'mon, writer," she smiled.

"You know, a rose speaks of love, silently, that's what they say."
"But, for me, it's your smile. So, now you have gifted me the kind of rose I wanted, here it is." I said, pulling out a rose from the back pocket of my jeans.


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Sisira Sivaraj 7 FEB AT 22:08

O My Dear;
Glaring through the
Dazzling Glass
Beauty Of Love in
those Red Petals;
Filled my Eyes With
Joy in You!
Colours high On Sky;
Drawing abstract!
Found you in that
Budding Flower;
Which Is Filling
Everyone's life with
Wonder'ng Jack;
Little did it know
that I'm that Dew drops
Of Cozy Winter;
Fall'ng upon Withered
Petals to Bloom & Blush!
O thou Rose;
Bloom in Me;
Yes bloom in me!!


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Shreeja Paul 7 FEB 2018 AT 21:36

If roses could smell like his perfume,
And could feel like his velvet shirt,
The dried petals inside my diary would,
Tell the story behind our faded love.
The thorns perforating my skin,
The blood oozing out, would signify
The disloyal lover who gifted
Treachery in return of Love.


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