Our First Kiss
(Poem is in the caption)

You may call it stupid But I still remember our first kiss. Much more than a mere touch It was feeling of pure bliss. Your nervousness, my excitement And the breeze of our breathes Your face approaching mine And lips to lips in wreathe. I wanted to keep my eyes opened To see that face innocent But had a wish to keep them closed To get lost in that moment. Thousands of thoughts ran into me Alongwith butterflies flying within. Restless in dilemma I was Should hold your shoulder or your chin? I calmy opened my eyes To see if it's happening to you too? I swear I fell in love with that soulful smile With those closed eyes, without any clue. Decided to keep my brain aside And follow what my heart needs I went blind in his affection To go through the second we meet. Finally it happened From a peck to something intense. My ink is spilling out of my pen To describe the joy and the tense. I felt your hand endearing me No idea where were mine. I don't remember anything else happened around I was up above on cloud nine. Is it how kiss happens? Or it was just because of you? I could relive that moment again In the world just of we two. And then when our eyes met The most magical minute it was. You smiled at my grin I wanted the time to pause. I wanted to spit out all my emotions But 'I Love You' is all what I whispered. You silently hugged me with a widened curve I learnt, 'actions speak louder than words'. ©Chandni Tripathi (Moonlight) #YQbaba #bliss #firstkiss #kiss #romance #yopowrimo


I love it when you blandish me.
I love it when you pamper me.
I love it when you act like 
a twit just to make me laugh.
I just love it when you suck 
and throw out all my worries.
I just love it when your 
fingertips play with my virgin skin.
I just love it when your 
intimacy don't allow the 
shutter of my eyes to get down
 and sleep round the 
entire night.
I love your every exertion. 
Just keep it up baby!

#yqbaba#love#romance#blessed to have you❤